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Spira: The Eternal Discord

Prologue: Resurrection


Darkness surrounded Lenne and I and I knew the end had come. My time on Spira was over and, short-lived as it was, I had to accept my death and the deaths I failed to prevent. It was only right that I fade like all deceased should…

I felt a presence all around me. It was cold and damp, something I wouldn't have ever expected to experience again, but yet I was. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw a single pyrefly float past me, lighting up my surroundings to a certain extent. I wasn't in the Farplane anymore. I was underwater. Quickly, I looked around and confirmed that I was indeed in a body of water, though which I still wasn't sure of. The warmth I felt from the surface lured me toward it and I broke through to take my first breath in centuries. I was breathing. I was alive…

Was it all just a nightmare? Did I never actually die? Did I never lose all my friends? What was happening? Yes, it had to have been an illusion. It was the only way to explain why I wasn't a large collection of pyreflies, haunting a cave and trying to rid Spira of its suffering. The sun's warmth soothed me and I leaned back in the water to soak in more of this life I thought I'd lost. I remembered this climate. It was only found on two places on all of Spira: Kilika… and Besaid. Perhaps that's when this dream of mine occurred. My friends were probably wondering where I was by now. We'd taken a break from the war with Bevelle to relax on the beautiful beaches of Besaid. Well, if I'd been gone long, they'd worry about me. I wouldn't want that.

I moved back into a suitable swimming position and swam back to shore. Taking my first steps on land, I noticed the beach was rather empty. Did they actually go back to the hotel without me? I expected that from a guy like Rothel, but Kirin and Lenne would never budge an inch if I didn't return. Those two always worried too much about me. Well, at least the Al Bhed airship was still around. Maybe Rothel convinced those two that I was old enough to take care of myself. Ju obviously would go with Kirin and Damu was probably in that airship, chatting it up with Akoji and Pally. Maybe I should have a look see.

I jogged my way over to the red airship and knocked on the hull, "Hey, Damu! You in there?" No one answered so I guessed that they all went to hang out at the hotel. I stretched and ran back, noticing a few broken pillars as I went. Was it always like that? Deciding to ignore it, I continued toward the villa. When I got there, I knew something didn't look right. Instead of large hotels, I found a bunch of tents and some building in the background. I must have taken a wrong turn…

"Tidus! Hiya!" Somebody called out. Maybe I hadn't taken a wrong turn?

"Oh, hey! Uh, do I know you?" I asked, realizing too late that he could have easily been one of my millions of fans.

"Tidus? Are you okay? You seem a little off, ya." He asked me.

I nodded slightly, "Yea, I think I had a little too much sun or something. My mind's a little fuzzy, but can you point me to where I'm staying?"

The man looked at me strangely, but decided I was just having a seriously awful day and pointed over to one of the tents nearby. I said my thanks and hurried over. Lenne would never let me live this down. I mean, first I'm gone for who knows how long, then I completely forget where we were staying. Although, weren't we staying at a hotel? Did we decide to camp out? Wow, if that was the case, that adds another thing I forgot. Stupid dreams…

Anyway, I hurried to the tent and pushed aside the beads that made up the door. "Hey Lenne. I'm sorry I was gone for so long and…" I started to say, stopping myself once I saw who it was I was speaking to. Lying on the small bed wasn't my Lenne. No, this summoner I knew from what I thought was a nightmare.

"Yuna! Are you up?" I heard from afar. The voice was impossible. It sounded almost exactly like mine.

I moved out of the tent to look at the approaching man and stared with horrified wide eyes. "You… But… You're me…" I muttered, continuing to stare.

He must have understood exactly where I was coming from because he gaped right back, looking me from head to toe. For a few minutes, we froze, not knowing what to make of this development. From within the tent, slow movement signaled the awakening former summoner. "Are you back?" She asked happily, moving to the beads.

"Uh, Yuna?" My double said, awkwardly and quickly pulling the woman out of the tent and pointing a shaky finger at me.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and lazily gazed up at me before realizing, "What!"

"Yuna, we have a problem." I plainly told her.

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