Summary: The two religions, Sanctus and Diablos, have never been at peace. Meet Kamiya Kaoru of Sanctus, Oracle of Shinzuru, and Himura Kenshin of Diablos, Prophet of Kurayami. Chaos is set free when all find out that the Oracle and the Prophet are engaged. B/K.

Pairings: Battousai/Kaoru

Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin, at all. All the characters belong to Nobuhiro Watsuki-sensei. The only thing in this story that is mine will be the OCs and the plot itself.

Cryptic Faith
Chapter One – The Meeting

It was a dark and quiet evening as people dressed in billowing white robes ran off to gather in the town circle. The faithful ones were rushing, for tonight was the night that their beloved Oracle would make an appearance in their relatively unknown town. Despite the puddles on the wet pavement, their white robes stayed immaculate. It seems that their goddess was willing for them to meet the Oracle. Only the Oracle could ever speak to the goddess personally, making her the messenger, telling fellow believers what the goddess deemed correct or incorrect. Of course, there were others called Messengers who were stationed in every town, in every city of the world but only a single being could ever talk to the goddess.

A bell rung loudly in the town as more and more people began gathering in the town circle. It was a brilliant sea of pure white, their hoods covering their heads. They were chanting a prayer, the Prayer of Safekeeping for the Oracle. Their words melded into one voice as they continued chanting the prayer like a mantra. Inside the Church, more figures dressed in white were rushing for the preparations of what the Oracle was to speak. The Oracle was dressed in a similar white robe with gold outlines, the hood not covering the Oracle's head. A sparkle appeared in the Oracle's eyes as she looked out from inside. She did not get startled when a voice greeted her from behind.

"It is not good for them to see you yet, my Oracle," spoke a warm voice from behind. The Oracle turned around and simply waved it off, a simple smile on her face. "You may think it crazy but what if any of those people of Diablos are there, wearing our colors to fool us into your assassination. You know that is what they've always wanted, your death so that Sanctus may be no more and that everyone will have to believe in Diablos, in their god called Kurayami." Deep hatred coated the warm voice as it became icy, an angered look on the speaker's face. The Oracle put her hand on the follower's shoulder, silently telling her to look up. Teal eyes implored the Oracle's sapphire ones, who merely showed her sympathy, that she understood the pain it meant to lose someone so beloved to him or her.

"I understand, Yuuko, how it feels to lose someone to the hands of their god," she spoke, her rich, soothing voice resounding inside the Church. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to her voice. Every word she spoke came from the goddess Shinzuru, for the Oracle was devoted to only Shinzuru. Everything she did was for their purification, for their redemption, from the clutches of evil that threatened their existence. "But hating them is not the answer. Try to forgive them, to see them as equals, for all of us are human beings," she spoke with confidence, silver tracing the outlines of her sapphire blue eyes, "Do not lower your self to their ranks."

It was said that all color drained from the Oracle's eyes when the goddess took full control of her body. The simple outline of her silver irises was seen but no more. It was also said that when Shinzuru descended to the Earth, miracles would occur. The sick would be healed, the blind could see, the mute could speak, the lame could walk among the miracles that occurred. It rarely happened but when it did, the faith of the believers grew even deeper. The same could be said for the Prophet, save his eyes turned into a reddish amber color. It wasn't the dark gold his eyes turned into when he was angry but it was bright piercing reddish amber, the eyes of Kurayami. The believers of the god Kurayami grew even more devoted to him. And this all started years ago when a clear definition of light and dark, of goodness and evil were set. There had been many Oracles and Prophets since then, only one of each remained as their heart beat strongly against their chest, and none have been so loved like the current Oracle of Sanctus or the current Prophet of Diablos.

"Yes, my Oracle," said Yuuko, tears brimming in her eyes as her knees buckled. Falling to the floor, her white robes spilled on the marble floor like the silver moonlight, becoming opaque as its rays rested on the flooring of the Church. The Oracle smiled softly as she bent down, forcing Yuuko to stand tall. As soon as the younger girl of about fifteen looked up at the slightly taller Oracle of seventeen, the older female hugged her close, like an older sister would in comforting a sibling. Pulling apart, the Oracle smiled once more before pressing a kiss to Yuuko's cheek, as any older sister would. Unconsciously, the young girl forced into maturity when her family was slaughtered before her eyes three years ago by those of Diablos put a hand to her cheek, cradling the still warm skin on which the Oracle's lips had touched. "My Oracle?" she questioned slightly as she looked at her, confused. The Oracle's bell like laughter resounded as her eyes turned silver.

