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NOTE: This prologue was written when the FF:U subtopic wasn't up yet, and I'm too lazy to fix it. Contrary to common misconception, I DO have a life, so I can't fix everything.

One day, in the bountiful land of Fanfiction...

Sighing exasperatedly, a girl in her mid-teens dumped a stack of paper onto her solid oak desk, pushing glasses with thin tortoiseshell rims up on her nose. "That's the lot of it," she reported, sounding tired. "About five stories in all that mess have to do with Final Fantasy: Unlimited... and most of those five are mine. A lot of the other authors who do anything with FF:U haven't updated or written anything in a while, so this really is it."

"That's really all?" asked a young man sitting in a chair near the corner. He was dressed in a baggy T-shirt and cargos, and had long, crisp white hair, pale skin, and blood-colored eyes. His left hand held the neck of a lute, and his right supported his chin.

"You're my muse, Ghaleon, d'you think I'd really be stupid enough to lie to you?" the girl asked wryly. "Yes, that's it; either we're suffering from a severe case of mass FF:U writer's block or disinterest. It certainly doesn't help that the administration hasn't so much as replied to my request for the show's own subtopic, so the world has to filter through the Final Fantasy section if they want to find anything good for it. AND, there's still one FF:U story that's buried somewhere in the Miscellaneous Anime section." Grumbling a few obscenities, she began to straighten up the stack. "If you could get your little secretary to sort through and categorize all this crap, I'd be very much obliged. That is the only reason we're keeping her around here."

Ghaleon rolled his eyes. "Karst is off on vacation. I think."

The girl frowned. "Vacation?"

"Honeymoon. With Felix."


"We still have to figure out what the heck we're going to do about this problem though. Can't we just start something like a one-shot service where other authors could contribute too? It's been done for other things and worked then..."

The girl shrugged and straightened up the pile a little more. "It could work. I'd have to ask everyone about it, but it could work. Once it starts to attract a little attention, others may pitch in. And then I can always pester Thalia; you know she's been saying that once she finishes her little monster of a fanfic that she's going to start on something FF:U related. She won't be too hard to guilt."

"That's good. I was hoping you'd say so."

The girl looked up, pushed her glasses up on her nose again, and glared in the direction of the general public. "Okay, people, if you're going to be reading or submitting to this Fanfiction Academy, you'll have to abide by a few rules. Hope that's alright with all of you, but we really do need a little FF:U related support on this website. If you have anything to contribute, please email it to me...that's Feral Phoenix, the author (obviously)...and bear with me if there's a little trouble receiving anything; my Hotmail account tends to delete stuff that's more than five days old if I don't have whoever sent it on my mailing list. If I don't seem to have gotten anything, email it to me again or mention it in a review. I'll go see what the problem is that way. If fanfics abide by the rules and I've got them in time, I'll post them under this story, giving you credit as the author (if I don't, you can report me to the admins which would not be good). Help us out here. Good luck and thank you."


Please don't submit anything R-rated for now; I'd have to up the entire story collection, and that would mean a lot of the G and PG-rated stuff wouldn't get read by the appropriate age group.

Try to include some story information at the beginning of any one-shot you submit; such as warnings, if the story is PG-13 or contains a little unusual stuff that a reader might not like.

Original characters and their stories are absolutely accepted, so long as they actually tie in to FF:U.

FF:U After Spiral (Huta no Kizuna) fanfiction will also be accepted.

Please don't submit a story that's just blatant character bashing. Everybody's got a favorite character, but it might not be yours, so don't wail on somebody you don't likethat character might have fans you're pissing off.

Please no Oscha-centric fanfiction. Speaking out of general consensus, a lot of people really hate him, including me. I know he's probably got fans too, but for now just PLEASE no Oscha-centric fics!

I'm pretty lenient on character pairings; I'm pretty much a person who says anything goes so long as the characters would actually work together. There are only a few pairings that wouldn't be allowed here, and those will be listed later, along with some of the stuff that will be accepted.

