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On that note, I also do not think Punks are 'poor assed bitches'. On the contrary, in this fiction, do I state that Riku is poor? No. Not at all, he's middle classed, which is a lot of normal families (which Riku strangely has, -le gasp-). Anyway, just thought I would point out the obvious.

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Two Different Lives


Beep! Beep! Beep! BEEEEP!

Covering his head with a fluffy pillow that lay beside him, Sora let out an incoherent curse as his alarm clock whined beside his bed. He reached out a sleep-numbed hand and groped for the device, letting a satisfied sigh escape his lips as he grasped it between his fingertips.

And he definitely couldn't help the grin from twitching on his face when he flung the alarm across the room.

Swish! Thud.


What he loved to hear…beautiful…silence.


"AH!" The sleep dowsed boy rolled off his bed, hitting the ground face down with a painfully loud thud. With a minor headache approaching, Sora squeezed his eyes shut as his gentle fingers rubbed his temples softly, assuaging the pain to a dull throbbing.

The brunette sighed and opened his eyes to reveal drowsy deep blue hues. Looking around the unlit room, all he met with was the blurry images of objects scattered around his room and the soft glow of the sun's rays slipping through the blinds.

He crawled his way over to the sound of the annoying screeches of the alarm clock. Once he found it (after a few minutes of blindly groping around), the brunette quickly shut it off and leaned against the wall, feeling more sleepy than ever.

It was going to be one hell of a day.

Running a hand through soft limp spikes, Sora rubbed his face to shake the sleepy feeling off, before he slowly lifted himself off the floor and routinely paced over towards his light switch.

Flipping on the lights, Sora wrinkled his nose and automatically closed his eyes as the brightness seeped into the room.

With a soft mumble, he rubbed his aching eyes and sighed. "Stupid light…"

It took him a few more long moments before there was precisely enough energy to get ready for his day. Being such a heavy sleeper had its ups and downs…

Ugh…why must everyday start the same?

Rummaging through drawer after drawer, he managed to pick out some decent clothes before leaving the mess to prepare for school. Little black spots twinkled in his eyes from the brightness of the light and he tried rubbing them away…but it was no use as they continued to come back.

Stupid dots…stupid light…stupid day.

Sluggishly, he finished dressing, let out a drawn out yawn, and stretched his waking limbs, feeling the bones crack and pop into place.

Even though to the average person, it would seem like the boy was up…this surely wasn't the case because even after all that preparation…well…he simply walked over to the bed and plopped face down onto it, sighing in content.

He would have fallen asleep again if it wasn't for a knock at the door and a warning to hurry or he would be late for breakfast. Meh, maids…

After a few long moments, his brain decided to turn on.

A flood of thoughts flowed through Sora's mind, keeping him from going back to sleep…unfortunately.

Today is…um…Wednesday? No! It's Thursday because I'm going to the beach with Tidus and Wakka tomorrow with Selphie and Kairi!

Grinning at the idea of being with his friends and being out of school, his step was just a little bouncier, a little more…cheerful!

And with a peppy grin, the brunette grabbed his book bag and ambled out the door.


With a full stomach and a silent goodbye to his occupied mother, Sora fidgeted as the smell of leather from the limo wafted into his nose. Not that he wasn't used to it (by no means was that the case), but the smell this early in the morning just wasn't appealing.

Well, nothing felt very appealing anymore…

Having everything…well…almost everything was something most kids his age dreamed about, desired, and would cherish…but…somehow he felt so hollow inside. It was as if he really wasn't meant to be here.

But that was simply ridiculous! He was just a little upset his mother wouldn't eat with him once again today. He sighed. The topic of his mother was just too depressing.

So to rule out those sorrowful thoughts, he decided that some good music was in order! There had to be something on the radio to cheer him up, right?

Turning the radio on, some screaming and a very heavy guitar solo began to play and with widened eyes he changed the channel, sighing almost in defeat. Why wasn't there anything good on?

The first song was about death, and then the second song was about having sex…why wasn't there anything…well…appropriate for the mornings? Who would want to hear about death and sex and fights so early in the morning?