"My child, it is for you. I will watch over you through my Oracle. She knows how it is to have lost a family to them in such a young age. She was five when her family was killed before her eyes and through the last Oracle before her, who had died when she was six, I have taken care of her," spoke the Oracle, her voice evidently different from earlier. When her eyes were blue, the Oracle's voice seemed warm, full of love for the believers of Sanctus. Now, her voice was like the choirs of angels, singing and rejoicing. "Since then, she has been in my service for eleven years, the youngest Oracle in history. She will see no problem in adopting you as her younger sister, my child. My Oracle, Kamiya Kaoru, will love you and adopt you as her sister. From now on, you are Kamiya Yuuko."

Kaoru's hand reached out to touch Yuuko's forehead. Instinctively, the younger girl closed her eyes as Kaoru's fingers touched the skin. Everyone within the Church turned to face Kaoru and the younger girl as they both began to float in midair. This was the work of their goddess. Falling to their knees, they bowed in adoration as they began chanting a prayer to their goddess, a prayer of thanks for simply appearing to them now. Light flooded the otherwise darkened Church as they remained afloat for a few seconds, Kaoru's robes billowing. Moments later, they began to descend, their feet landing softly on the marble floor. The minute her feet touched the floor, her eyes turned that curious shade of sapphire blue once more. Yuuko's light brown hair spilled over her face as she watched Kaoru from beneath her bangs.

"Kaoru-sama, the crowd," spoke another, donning the same white robe that Yuuko was wearing. Very few were able to call the Oracle by her first name. Only close friends and family could ever do that and she was one of them. Kaoru looked up, a tired smile on her face. Whenever Shinzuru took complete control of her body, she felt drained. She was fully conscious of what was happening but she felt tired in the end. Brushing the dust off of her immaculate robes, she nodded as she began walking out. Stopping, she turned to face the one who spoke to her. Dark brown curls held in pigtails, cinnamon brown eyes and a female face was what greeted her. "Kaoru-sama, the crowd," she reminded once more as she let her arms dangle at her sides. The Messenger stationed in the town asked for silence. The crows ceased to pray, all holding their breath. Seconds later, the Messenger announced the Oracle's presence to the crowd.

"Misanagi, take care of Yuuko while I am out," said Kaoru simply before she turned around and walked out of the Church, towards the crowd. Misanagi nodded slowly before facing the young girl who was awestruck at what had just happened. In what seemed to be an attempt to protect the Oracle's identity, she had earned herself a friend, a talk with the goddess herself and then a sister who would treat her like her own family. The doors swung wide open as Kaoru reached them, a blinding light from the outside showering the dark Church. All heads snapped up simultaneously as the Oracle stepped out, a simple smile on her face. At that moment, time seemed to stop for the townspeople, their dream of meeting the Oracle springing back to life.

In the Shadows

Violet eyes flickered into gold as the one who owned them lay beneath the shadows. He could not bear to hear their chants, to see the endless sea of white in front of him. Shifting his position on the branch he was sitting on, his inky black robes, the direct counterpart of the ones of Sanctus, moved slightly, the silver outlines shimmering slightly. His blood red hair tied back into a ponytail spilled over the black hood at the back of his robe. He was getting impatient. He was waiting for a certain someone. They had first met when he was six and she was merely a child of four. Why he could still remember what had happened thirteen years ago, he did not know. However, her image burned obviously against his mind's eye. It wouldn't be long now until everyone knew of the truth. It was his right as a man, as well as the fulfillment of the promise of fifteen years ago.

The metal blade of his katana moved slightly, creating soft sounds as he drummed his fingers against the wood impatiently. They were starting that annoying chant once more. A sharp, stinging pain drummed against his temples, his eyes turning into a dark gold. He could not take it. He no longer wanted to hear the meaningless words they were speaking. To him, anyway, they were meaningless. He did not believe in what those in Sanctus believed in. How could he? He abhorred everything about them, except a single person who had been promised to him as a child. And besides, even if he didn't hate them like how vampires hated the sunlight, he could not believe in the useless things they were speaking. He was in Diablos and the most influential one of all. He was the Prophet of Kurayami, their god.

