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Chapter Four

The girl with shoulder length dark brown hair sighed. She couldn't tell which one is her master's voice and which one is a banshee's voice anymore. They really sound alike.

"What was that?" a black haired man asked as he stepped out of the kitchen, looking at both the study, and the window. Maybe there was a banshee out there, he didn't know.

"It's Kan-chan," the girl sighed once again. "I'm going to look for Maki-san now, can you please ask him to go to the dining room now, Haruka-chan?" the girl asked Haruka who merely nodded before he walked towards the study, still not believing that the scream was, indeed, Kantarou's scream.

He didn't like scream, and he surely didn't like horror movies, so forget about Scream, okay?

"What's wrong?" he asked as he stared at his silver haired master who was staring blankly at the pieces of paper in front of him, stiff like a statue.

"Erm, nothing wrong," Kantarou mumbled. He couldn't believe it was him who screamed like that, it seemed like there was someone shouting near him at that time.

"Youko asked you to go to the dining room," Haruka stated simply. He simply stared as Kantarou nodded and stood up, deciding to just leave the scripts be. It wasn't like his life was hanging onto it, anyway. He could decline the offer to write that article at any time, maybe a reason or two would be good enough.

"Let's go now," Kantarou asked, but Haruka shook his head.

"You go first," Haruka smiled a bit at Kantarou. He opened the door for him, and closed it when he was already out of the study. He sighed and turned towards one of the corner. "I know you're there, get out," he said coldly and sharply.

"Such sharp instincts, just like a wolf's," a person with long silver hair praised as he walked out of his hiding place, at the darkness of the corner, behind several bookshelves.

"I don't need your compliment," Haruka snorted, "What were you doing there?" he asked, still cold and sharp. He had noticed his presence since the first time he entered, and he was surprised that Kantarou didn't notice his presence there.

"My, my, aren't you protective," he chuckled a bit at the accusing and protective at the same time attitude. He liked it, especially if it was directed to his own little brother. It made him feel like he could leave his little brother under his care peacefully.

"I asked you what you were doing there," Haruka repeated his question, colder and sharper this time. He didn't like the way Makoto turn the tables.

"I was only keeping an eye on my boyfriend, is it wrong?" Makoto asked teasingly. He let his eyes sparkle under the light of the lamp, and it made him looked more evil than ever.

Haruka decided to keep silent, before he finally walked out of the study and walked back to the dining room while Makoto stayed there, a smile grew on his face, before he decided to tell Youko that he was there, so that she didn't have to search for him anymore, since she seemed to be searching around the entire house.


Meanwhile Kantarou was looking around the dining room. There still were no food and even no rice there. He sighed and walked to the kitchen. It seemed like Youko had prepared dinner, but hadn't bring it to the dining room. He walked over to the rice cooker and brought it to the dining room.

"What are you doing?" came the gentle voice of Haruka. It was only in Kantarou's opinion. In fact, it was half cold half gentle. He walked over and helped Kantarou carry the big rice cooker. How Youko was able to bring it to the dining room on her own was beyond them. The fox demon had never failed to amaze them.

"Thanks," Kantarou muttered his thanks as he stood up, preparing to go back to the kitchen to take out the dishes. Just then, the door slid open, revealing two figures. Both Makoto and Youko were standing there.

"Oh, sorry I haven't taken the dish out yet," Youko apologized, seeing that Haruka was still holding onto the rice cooker. "I'll take them out now," she said and with that said, she walked to the kitchen.

"Oh yeah, Kantarou, before I forget," Makoto started, "Tomorrow, meet me at the shrine, I'll show someone to you, he's going to be your guardian spirit," he explained.

"Guardian spirit?" Kantarou raised an eyebrow at that term. Wasn't he an exorcist and not a shaman? "What for?" he asked.

"You'll know," Makoto smirked, "And he's a samurai, it'll be better if you have two guardians that one, isn't that right?" he asked as he smiled at Kantarou and Haruka.

