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Chapter One

She sit in a corner of her room. Looking out her window. She was waiting for him to return. He was gone for 5 years now. He missed his childern growing everyday and now she was worried that he might never return to her. Ever. Their twins lay asleep in their beds. The sun was setting in the sky when she heard a horse neigh from the entrance. Her excitement grew. She got up and ran to the door. But to her surprise, it wasn't him. It was a messenger from the Emperor.

She looked at the messenger, "Yes?"

He handed her a scroll and got back on his horse and left.

She closed the door and walked back to the house. She put the scroll on the dinning table and walked into the kitchen. She put the kettle on the stove and walked back to the table. She was to scared to read it. It was probably a message telling her that he has died in battle. She couldn't bare it if he had. It would break her heart. But curiosity got the better of her. She picked up the scroll and opened it. As she read it her heart sank. It wasn't exactly what she expected, but it was terrifying.

The kettle could be heared whisling from the kitchen. She put the scroll down and went to the kitchen. After getting some tea she walked back to the dinning table and finished reading the message. How could this happen to her? How could he just disappear? The Emperor wanted her to come to the palace as soon as possible. But she couldn't leave. Not with her childern still here. She couldn't leave them, they needed her.

After finishing her tea, she rolled up the scroll and and walked to their room. Her tears were falling freely now. As she watched her twins sleep, she thought about what she would have to go through if they didn't find him. He would never get to see his childern grow up. He left when they were only two. And now they were seven and asking her questions. They wanted to know where their Papa was and how come Mama was alone and so unhappy.

The sun had fully set now and the moon had come out. She was exhausted, and after dealing with the twins everyday, who wouldn't be. She closed the door and went back to her own room. She took a last look out her window before climbing into bed.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!"

Mulan rolled over. She was to tired to deal with her this morning. But she knew that if she didn't get out of bed, she were going to keep screaming for her.

"Mama! Mama!"

She sat up and rubbed her eyes. This was getting ridiculous. Every morning. The same thing. She would scream for her mother, Mulan would go to her and tell her that everything was all right. Even when it wasn't.


Mulan sighed and walked into the next room. "Lynn, what's wrong?" She walked over to Lynn's bed and sat down next to her.

Through tears Lynn said, "Mama, I miss Papa. When is he coming home? Where is he? What is going to happen to us?"

"I know you do, I miss him to. I don't know when and where he is. And we're going to be just fine. He'll come back soon." Mulan reasured her. Lynn sat up and hugged her mother.

"Liar. You tell her that everyday. He's never coming home. Don't you see Lynn she only says that so you can feel better. But she never tells us the truth." Leo said from his bed. Apparently Lynn's screaming had waken him up.

"Leo that is not true." Mulan said as Leo stood up in his bed.

"Yes it is! Why do you think she's so unhappy Lynn? Why do you think that Papa isn't here? He left us! He didn't want us anymore! He," Leo said but was interupted.

"Leo! That is enough! You don't know what your talking about! He didn't leave us! He went to war to save us! To save China!" Mulan yelled at him. Leo looked at his mother with wide eyes. She has never yelled at him like that. She was very upset, he knew that he was trending on thin ice. Lynn looked up at her mother and then to Leo who was still standing on his bed. She was scared, she had never heard her mother use that kind of tone with either of them.

"Mama? Do you know when he'll come back? Please tell us the truth." Lynn asked her mother.

"Lynn, I don't think that he will come back." Mulan said with tears in her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Leo asked, coming over to Lynn's bed.

"I mean, he's gone, they don't know where he is." Mulan answered her childern. She watched their faces go pale. It made her heart break, they had hardly known their father, and now they may never know him.

"Mama, he's not coming back? Ever?" Leo asked.

"I'm not sure. We'll have to see." she answered him.

Leo ran from the room. When he returned he had the scroll in his hand. He had went into his mother's room and grabbed the scroll from off her bedside table. "Mama, what is this?"

She looked up and saw the scroll in his hand. "Leo! What did I tell you about taking things from my bedroom? And why where you in there in the first place?"

"Mama what does it mean that you need to go to the Emperor as soon as possible?" he asked unrolling the scroll and reading the line where it said it.

Mulan sat quietly.

"Mama?" Lynn asked looking at her mother waiting for an answer.

After sometime she answered them, "It means that the Emperor is asking for my service again."

"Well you better start packing and get Khan ready Mama." Leo said to her.

"Leo I'm not going." Mulan said in a firm tone.

"What? But Mama, who is going to go see the Emperor?" Lynn asked getting out of bed.

"Not me." she answered get up to help Lynn and Leo get dressed.

"But maybe he is asking for you to go and find Papa?" Leo said as his mother pulled his night shirt over his head and replace it with his day one.

"Yeah Mama, maybe that's what he wants you to do." Lynn said taking out a dress from her wardrobe.

"Even if that, it's to dangerous." Mulan said the two of them, helping Lynn with the sash.

"But who is going to find Papa? Are you going to let him die out there?" Leo asked, again he knew he was trending on thin ice.

Mulan looked over at him with a face saying don't-you-dare-your-trending-on-thin-ice. She walked to the doorway, then turned around and said to them, "Breakfest will be ready in five minutes." Then she walked to the kitchen.

By noon the twins had forgotten the conversation they had with their mother. They played up in the family temple and by the bridge. Leo was chasing Lynn with a wooden sword. Lynn was screaming at the top of her lungs. He was just about to lunge at her when he landed into the stream. Lynn turned around when she heared a splash from behind her. Leo was wet from head to toe. Lynn couldn't help but laugh. She laughted so hard that she to fell into the stream. Now it was Leo's turn to laugh at her.

When Mulan looked out the living room window she saw Lynn fall into the stream. Leo was already in it. Wet from head to toe. They laughted at each other as they splashed water toward one another. She remembered when she was at that age. She stood out more than all the other kids her age. Her father would tell her that she was special because of it. Mulan sat and watched her childern chase each other around the lawn.

After watching for some time she got up and walked put side. "Alright you two, get inside and change your clothes. I don't need your to get sick."

"Alright." they both answered and walked passed their mother and into their room. She was about to follow, but there was a knock at the entrance. She walked over to the door and pulled it open. On the other side was some she knew. Some one she had meet more than once before.

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