Title: Human Pet

Rating: PG

Pairing: LeonD

Spoilers: Through the last volume.

Notes: I'd like a human pet, too. Though I'd rather have Chris than Leon.

D was quite proud of himself.

He was the only one of his kind ever to own a human.

Of course, the human hadn't actually agreed to be owned, but it was all right. D owned him anyway. He knew that because the human had wandered after him, searching for him day after day for years. The human- it was so deliciously naughty to think of him as such!- snarled quite a bit when they met again but had had tears in his eyes. D smiled to himself.

Leon Orcot was such a beautiful human, too. Very typical of the species (selfish, foul, delightful), but quite unique. Of course, here, he seemed different than he did back when they were on Earth. Calmer, perhaps. Though he did fight with the Totetsu a great deal.

"Goddamned stupid pigs!" snarled the beautiful human.

D's smile widened.

"They ate my- oh. Never mind. It's here." Leon fished something out from between his favorite couch's cushions and ate it. He eyed D from where he sat.

Of course, the first thing to go had been his clothes. D had made him give up all his smelly human garments before he got on the ship. Now he relied on D to provide his clothing.

Suits, D thought, suited him.

They were rumpled and just as smelly as his old clothing.

D didn't really mind.

"D'you want something?" snapped Leon, his cheeks a little red.

The second thing to go had been his cigarettes. Even though one of the hounds had discovered a plant similar to tobacco, Leon didn't bother smoking any more. The smell of incense was too strong about the ship, he had said. It ruined the effect of smoking, he said, if there was smoke everywhere anyway.

D had stopped trying to tell him that half of it was cloud vapor.

"I was thinking we might land soon," D said, keeping his voice to the mildly amused tone that irritated Leon. "I would like to set up shop again."

The blonde man grunted in reply... kicked something furry that bit him soundly.

Leon had almost stopped eating meat, but took it up again because D said it didn't bother him. He had other carnivores on board. Leon said once if he didn't get any steak, he would jump off the ship and swim back to Chris (regardless of the actual location of the vessel).

D didn't like to remember what it had been like to part with Leon last.

He remembered Pon-chan's angry chittering.

He remembered a tear running down his cheek.

He remembered the longing...

But now he had his pet- the one that he couldn't sell.

Leon breathed in his ear, startling him. D shivered.

"I want to go to your room again."

"You're not ... ah... allowed..."

Nibbling, now. Who owned whom?

"That's what you told me last night. But it was some really great-"

D kissed his mouth, effectively silencing him.

He really was proud of his human pet.