Yakko and Babs, jobless upon return to the States, pooled their money from their share of the Charlotte's riches and opened their own law firm. Their first case, the much-publicized trial of Buster Bunny, proved entirely successful in their favor, bringing every down-and-out toon on the wrong side of the law to their doors. Yakko, an avid advocate of toon justice, and Babs, recently versed in legal loopholes, continue to win a good portion of their cases and have become the most successful toon legal duo in the country. They were married shortly after their return to Toontown; the guest list included every toon in Toontown. Wakko and Dot were best man and bridesmaid, respectively.

Harpo, per his wishes, continued to live with Yakko and Babs and attend Toontown Junior High. His absence was forgiven, as he tested out of his grade and was moved to the next grade with his original class. His father continues to be an important person in his life, and they see each other often.

Wakko used his portion of the treasure to buy his first house near Yakko, Babs and Harpo in Toontown. He does freelance work as a toon consultant to animation studios, using his extensive knowledge of how toons work (and how they can't work) to newer toons who are not so well versed in their own limitations.

Dot, never one to rest on her laurels, stayed in the Caribbean. In one heated round of poker, betting against another of the best players in the islands, Dot won and came into possession of a map from 1768 that supposedly marks the final resting spot of the El Capitana, a Spanish galleon loaded with riches. The expedition to find the lost galleon left soon after that, with a fresh coat of paint on the Green Shark.

Buster moved back to Toontown and recently published his autobiography, The Wild Boys of Toontown, documenting the life and times of he and Wakko Warner from their initial rise to fame all the way through their escapades in the Caribbean. It received great critical acclaim and has gone on to be the greatest classic of toon literature ever written.

Red made it back to Little Trouble Island and bought the Island Soul Hotel and Bar with his share of the Charlotte's treasure. He keeps the cistern in good working order.

Scooby & company continue to dive for hire in the Caribbean with the only stipulation that each of their tanks always be filled to 5000psi.

Gloria did eventually get re-inked and was forced into doing another come-back special. However, she became a cult hero overnight when she blew up the soundstage where the special was taking place, proclaiming in a now infamous statement that she was "…sick and tired of the goddamn past, and so is everyone else. Let's move on and talk about something interesting, for Chrissakes!" The antics sparked tremendous new interest in her work, particularly among college students hungry for underground heroes, and with the royalty money that poured in from new sales of her cartoons, Gloria purchased the Blue Martini and was recently quoted in the newspaper as saying, "For the first time in eighty years, I have a damned good excuse to spend every night of the week there."

Constance drove the red convertible all the way to Las Vegas where she sold it to a crooked used car dealer on the south side of town for $5,000. She found the nearest roulette table and put it all double or nothing on black. She won.

The Island Hopper has finally finished her story and has gone divin'!