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Chapter 1: Mondays Bite

"KYO!" His figurative ears lay back on his head and his shoulders slumped in embarrassment. He knew what was coming next and he just wished she'd be a little bit less obvious. Suddenly a black-haired girl just beginning to blossom into womanhood flew around the corner and jumped on him, her short green skirt flaring around her thighs, teasing the other guys in the hallway by not exposing her panties. Wrapping her arms around his middle, she squeezed so hard he could feel his ribs shifting.

"Kagura, what are you doing here?" He glared at her, struggling to get an arm free to push her away. "Get off me!" He could hear several people in the background ask who she was and what she thought she was doing hugging a 3rd year.

Hatsuharu could also hear what was being said from his locker, and even more than Kyo since he was further away. He didn't agree with the reasons she was at the school, but it wasn't his place to have an opinion. Although he didn't feel like rescuing Kyo, he did understand that Kagura did NOT need to set her reputation by these actions. Putting both hands in his pockets and knocking his locker shut with his right shoulder, he headed towards the commotion.

"Kagura…" She turned from ranting at Kyo, her eyes very wide.

"Haru!" Her face lit with a smile.

"What are you doing?" He looked straight into her eyes, and several girls standing nearby started wishing he'd turn that intense look at them. "You know how jealous I get." He grabbed her free hand and yanked her to him. In the process, he slid his hand around her torso so that his thumb rested between her breasts and the rest of his hand framed her left breast. Pulling her closer, he breathed in the scent of her shampoo.

"Wha…?" He put his lips next to her ear and whispered.

"Trust me. Play along." Glaring daggers at Kyo, Haru spoke up. "Kyo! What have I told you about messing with my women?"

Women? Tohru thought, she'd come upon the scene just before Haru grabbed Kagura.

Women! Several girls sighed. If he has WOMEN, than I still have a chance of being one of them.

Kyo's face turned red. "What are you…"

Haru interrupted before he had a chance to finish his question. "Accusing you of?" He pulled Kagura closer and leaned toward Kyo. "I'm telling you that if you don't keep your hands off my women…I'm gonna have to take you outside and kick you ass!"

"Bring it!" Kyo would have furred up in his animal form. Instead he stiffened and stomped down the hall.

"Fine!" Haru still had good control, but Kyo thought he'd turned black. Smirking about how easy it had been to rile Kyo, Haru grabbed Kagura's hand and trailed Kyo down the hall. A group of gawkers followed at a close distance.

As the trio turned the corner, they ran into Yuki; who was standing there, arms across his chest in a very forbidding manner. "What are you thinking?" He grabbed Kyo by the ear. "Get in there!" He shoved him into an empty classroom. Haru and Kagura followed. Yuki then turned back to the expectant crowd. "There's nothing left to see. Go on!" Suddenly he saw Tohru standing at the edge, a confused look on her face. "Except you." He snagged her hand and pulled her behind him, shutting the door solidly.

Eh? Tohru thought. Somehow Momiji had made his way into the room during the confusion and was peering closely into Haru's face, making Haru scowl at him in response.

Standing with his back to the door and his arms again crossed over his chest, Yuki spoke softly. "It's the first day of school and already we're having problems. I want to know what's going on…now!" Everyone started talking at once, Kyo was yelling at Haru, Kagura was yelling at Kyo and point at Haru, and Momiji was adding his opinions as well. The only two people who were silent were Tohru and Yuki.

Tohru just watched the chaos in confusion. I thought Haru liked Yuki, but now he is dating Kagura, and why did Kagura start dating Haru, I thought she liked Kyo. And why is she at this school, I thought she was in college. Oh, I am getting such a headache!

"Enough!" Tohru was startled by Yuki's loud statement. Looking over, she saw he had a hand held up for silence. Pointing his finger at Haru, he quietly stated… "You."

Haru was still leaning negligently against the wall. He stopped talking when he realized everyone else was trying to put words in his mouth. Finally getting the floor, he looked at Yuki and explained. "I was at my locker when Kagura jumped Kyo."

"I did not!" Kagura exclaimed.

"You did too!" Kyo pointed at her before Momiji laid his hand on Kyo's shoulder to silence him. Shrugging him off, he looked at Haru. "Locker huh? Where are your books 'Locker Boy'?"

Haru grinned. "Hey, just because I don't carry books doesn't mean I don't know what's going on…eidetic memory you know." Kyo scowled, he hated being shown up. Haru turned back to Yuki, ready to get this over with - he did have plans for today. "I knew if something wasn't done, Kagura would get a reputation as an easy girl and then we'd not be able to keep the guys from grabbing her. Hatori would never get a break from suppressing memories at this school."

Yuki shuddered at the thought, where Hatori went, Akito followed. "Continue."

"So I walked over and grabbed Kagura and pulled her close, making sure all the rabid wolves watching saw that she was mine."

I'm his? Kagura looked at him in surprise. I thought he liked Rin. "I don't want to be with Haru!"

"Since when?" Kyo said at the exact same time. He was glaring at Haru, than wanted to smack himself for glaring at Haru. If Kagura were dating Haru, she'd leave him alone. "Since when?" So why am I so obviously upset about this that I'm repeating myself?

"Silence!" Yuki glanced at his two troublemakers.

"Then I accused Kyo of trying to steal my girl to take the attention off Kags. He's so predictable" Haru smirked at Kyo "I knew he'd argue with me about it." He crossed his hands over his chest, causing his partially unbuttoned shirt to gape open even further, and waited to get criticized for his actions. Kyo and Kagura were standing there with their mouths standing open. Tohru looked totally confused.

Yuki leaned over and whispered in Tohru's ear. "I'll explain it later. Nothing's changed. It was all for show."

"Ano…" She suddenly grinned and nodded her head. "Hai." Yuki wasn't sure if she was saying she understood, or that she was okay with waiting for him to explain. He figured it'd be a chatty trip home either way.

Momiji was standing in front of Haru, looking up at him with his head cocked slightly to one side.

"What?" Haru looked at him in question.

"Waaaaah!" Momiji ran over to Tohru and peaked around her at the rest of them. "I want my Haru back!" They all looked at Haru expecting him to have turned back, but all they saw was white Haru staring at the rabbit in consternation.

Satisfied that Haru hadn't suddenly turned black, Yuki walked up to Kagura. "You do understand the sacrifices Haru just made to protect you?"

Kagura hung her head. "Hai." She looked at Haru. "I'm sorry!" Haru just shrugged with seemingly indifference.

Yuki spoke again. "What are you doing here as a first year anyway? This is your third year at University. What is the deal?"

Haru and Kagura both looked everywhere except at Yuki.

"Akito." Yuki blanched. "Never mind."

Kyo scowled in the corner. He hated being used against his knowledge. That Haru was able to rile him so easily bothered him. Did it happen because Haru accused him of something he hadn't done, or because he 'liked' Kagura? He couldn't help but reflect on how he'd just freaked when Haru had called her 'his girl.' He looked over at the girl standing dejected in the middle of the room. Do I have feelings for her? "NO!" Everyone was staring at him because of his sudden interjection and he blushed. "Uh…nothing, gomen."

Yuki turned back to Kagura. "You are not to hang around or even talk to Kyo while at school."

"But…" She held her hands in front of her, pleading her case.

"No. You can't control yourself around him. Over and over Gure has told you what would happen if you didn't use caution in public and despite his advice, you jumped Kyo at first sight." He looked at Haru. "You'll spend time with Haru, following his lead. He can figure out how best to resolve this situation." Yuki looked at everyone. "This discussion is over."


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