"Kenshin-san," spoke a voice from behind him. The Prophet kept his dark golden irises focused on the blinding sea before him. He didn't need to look behind him to see who it was. There was only one person in all of Diablos who could call him by his first name with absolutely no fear of being killed by the legendary swordsman, Battousai. It was Seta Soujiro, a young boy he had rescued from his family, a so-called family who nearly killed him. "Have you seen her yet?" he asked simply as he stood beside Kenshin, the eternal smile plastered on his face. Kenshin raised a hand and pointed to a figure standing tall, something shimmering against her white robes. "Are you sure it's her? I can't see her face, that's all," spoke Soujiro in a slightly apprehensive tone. He did not want to anger the Battousai within Kenshin and incur his wrath.

"No one else wears a white robe adorned with gold in Sanctus, as no one else wears a black robe adorned with silver in Diablos," spoke Kenshin steadily, his eyes still focused on the figure of the Oracle. Soujiro nodded slowly, understanding the logic of the slightly older man. As they remained in their positions, a few of the elders within Diablos shook their heads. They highly disapproved of the previous promise of the Prophet and the Oracle when they were children. One of the elders had tried to convince the Prophet to reconsider and choose another woman as his bride but the elder only ended up in pieces, mutilated pieces so fine that the crows couldn't eat what had been left of him. The Battousai within him was a jealous man, possessive of anything he deemed was his. The barrier of different religions was nothing important to him. He was going to get the Oracle as his wife, as a fulfillment to the promise and as his right as her fiancé.

"My Prophet, we implore you one last time, reconsider your choice as your bride!" spoke a representative of the elders, the rest behind him. Kenshin pressed his lips into a thin line, trying his best to not kill them. He didn't need them to lecture him about this. No other woman could replace what was meant to be the Oracle's role in his life, as well as hers. "She is unclean, filthy! She believes in the damned goddess Shinzuru! Why choose her, my Prophet?" continued on the representative, taking Kenshin's silence as a signal to move on. "Give us three days and we will find you a suitable bride," added the elder, a dark look in his eyes. He hated all that had to do with Sanctus. The fact that the Prophet was planning to marry the Oracle was simply unheard of.

"Seichii, do you know my name?" spoke Kenshin as he stood up, facing the elder who dared to speak so boldly in front of him. Seichii nodded slowly, nervous at what might happen. "It is Himura Kenshin. I am the Battousai, a legendary swordsman from Japan," continued Kenshin calmly as he walked towards Seichii slowly, his right hand grasping the hilt of his katana. "And do you know the real name of the Oracle?" he asked, simply out of curiosity. Seichii shook his head at that. Why would he speak her name, dirtying his own tongue in the process? "It is Kamiya Kaoru," he provided, a dark glint in his already darkened amber irises. Those around him sucked in air, surprised that he dirtied his mouth with her name. "And did you know that we have been promised to each other? Even if we weren't, no one else can rival her in her beauty, fire and spirit," hissed Kenshin as he drew his blade, the metal touching the older man's neck.

Seichii stuttered his reply as he clung onto the very fabric of his life, holding as tightly as he could. He did not want to die yet. He still had a family waiting back for him. However, like him, they were all steadfast in their faith to their god that if the Prophet had slain his life, it was an honor. However, he did not want to die. He feared the clammy claws of death, its painful hiss, its cold breath, all of which were in front of him right now, embodied in their very Prophet. Nodding slowly, Kenshin looked up and sheathed his sword, holding an even gaze with all other elders before his presence. Looking down at his hand then to his right, he threw the katana to Soujiro. "You know what to do. They're too filthy to die by my hands," said Kenshin, his words freezing the air he breathed on, as he went back to his perch to see if Kaoru was finished with this trivial gathering in the desolate town.

"Well, it proves you're now that low in Kenshin-san's eyes," spoke Soujiro as he drew out the blade and swung it experimentally. The silver of the metal flashed predatorily in the eyes of the some twenty elders before him. Each tried to show absolutely no fear as the one they called the Tenken stooped down and mimicked Battousai's signature attack, the reason why he was called Battousai in the first place. It was the Battou Jutsu. Combined with his godlike speed, it was even more ruthless than before. In the blink of an eye, Soujiro disappeared, the sword Kenshin had lent him cutting or slicing through the bodies of the elders. In less than a minute, Soujiro's hands had been stained with the blood of twenty. "It was a real pity. I was starting to get the hang of you hovering behind Kenshin-san," said Soujiro as he mechanically flicked the blood off of the katana, "Now, to return this to Kenshin-san." Stooping down, he wiped the rest of the blood on the black robe of one of the elders before turning around to find the red haired man.