Brows furrowing, Sora switched the station yet again to find himself listening to the new pop star diva, Yuna, singing her heart out. While it wasn't the best song in the world, it was singing about something other than tasteless things. Not saying sex was bad…just that he never engaged in the act before, hence why he really wasn't that fond of it yet.

Being a virgin wasn't so bad (at least that's what Tidus always said, though he had no room to talk…he was the first of the group to have sex with someone), but it was just slightly annoying that people had to treat him like he was a doll or something. With the special treatment and being rich…it really was too much attention; though he should have been used to it…well…he still had to break in some of the benefits.

If you could call them benefits…

Let me open the door for you, Sora! Oh Sora, you really are adorable! Sora, need any help carrying your books? Sora! Sora! Sora!

Gah! Sometimes people just needed to give him his space! He wasn't a celebrity or anything! Then again…with his mother owning two of the most important industries in the-well he wouldn't say world…more like Destiny Islands or just a little further than that- it wasn't that hard to mistake him as one. However, Sora just…wasn't an attention seeker. Some of his friends might have been (i.e. Selphie), but to him…it wasn't such a big deal, right?

Pushing those thoughts into the back of his mind, Sora let his gaze travel to the window, where he spotted a group of girls idly chatting and walking to school. They looked up for the brief second as the limo passed and stared to whisper, pointing as the vehicle sped off. The brunette slumped in his seat, letting out a depressed sigh. Why was having a limo such a big deal in the first place? Well…okay. He understood why it was a big deal because it was really expensive to buy a car when one really wasn't needed. It didn't take so long if you were one of the middle class kids, but coming from a rich family…well…Sora's mansion was on a private lot altogether and so it took a lot longer to get to school then the usual ten minutes.

Now how did he get on this topic again?

Well, it wasn't important.

And anyway, there really was no use complaining seeing that Sora had everything a boy his age dreamed of and he was one of the most popular in school (and by far one of the richest). So what if his mother never spent time with him, he never had sex, and everyone idolized him?

What was the harm in that, right?

While pondering his own thoughts, the boy was a bit surprised once the limo made a complete stop, but it was just going to be another day at school. Another…well…boring day.

So with a prepared smile and his backpack shrugged onto his shoulder, Sora stepped out once David (the limo driver) opened the door for him. Like always (for some odd reason) a horde of people were crowded around his limo as if a celebrity appeared on the scene (which really was too much attention for Sora). However despite feeling like he was suffocating, Sora waved to the people and made his way to the school gates, mentally sighing every once and a while when people called out his name.

They barely knew him, let alone him knowing them…was it because he had money that they followed him and his friends like hawks? Did they think that he was going to start throwing money everywhere like a charity and pronounce he was everyone's friend? It wasn't like he really wanted to know these people…he just wanted to stick with the friends he had…the friends that didn't care about his money. Well…at least he thought they didn't care about his money…

With just a few more steps to go, Sora met face to face with a white gate, the entrance to the school. It towered over him, just like the whole school, and the boy would have thought the school was beautiful…however…

Well, on the outside the walls were a pearly white, clearly kept in a neat shape. Black framed the edges to give the building a very formal, but at the same time casual touch. The grass was cut and a few flowerbeds were planted close to both the entrance to the front office and the gates. It gave one the impression that it was a private school from far off, but inside…was a totally different story.

The bathrooms always had a dirty smell and things were engraved into the stalls. The classrooms were always too small and some had ceilings that seemed decaying. Janitors were always busy cleaning off graffiti in random spots around the school.

And it wasn't like the graffiti was everyone's fault. Oh no. It was mostly one person and his group of friends.

But whatever. Not a big deal. He wouldn't be in this school for too much longer.

As people passed by him, he took a look at the sky above him. For some reason he had been pondering more than usual. Why was there always so much to think about?

Thud. Thud. Thud.

What was that sound?

All to suddenly, Sora felt someone slam into him, knocking him to the ground. Luckily, he had only fallen on his butt, but he could still feel pain presiding there.