I don't think I need to put this in, but no uber-graphic sex scenes, kay? You can be a little graphic, just don't get too detailed. We're trying to keep things PG-13 here.

YAOI AND YURI (Shonen-ai and shojo-ai) WILL BOTH BE ACCEPTED.

If there's anything that I forgot, I'll put it up in a later update-from-the-author-and-her-muses.

Kansha suru!


Kaze/Lisa: Obviously. According to the producers, they're meant to be together, and they're just a really cute couple. There's the awkwardness factor and the cuteness and the... okay, I'll shut up. They're cute together already!

Kaze/Kumo: This is another obvious pairing that's pretty popular on FF-Net. Lots of tragedies center around them, usually playing it that Kumo is secretly in love with Kaze or something like that. The idea of star-crossed lovers has been popular since Romeo and Juliet, and guess what? It still works perfectly. These two can be a really sweet couple, depending on who's writing and what they're writing for.

Cid/Miles: Obvious yet VERY underappreciated couple! They need more attention, they're simply so adorable together! Why? Episode 17. Nuff said.

Clear/Ai: Awww, it's puppy love. Everybody likes puppy love! Needless to say, this would have to be a pretty G-rated pairing. They're both too young to be doing anything weird.

Clear/Lou: This one is just a really interesting possibility that occured to me while watching. And they'd actually be cute together too... like the above pairing, this one should stay G-rated.

Kumo/Crux: Only an idiot couldn't notice that she's madly in love with him, as he's the only one who doesn't treat her like dirt. Physiology demands that this stay a G-rated pairing. This is most easily played as a one-sided crush, but you're welcome to portray it however you want.

Kiri/Kumo: Definitely one of the weirder pairings, but if you think about it long enough, it makes sense... and it's very sweet. If you're looking for a tragic relationship, this one's even better to use than Kaze and Kumo. If you're playing for Kaze and Lisa as a couple, this one is good on the side to keep the Kumo fangirls from being angry that he's staying a miserable bachelor. There are vague implications during Episode 18 that there was something going on between them (VERY vague... try watching the episode over and over in order to analyze those two and you'll see it); if you want to read it to see how they fit, you'd have to find an author who writes them a lot and is comfortable with it. I personally write these two very often; KxK is the exception to my "incest is weird" rule.


Kaze/Aura: I see this everywhere and it just annoys me! The show was REALLY ambiguous about their relationship for a long time, but in the dubbed it clearly stated that Kaze and Aura are brother and sister. This might be okay... but Kaze and Aura just plain do not work. Errgh. Ew ew ew. Not allowed, ever. That's final.

Yu/Ai: Just plain no.

Oscha/any character: Once again, no Oscha. Oscha is evil and bad and needs to be whacked upside the head. And he just would not work with ANYBODY.

Herba/any character, specifically Kumo/Herba: What do people see with these two? Herba flirts with everyone, not just Kumo, and as demonstrated in Episode 25, she really does not care about him at all. This is another just plain no.

Pist/any character: Once again, no. The Deathlords are all very selfish characters, and they actually care very little for each other. Pist, for example, thinks the sun shines out of his own rear end (it's TRUE, he does), and never looks farther than himself.

Fungus/any character: See reasons for not pairing Deathlords with anyone in previous pairing.

Chaos (Earl/Count)/any character: Chaos isn't really capable of emotions of love. Lust maybe, but not love. I've seen a few exceptionally good fanfictions that worked on the premise of Chaos keeping Kumo around as a sex toy, but that's about the extent of Chaos' feelings for someone else in that direction. And although I hate having to see Kumo-chan suffering, Chaos just really fits the role of twisted amoral rapist. Just no Chaos romance fics. Evil evil evil.

Knave/any character: Please God no. Knave, while a comic character, never gets anywhere when he hits on others for a reason. No way. Not ever.

Any pairings that aren't on either list should be okay. If I have some objection to the pairing, I'll email you back and tell you, as well as apologize that I didn't put that up beforehand.

I'm counting on your support!