After the Gathering

Everyone was shoving and pushing against each other, trying to reach the Oracle. Misanagi had stepped out as soon as she saw the trouble Kaoru had gotten herself into once more. The Oracle just had too much love for the followers of Sanctus. She had to know there was a limit as to how loving she could be for the people lest she harm herself in the process. Yuuko had long gotten over the initial shock and was helping Misanagi protect the Oracle from the bustling crowd from the town. They knew their intentions were simple and honest, just a brief word with the Oracle or even to touch the hem of her robe, but they could not allow that. It was much too late for the longer she stayed outside of the sanctity of the Church, the higher the risk of the assassins from Diablos would come and steal her life. As the noise grew louder, two figures, adorned in black, appeared. Time seemed to stand still as their gazes focused on the two foreigners. Beneath one hood, violet-amber eyes seemed to shine with amusement. Beneath the other, dark coal eyes remained blank.

"Diablos," hissed Misanagi as she signaled with her left hand. A group of ninjas, a gold symbol emblazoned on the back of their black clothes appeared, ready to strike at the word of Misanagi. She was the leader of the Sanada Ninjas, a group which swore itself to the protection of the Oracle. "What do you want from us?" she hissed, her cinnamon eyes flashing in contempt as she faced the two who dared approach them with such a number. One of the black hoods fell away as the eternal smile plastered itself on his face. Soujiro offered the smile once more. Beneath the black robe, his hand was wrapped around the hilt of his own katana. He was ready to strike and kill the ninjas surrounding them. "And you! Who are you?" demanded Misanagi as she faced the other cloaked figure. The second hood fell away, dark gold eyes hidden beneath the blood red of his hair. "The Prophet," she whispered to herself as she felt her weapon dropping to the floor. They were serious now.

"What are you doing here?" asked Kaoru, her voice as cold as ice as she brushed past against everyone, walking towards the red haired male. Everyone could not move as they watched the female walking towards him, fear in their bodies. "I suppose you're here to kill me, are you not?" asked Kaoru, standing up as tall as she could. The male was barely any taller than she was but held so much more confidence than the Oracle of Shinzuru. His lips twisted himself into a small curve as it began to rain. She had grown up to become a beautiful woman. The rain started to drench their robes, her white one pressing against the contours of her body. "Answer me," she said simply as her sapphire eyes reflected no emotion. Kenshin shook his head as he reached out and touched her cheek. "Don't touch me," she hissed as she swatted away his hand.

"No, I'm not here to kill you," he stated like it was a fact. The ninjas moved slightly, trying to reach the place Kaoru stood. "Misanagi-san, tell your ninjas to stay put if they don't want their lives ended prematurely. I can assure you that in five minutes, Soujiro can slay the lives of a hundred men and there are hardly that many here," said Kenshin as a flame danced in his violet irises, focused solely on the woman before him. Kaoru stood tall, defiant against the Prophet's presence. "Why am I here, right? You wish to know something you should have remembered," spoke Kenshin as he touched Kaoru's face with his right hand, his left holding down her two hands, "I mean, we did meet thirteen years ago, Kaoru." Her sapphire eyes burned as he called her by her first name. He had no right! "We met thirteen years ago, because our families promised us to each other. I am Himura Kenshin, Prophet of the god Kurayami. You are Kamiya Kaoru, Oracle of the goddess Shinzuru. However, you stay in that role for long. You will be Himura Kaoru, soon enough."

Not caring that he was in the presence of many, Kenshin bent his head down slightly, his flame colored bangs touching her face as he pressed his lips hungrily against hers. He had waited so long for this moment and no one would deny him of a kiss with his future wife. Kaoru put her hands against his chest and tried to push him away but she couldn't. This was her first kiss and he was making her melt like jelly. Her mind refused to work or if it did, her body refused to acknowledge its commands. Unconsciously, she parted her lips slightly and allowed the Prophet access to her mouth. Moments later, he pulled away for air for himself and her as well. "Don't forget, I will be coming for you. No one can get what is mine," he spoke as he tucked a stray strand of her raven tresses behind her ear. In the blink of an eye, he and Soujiro left. Kaoru's fingers found their way to her lips where the warmth of his lips still lingered.


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