Authors Note: As a short disclaimer I don't own this story, I ripped it off from the musical Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which was ripped off from the I took details from both of those sources. Anyway, this is just a quick reflection on the story of Joseph from Benjamin's point of view...enjoy!

I never asked to be Rachel's other son. The only reason why our father didn't love me the same way he loved Joseph was because she died bearing me. I was his second favorite though. The others were so focused on their hatred of Joseph that they forgot about me, forgot that I was above them too.

But Joseph never forgot about me. He loved me and told me that we had to stick together because Father's other wives had hated Rachel, and so they hated us, and taught their sons to hate us, and we had to take care of each other. When they sold him I was so young. I didn't really understand what was happening. I thought Joseph was going away, but I was sure he would come back and take care of me.

He didn't come back, so I had to keep quiet, keep a low profile. I even stayed away from Dad for a while. I knew if I had gone near him he would have started treating me the same way he treated Joseph and that was dangerous. I couldn't let that happen. So I stayed away from him, until I couldn't any more. During this time was when Judah and I became close. He took care of me, much in the same way Joseph had, he was the closest to my age, after Joseph so it was simple. But then all those years later the famine hit, and it didn't so much matter which one of us was favored because we all had nothing. We went to Egypt to get food we didn't expect what happened to happen.

I was so ashamed that I didn't recognize Joseph, but it had been fourteen years since the last time I saw him, and I had been so young. But as we prepared to leave and he accused me of stealing that golden cup, I was frightened. But Judah stood up, I knew he would, and after that the other's followed his example. This was all that Joseph needed to see I suppose, that they cared about me. If they took care of me then they had changed. He revealed himself to us and Dad came to Egypt and presented Joseph with what was left of his coat. Joseph kept talking about how we were a family, together again. But they way I saw it we were a family, together for the first time. I guess that's the difference between Rachel's two sons.