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Weasleys' Wizarding . . . Whoops!

It was yet another glorious Hogsmeade weekend; the sun was shining brightly, there was hardly a cloud in the bright blue sky, and the recently recaptured Death Eaters were still in custody. No one could have asked for a better day to visit the bright, cheerful town, and every Hogwarts student year three and above were eagerly wandering about, enjoying himself or herself. That is, every student except for a certain raven-hared sixth year.

'Why did I ever agree to this? I must have been out of my mind!' Harry thought as he stood before Fred and George, who had asked to meet him in Hogsmeade about a new "business opportunity." As it turned out, the so-called opportunity was really a new product the twins had come up with, and were, at the moment, attempting to coerce Harry into trying.

"Come on, Harry," whined Fred.

"Yeah, you'll love it!" chimed in George. "We swear that it's completely harmless."

"At worst, it'll only last a few days, up to a week maximum."

Harry eyed the twins warily. "What does it do? And why ask me? Why not Ron?"

"Relax, Harry," quipped George.

"It simply changes your voice to that of a high soprano as long as you chew on it," Fred explained, holding out the candy in question.

"We call 'em 'Weasleys' Wailing Fruit Chews.'"

"Go on, then, try it."

"As our benefactor, you're entitled to previews and free samples, so here you go!"

"And besides, we kind of, er . . ."

"Already tested Ron earlier, and now he's not quite . . ." George looked at Fred.


"Ah, good one. Forthcoming . . . in any more tests."

Harry looked from Fred to George, watching their smiling faces closely, before resting his eyes on the brightly wrapped confection in front of him. Sighing, Harry picked the candy up out of Fred's hand. "Alright, alright, I'll do it. Besides, what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger."

"That's the ticket, Harry!" said Fred.

"Yeah. Now, pop one in and see if it works (properly)."

Harry unwrapped the chew and brought it to his mouth. Before popping it in, he said, "Here goes nothing." As Harry began chewing, he felt a strange tickling sensation spread down his throat.

"Well, go ahead. Say something," George said, waving him on.

"Good day, gentlemen, how do you do?" asked Harry. His eyes widened when he heard his own voice sounding several octaves higher. He broke into a huge grin before launching into a rendition of "I'm a little teapot," which left Fred and George rolling on the ground, laughing. Soon, Harry started laughing as well. The sound of his high pitched, trembling laughter in turn caused the three to laugh even harder. During one rather boisterous laugh, Harry threw back his head, and the chew slid down his throat, whole. This stopped Harry laughing immediately, and began a series of coughs.

"Hey, Harry, you all right mate?" inquired George.

"Yeah, you sound as though you swallowed a . . . oh dear."

At the sound of worry in Fred's voice, Harry's eyes snapped onto the twins. "What? What's wrong?" But Harry's question was soon answered as he began to feel the same strange tingling sensation in his stomach. At first pleasant, it quickly became nauseating as it spread throughout his entire body. As the feeling of sickness passed, Harry then felt as if his entire body was on fire. He fell to his knees, grasping his stomach and moaning his discomfort. As quickly as it came, it left, leaving Harry hunched over on the ground.

Harry rose shakily to his feet, and began patting himself down, making sure everything still worked. 'Well, nothing appears to be broken, nor does it seem as if I have any extra appendages.' He thought; that is, until he reached his chest, which had mysteriously swollen outwards. "Fred, George . . . What happened?" Harry's voice was different; still high pitched, but not as high as it had been. "Fred? George?"

"Umm, Harry. Mate. Don't know quite how to tell you this . . ." Fred looked from Harry to George.

"Perhaps you should see for yourself." With that, George conjured a full body-length mirror in front of them. Harry stepped forward and looked at his reflection. Or, rather, her reflection.

"Fred . . . George . . ." this time Harry's voice was shaking with suppressed rage.

"Um . . . yeah . . ." was all Fred could respond.

"Oops? Sorry 'bout that Harry . . . . ette."