Ouch…stupid person…can't even watch where they are going!

"Ouchie." Lifting himself off the ground, Sora brushed his clothes off and looked up to see who the culprit was. "You know…you could say you're so-"

He felt himself stop breathing for a moment. It was…the Prince of Punks…the King of Pranks, Riku.

The person who graffiti's the school for fun. The person that likes to prank the most innocent of people just for the thrill of seeing them enveloped with embarrassment.

One time, there was a rumor that when a guy went to the bathroom, his butt was super-glued to the toilet and he had to wait until someone heard his cries before anyone could get him off. It was said that his skin was ripped so badly that he couldn't sit comfortably for a few months.

All rumors led to the Prince of Punks, but if any of these stories were true…well…Sora honestly didn't know.

Instinctively, Sora eyes roamed, depicting everything Riku was wearing and what kind of a person he really was. His hair was in a loose ponytail with strands of hairs framing his face to give him an eye-catching look. Over his other clothes, he wore a hoodie with white dripping words, 'Punks Not Dead' and his legs were covered with black bondage pants with straps, zippers, and pockets everywhere. His last stop was Riku's converse shoes with a black skull on the toe. His wandering eyes ascended to gaze into the infamous punk's attractive turquoise eyes.

"Hey, look I'm sorry?" Those piercing turquoise pools bore into Sora and a wicked smirk was planted onto his face. Sora felt himself take a step back. He probably used that face with the people he was about to prank…

Crap…that wasn't good.

"Sora." The brunette whispered, reaching to grab his fallen book bag, but was stopped as Riku reached at the same time. Their hands touched for a brief second before Sora retracted it quickly, letting the other male hand him his book bag. "Umm…thanks."

"No problem Sora…" Still…that devilish smirk. It was slightly creepy.

But his voice was rather nice…deep…and-whoa! Stop right there. That was something he should not think about.


The late bell echoed through the whole school with its dull ringing and Sora mentally cursed himself for being late. The silence that followed was awkward between both of the boys, but Sora just groaned, breaking the tension.

"Crap…now I'm late."

Riku shrugged it off as if it were nothing. "It seems to me you've never been late before, Rich boy."

Rich boy? Well I am rich…

"Um…actually in the third grade-" Oh great…let just tell the life story to the punk that could ruin anyone's lives. According to the rumors that it…

"Come on." Riku motioned for Sora to follow him, interrupting anything the other was going to say. "I'll help you out…"

"Oh…" Sora blinked in confusion, kind of taken back that such a notorious person would help someone out. "Umm…thanks?"

The kindness was slightly strange, but Sora just pushed those thoughts away.

"Yeah…" A devious chuckle, something Sora missed, bubbled out of the punk's throat. "No problem, Rich Boy."

Always one step behind Riku, Sora followed and felt himself lost in his oncoming train of thoughts. He wondered why he hadn't really noticed the punk so much this year. There was only twice that Sora had actual been in a class with him. Freshman English and this year with science. Not that they ever talked or anything, but whatever.

He had really only heard the stories about Riku and all of his pranks, but the Riku that was helping him was far from what was being told. Slightly suspicious.


"Hey Riku?"

The other snapped out of his daze and turned to look into Sora's blue hues. "What?"

"Just wondering…what class do you have now?" Twiddling his forefingers, Sora sighed and mentally slapped himself. This was the Prince of Punks…the most devious and sneaky of the punks…why was the brunette even talking to him?

Remaining silent for a few seconds as if to contemplate on how to answer the question, he hunched his shoulders and focused back on the path they were on. "Music."

"Oh." What a dumb question. He should have known. Selphie was talking about Riku one day, saying that almost every girl knew his schedule by heart, hoping to 'accidentally' bump into him just to see him.

She also said that girls flock to him when he brings his electric guitar home everyday. Once during the last day of school- it was last year supposedly-, one girl followed him all the way home just to hear him play.