"I still don't think I'll need a guardian spirit," Kantarou mumbled, "But I'll try," he added.

"Guardian spirit? You mean Hikawa Reiki-san?" Youko asked as she walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray of food with both of her hand. She put them down on the table and laid the tray on the tatami right beside her.

"You've seen him, Youko-chan?" Kantarou asked and Youko answered with a nod. "How does he look like?" Kantarou asked again, "You know, I'm not fond of scary looking people," he added as he imagined a picture of a samurai glaring at him, his blade covered with blood, as well as his face.

"So you're not fond of Haruka-chan?" Youko asked as innocently as she could.

"I didn't say that!" Kantarou protested. "Anyway, how does he look like?" he asked again.

"Well, he has sharp coffee black eyes, long silky black hair, and slender figure, even though his sword mastery was far beyond his master," Youko tried to describe, "Anyway, you'll see him tomorrow, it's better if you see him for yourself," she added, stating the fact.

"Okay," Kantarou nodded, and they started to eat dinner.


Later that night, Youko could be seen sitting in front of a telephone, calling a certain short fair brown haired girl. She prepared to lower her voice until it was barely a whisper since she was sitting in front of Kantarou and Haruka's room. Damn stinginess.

"Hello?" the voice of a little girl was heard from the other end of the line, and Youko almost reflexively replied, "Suzu-chan?" she asked.

"Yes, who is this?" Suzu asked, her voice sounding a little bit sleepy. Maybe she was in the middle of her sleep when she had called. It wasn't strange since it was ten at that time.

"It's Youko," Youko whispered, "Do you have school tomorrow? We're going to meet at the shrine at two in the afternoon, that okay with you?" Youko explained and asked.

"What for?" Suzu asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's Mission Two: Make Haruka Jealous," Youko covered her mouth with her hand to refrain herself from snickering, or even worse, laughing out loud. It was Makoto's idea.

Makoto had said that if Kantarou was the one to be made jealous, he wouldn't admit it, and he would start his if-Haruka-is-happy-then-I'm-happy nonsense speech, so it's better if Haruka's the one to be made jealous.

"How?" Suzu asked, the sleepiness in her voice vanished all of a sudden. She sounded like a child who was going to be given a candy or an expensive toy.

"Well, Makoto-san has a friend who is an earthbound spirit, and he's planning on letting his friend be Kantarou's guardian spirit," Youko explained.

"Earthbound spirit? I feel like I'm watching the anime show titled Shaman King right now," Suzu commented, making a 'tsk' noise occasionally.

"It's not far from that since Makoto-san is a shaman," Youko agreed. "Anyway, if you can, come to the shrine near here at two in the afternoon, okay?" she asked for agreement once again.

"Okay, I'll be there tomorrow," Suzu agreed eagerly. "See you tomorrow then, Youko-san," she said and then hung up. Youko snickered and walked back towards her own room.


Meanwhile, in Kantarou's room, the two males were busy setting up their futons. Kantarou sat on his futon, staring at the dark starless sky through the window and Haruka did the same.

"The moon is beautiful tonight," Kantarou commented. The moon was full at that night, and so, even if the sky was starless, it wasn't pitch black.

"Yes it is," Haruka replied off-handedly, several thoughts bugging his mind. He was still thinking about Makoto, whom he called stranger up to now.

"Something in your mind?" Kantarou asked without looking back at the ogre-eater tengu behind him. He leaned back and supported himself with both of his hands.

"How do you tell?" Haruka asked. It didn't sound like he was curious. It more sounded like he only wanted to know, but if Kantarou didn't tell him, it wouldn't matter.

"Telepathy?" Kantarou asked, but it was more like he asked himself before he laughed a bit. "Anyway, what's on your mind?" he asked, this time turning around to face Haruka.

"I was just wondering about that one who came today," Haruka said, effectively avoiding the name Maki because he didn't like Maki and he didn't want to mention that name even only once.

