"We're home!" Kari called into the seemingly empty house.

"Norinorinorinorinori!" The sound started out softly, then grew louder as the fur ball bounced down the hall and into Nori's arms.

"Nyaromon! Look!" The two-year-old proudly showed the digimon his new movie. "Watch it, Mama?"

"Well that's why I bought it." Kari answered, leading her son and his digimon into the family room. She popped the tape into the slot and pushed play. It seemed to be some kid's show from America about a blue dog. This episode had something to do with school.

"First we have reading time." Announced the TV. "Then is art time, then nap time." Kari smiled, pleased with how many 'times' there were. Usually she didn't like her son watching TV, calling it the 'electronic babysitter.' In fact, if her husband were here, he probably would have killed her; she never let him get out of watching Nori by sticking him in front of the television. But this was educational, and she had something to do. Seeing that Nori and Nyaromon were both entranced, she slipped into the bathroom.

Pregnancy test. The words on the box were vivid and stood out. Kari prayed hopefully as she tore open the wrapping and followed the instructions. Two children, two years apart… the perfect family. Not too big, not too small. Cozy. Wait five minutes. Okay, easy enough.

"And what color mixes with blue to make green?" The TV asked.

"Wed!" Nori's voice answered promptly. Oh well. He was learning, right?

Kari's mind began to drift. So much had happened in the last two years. She and TK had gotten the hang of parenthood, at least to the toddler stage. Yolei and Ken had adjusted well too, and, believe it or not, were already expecting Baby Number Two. Mimi hadn't taken the news of the twins happily, but embraced them once they were born. The girls, Amane and Ren, had inherited their father's red hair and their mother's fashion sense. Actually, the fashion had been pushed on them, but what can you expect with a mother like Mimi? The two were always dressed identically in the latest fashions from Baby Gap, much to their father's disgust ("They're two different people! Not some dolls to frilly up!"). Tai and Sora's marriage was going beautifully, with a beautiful baby girl to match. Rini was Nori's oldest cousin, but not his last. Matt had married shortly after Tai did, to a musician he worked with. They had a daughter as well, Kaichou, Kai for short, but were now in the middle of a sudden divorce, and nobody knows why. (I hope you're looking some of these up, Socks.)

"And red and white make pink!" The television interrupted Kari's thoughts.

Pink, she thought, looking at the indicator. Pink means positive…

"Yes!" She cried, racing out of the bathroom.

"What's up?" Gatomon poked her head into the hallway.

"I'm pregnant!"

"Woo-hoo! Congratulations!" Gatomon was as happy as Kari, and they jumped up and down in the middle of the hallway.

"Mama?" Kari looked up to see Nori staring at them. "What's pr…pr…"

"Pregnant." Kari helped him out, then looked nervously at Gatomon, who shrugged. They had never planned on Nori finding out so soon. "It means that…that Mommy is going to have a baby."

"Like Aunt Yo-ee?"

"Yes. And you're going to be a big brother, just like Sam."

"Wow." Nori looked down at Nyaromon, his toddler mind trying to make sense of this.

"I wanna be a brother, too!" Nyaromon cried, looking sadly at his mother.

"Oh, um… you will be. While Nori's brother or sister grows in Kari's tummy, you're brother or sister will grow in an egg."

"Scrambled, please." Said Patamon, coming to join the party in the hall.


"You're making eggs, right? I'll take mine scrambled."

"Uh…well…" Gatomon hid a chuckle. "We are making eggs, but not the kind you're thinking of."

"What? How many kinds are there? The kind you eat, the kind that hatch…" He stopped. "Wait. You're not saying that…"

"I am." Gatomon said.

"I'm gonna be a brother, Daddy!" Nyaromon jumped on his father's back.

"Good for you." He said, giving Gatomon a funny look. "Why don't you and Nori go play? I have to talk to Mom."

"Okay." He and Nori left.

"So what's all this about? Kari's having a baby?" Patamon looked at her.

"Yep. Number Two is on its way."

"Whoa. This is great!" Patamon smiled. Gatomon did too, glad that this was going better than the last time they had this conversation.

"Uh oh." Said Gatomon. "TK is home early."

Kari listened, and sure enough she could hear the garage door open. "What am I going to tell him?"

"I'm home!" TK called.


"Hey, champ!" TK scooped Nori into his arms and ruffled his brown hair affectionately. "How was your day?"

"I saw a movie and drawed a picture!" Nori proudly showed his father his art. "See? That's me, that's you, that's Mama, and that's the baby!"

"The baby?" TK asked as the color drained from Kari's face. What would TK think when he found out that Nori knew about the baby before he did?

"Yeah. My new brover or sister." Nori grinned.

TK put him down slowly. "Kari…"

Kari grinned sheepishly. "Surprise."

Kinda short, huh? Well, the only thing I'm going to reveal right now is that we'll see a lot more of the others in this story. It is my belief that the only way you can remember new characters is to really get to know them. Otherwise you get all mixed up.