But then the rumor led to the girl tortured inside the house and then thrown out into the street where she was found half-died by a passing old lady walking her dog.

This part of the rumor seemed highly unlikely.

"Yeah…" Sora rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the awkwardness floating through the air. What else was there to say? Sora knew almost nothing of the kid and he really wasn't too interested in finding out.

The only real reason he talked to him was that the silence was getting to him.

And being the one to always break the silence, Sora chuckled to himself, sending a small smile towards the male walking quietly besides him. "You know…" They turned the corner, heading somewhere other than the office. "Ummm…where are we going?"

"For a rich boy…you sure do talk a lot." Those turquoise eyes stole a glance at the brunette from the side and a wide smirk spread across his face. Sora blushed from such a heated stare. Was there something on his face?

Another long silence. Sora was starting to fidget now. Where were they really going because the office was the other way and…well…it was slightly intimidating that thePrince was taking him somewhere unknown.

Sure, he could just got to the office on his own, but…if Riku was taking him to an easier way out than that was just fine.

Fortunately, Riku could see the anxious expression scribbled on Sora's face and a light chuckle escaped his lips." It's alright. I'm not going to take you somewhere and rape you or anything."

Blushing and a little more panicky, Sora faced Riku to give him a confused glare where he received a conniving grin in return. The prep looked for a way out, but once he saw Riku laughing at him, the brunette pushed the punk away, rolling his eyes at the joke.

Riku continued to laugh and Sora just pouted, isolating himself as far back from Riku as possible.

"Hey now. I don't bite." Sora doubted that. "Really, I wont do anything you don't wanna do."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

Riku shrugged once again, sending Sora a seductive wink. "Anything you want it to mean."

Sora's mouth flew open. What the hell?

Riku stopped at the music room before turning to face the brunette behind him. From one of his many pockets, he took out a pen and a piece of paper, scribbling something down.

Sora was just a bit surprised when Riku placed it in the palm of his hand.

"Here's my number. Call me, okay?" Another seductive wink before the punk entered the room, leaving Sora completely alone and without help.

But it took Sora a little while longer to figure out what was going on around him…

"But…" He continued to stare at the paper, wondering what to do with it. Then it finally hit him. "Damn it! That bastard!"

He glared at the door for a few more seconds before sticking his tongue out and sulking away.

He was still late for class…


Contentment. That was only one word to describe how great he felt at the moment.

He sighed and leaned back against the chair, hearing the soft cracking noises as the plastic bent back. It was second period and all he had to do was get through this class and lunch would be awaiting him. He was fucking starving.

Well, despite that little problem, everything was pretty much going his way today.

Seriously, his parents didn't bother him besides giving him some money. No comments about being good in school…no little talks about being safe. Yeah…it was all good.

Only incontinent part was that he was exceptionally late today, causing him to run all the way to school. Which wasn't too bad…meeting the rich kid gave him some enjoyment. Moreover, he pranked him and for sure that wasn't going to be the ending of it. Sora would be so pissed…


Rich Boy got what was coming to him. Riku had set his sights on the preps for his future targets, so Sora would only be the first. Chuckling meticulously at the prospect, Riku cracked his neck and smirked.

Things were going to be oh so interesting this year.

And if he really wanted to trick that prep again, he could always just get him at lunch…


He snapped out of his thoughts, focusing on the teacher. "Yeah?"

The teacher, Cid Highwind, chewed on his toothpick with a little more enthusiasm, eyes boring into Riku with a small amount of frustration. He was a gruff looking man and had very many…interesting habits.

For instance, when Cid had his cursing fits, nothing would kill what comes out his foul mouth. Ha, not even Orbit gum. But despite his cursing and his bad attitude, the man really did have a good heart. Even though, people just never saw that side of him. Fortunately, Riku had caught that good side of him when he pulled his first teacher prank on Cid, involving a woman's nude body and Cid's face. The man only whacked Riku upside the head and taught him a few pointers.

Little did Cid know…that the picture somehow ending up posting around the school and on the internet…so much for his 'good' side after that.