"You mean a- err, eh," he was about to spill the beans but he stopped. 'What was his name again? Makoto… Makoto… argh damn stupid name!' Kantarou cursed as he couldn't remember Makoto's fake name.

"You don't remember your own girlfriend's name?" Haruka asked, amusement heard in his voice even though he didn't like the idea of Makoto being Kantarou's girlfriend.

"Well, err," Kantarou tried to remember again. What was his name again? "Oh, right, Maki!" he suddenly remembered, "What about her?" he asked.

"No, just wondering," Haruka shook his head. "Is she an exorcist as well?" he asked.

"Hm," Kantarou mumbled as he struck a thinking pose. An exorcist… it sounded like it, but Makoto wasn't as good as him at exorcising, though he could force a spirit to go to the spirit world, take a spirit back to the human world, do spirit unity or oversoul. They are his strong points. "Can't say so, I think he's a bit more like a shaman or an itako," he mumbled.

"He?" Haruka asked. Was he hearing things? He hadn't heard about shaman or itako so he didn't know what they are. Heck, it was the first time he heard it.

"Did I just say he? Of course I meant she!" Kantarou laughed uneasily as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, he, she," he corrected, "Has the power to exorcise, but not that strong," he explained.

"I see," Haruka mumbled. So she was an exorcist as well, then it was nothing strange. To keep the blood in them, usually a family only let their successor marry another with the same ability with them.

"She specializes in handling spirits, that's why she's a medium," Kantarou sighed, but smiled. It was since they were little that Makoto was trained to be a shaman. It wasn't against his own will, but the training was hard, and Kantarou knew it. He had witnessed it for himself.

When they were little, their father let them choose, one of them has to be a shaman while the other an exorcist. They were gifted with the ability to exorcise since they were little, so Makoto chose to be a shaman to let Kantarou undergo easier trainings. Because of that, Makoto's ability to exorcise was behind Kantarou's.

"Was she a childhood friend of yours?" Haruka asked, noticing the wistful smile on Kantarou's face. He was interested by the fact that both of them knew each other very well. And did I mention very?

"More than that," Kantarou answered. "She was always there for me whenever I'm down, whenever I'm exhausted from the all-day training even though she undergoes harder training than me," he trailed off, remembering their childhood. Those days were treasured memories for them.

He could remember vividly those days when they played at the side of the lake with the youkais, always convincing him that he would someday find the onikui tengu, break his seal and be stronger so that everyone will acknowledge the existence of youkais. That had been his dream since he was a child.

"And I love her, she's like a mother to me, since mother's death," he whispered.

"I see, sorry for asking such things," Haruka remarked. He didn't know Kantarou's past very well, and Kantarou had always tried to hide his past from him. But why was he telling him everything now?

"It's okay, it's good to remember such days," Kantarou replied as a serene smile plastered on his face, "But some time later, when I get older, I'll remember these days when I'm with you," he continued.

"You better be," Haruka replied, a smile creeping up on his face. "Just go to sleep, you've got many things to do tomorrow," he said as he himself went under the cover.

"Oyasumi," Kantarou said as he crept under the cover and quickly drifting off to sleep.

"Oyasumi," Haruka replied, he watched as his master drifted off to sleep. And when he had made sure that Kantarou was asleep, he said, "And I'll remember these days when I'm with you as well,"


Meanwhile, outside of their room, Makoto was leaning on the wall, listening to the conversation from the start to the end. He remembered their past so clearly as well, as they are treasured memories. He was always happy to be there for Kantarou, because he could undergo those trainings were because of him.

He liked the way they talked, it seemed as if they were making promises to each other to remember each other later. It sounded so comforting to know that you wouldn't be forgotten by someone you wouldn't forget. He knew how it felt. It was what he felt when he knew Kantarou never forgot him.

He smiled to himself, before he walked downstairs and waved to them as he murmured, "Good night, newlywed couple,"

End of Chapter Four

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