Title: Weird-O by Meleth78

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Characters: Iruka and Kakashi.

Rating: G

Status: One Shot

Comments: My god! Is Kakashi eating in front of Iruka?

Disclaimer: Why are they not mine? It's not fair.

Iruka was sitting at the dining room table, engrossed in grading scrolls when he heard a sudden puff. The refrigerator door opened, then shut and someone walked into the living room. Kakashi suddenly appearing in his kitchen and stealing food was nothing out of the ordinary so Iruka didn't pay the man any heed until,

'Ruka? Want some ice cream?'

'No thanks.' answered the distracted teacher.

'You sure? It's pretty good. Chocolate.' Replied the silver haired man.

Iruka's eyebrow twitched and he looked up to inform the other man that yes, he knew the ice cream was good. And yes, he knew it was chocolate. He, after all, had bought the damn tub. Then he noticed it. Kakashi was sucking on the spoon…Kakashi was using his mouth to suck the spoon…his mouth….

Jerking upright Iruka slammed his eyes shut.

'What?' asked the jounin.

'Your mask' answered the chuunin, face forward, eyes tightly shut.


'It's not… it's not on.'

'No. It's not'

'Did you forget?'


'Oh.' Squeaked Iruka.


'Well…'the dark haired man trailed off.

'So.. .' questioned Kakashi

'Hmm…' replied Iruka.

Several beats passed.

'Ruka?' Kakashi broke the silence

'Yes?' answered the younger teacher sweetly, turning to face the sound of his lover's voice, eyes still tightly shut.

'What are you doing?'

'Grading scrolls?'

'New technique?'


More silence.

'I see. Well then… I'm going to bed ok?' said Kakashi

'Mmmm….ok. Night night.' Replied Iruka, lifting his hand up to wave good-night and turned back to his scrolls with his eyes still tightly lidded.

By the time Iruka opened his eyes and finished grading his papers, Kakashi was already fast asleep, or at least he looked like he was fast asleep. Iruka couldn't really see because as was his habit, the older man slept sprawled out, face burrowed into his pillow. The young chuunin breathed a sigh of relief and got ready for bed.

He woke up the next morning to someone nibbling softly at his chin. Smiling slightly, the younger man tilted his head up to give the jounin better access. He then lifted his hand to gently caress Kakashi's face. Kakashi's soft smooth face. Kakashi's soft smooth, MASKLESS face.

'Gak' gasped the chuunin, shoving the other man away, hearing him tumble off the bed onto the floor with a loud 'ouff'.

'The hell?' came the irritated reply.

'Why aren't you wearing your mask? What's wrong with you?' questioned the agitated young man. Waving his arms about blindly trying to reach the fallen man, eyes still shut.

'What's wrong with me! What's wrong with you!' yelled the jounin, equally agitated.

'Why don't you have your mask on!' yelled Iruka

'Why do you think!' yelled back Kakashi

Several beats passed.

'Oh.' Whispered Iruka.


Several more beats passed.

'Are you handsome?' questioned the chuunin.


'Handsome. Are you? I didn't get a good look yesterday. I think you are, from what I've felt…So are you?'

'Er…I wouldn't throw me out of bed.'

Beat. Beat. Beat.

'I'm going to open my eyes now' decided Iruka finally.

'You think?' came the disgruntled reply.

Iruka slowed peeked first with one eye. Then peeked with the other. He smiled a little. Then wider, finally he was grinning.

'Well, I'm glad you're happy.' Muttered the jounin, making his way up to the bed again, rubbing his jolted butt.

Iruka curled closer and started pressing soft kisses all over the pale man's face, nuzzling as he made his way from one ear to the other.

'hee hee hee hee'

'Are you…giggling?' questioned Kakashi, eyebrow raised.

'No. hee hee' Kiss. 'hee hee'

'You're giggling!'

'Am not. hee hee.' Kiss 'hee hee hee'