"Alright, smart ass." Cid smirked, which resulted in Riku mimicking the same back. He knew all of Cid's tricks. He was going to ask a question that Riku 'supposedly' wouldn't know and then try to make the punk look stupid in front of the whole class.

Like it had ever worked. Ha. The thought of Cid even attempting to trick the King of Pranks was more laughable then the time he had super glued that innocent kid's butt to the toilet seat.

"Tell me…what is the name of the ninth planet from the sun?"

Fuck yes. He knew this! So much for trying to make him a fool. Cid had a few things to learn before he could out master the greatest prankster to ever live.

"That would be Pl-"

As if noticing he was losing, Cid interrupted him. "And give me the Mean Distance in kilometers…"

Ouch. Riku wasn't expecting that one.

Damn…this wasn't good…

"Well sir." Yes, continue to sound like a jackass. Cid hated that. "The ninth planet from the sun is Pluto and…" A grin cracked onto his face. "I know this hurts, but…the mean distance would have to be from one point of your…" Riku coughed and pointed to Cid's lower region. "Ya know…to the end and I've got to say…it's pretty small."

The class erupted into fits of giggles. Had it been anyone else to crack the joke, they would have gasped and waited for their teacher to blow, but theboy usually joked around the whole class.

Whoa…if Cid's face got anymore redder it would blow. Ha, that would be a sight to see.

But the blonde teacher took in a deep breath and calmly looked to the back of the classroom, where a hand was quietly raised.

"Alright Sora. What's the answer?" He rubbed his face with his left hand, trying to ease his anger on out.

"The answer is 5,900 million kilometers." A knowledgeable answer for sure and if someone could just bluntly state it, it had to be right.


But the person who answered it…

Slowly adjusting his body to make a small turn, Riku spotted the brunette he ran into earlier that morning, sitting in the back of the class. He was only a bit surprised since he never knew the kid was in his class…

…but then again he never really paid more attention than he needed to.

Well…that was like a slap in the face.

The Prince turned back around and shrugged his shoulders.

That meant there was yet another place where Riku could have fun with Sora.

The punk snapped out of his thoughts long enough to notice that Cid was scribbling something on the board. Like it mattered anyway, Riku had the highest grade; it wasn't as if he would fail anytime soon.

Thanks to the block scheduling, the boy only had to worry about four classes a nine weeks, meaning it was easier to earn a better grade and Riku, being the smart one, always had one of the highest grades.

Looks and smarts…who wouldn't want to fuck him?


What. The. Hell.

The whole class gave each other confused looks, wondering what that noise was.

One girl said it sounded like a monster. The boy sitting beside her said it was a bear…because there is such random things in the classroom...

…but there was only one student blushing in the back of the class.


The second time triggered the class to face Sora, who had a sheepish grin plastered on his blushing face.

Well, now everyone knew that the kid had some kind of monster living inside of him…

What a weird ass kid.

"Sorry!" His voice was kept in a soft whisper and everyone just shrugged it off. A group of girls sighed dreamily and continued to stare at him.

Oh right. Rumor had it; he was the school's doll.

Ha. Sucks for him.


The classroom reeked of chaos. The students were chatting wildly and most filed out of the room in a frenzy, squeezing through the door and ultimately getting pissed off that they couldn't go to lunch faster.

Honestly, Riku was in no hurry to get to lunch. At least…not in that much of a hurry that he would push the idiots in this damn school just to get some lunch that really sucked.

The Prince started to pack up his things when the majority of the class scurried out the room. He attempted to make his way out of the semi-empty room, when a hand stopped him from escaping.

Damn it…who the hell was touching him?

He spun around and let out a frustrated sigh as Sora waved and began to speak.

"I just wanted to say…" You're a bastard for leaving me? No…that would be too mean. Nah, just screw it. "Nevermind."

Brushing past the silver-haired punk, Sora let out a relieved sigh. What a hell…having to talk to him again.

Well, at least it was over.

On the other hand, Riku's grin wouldn't falter for a moment.

Will you even talk to me once you notice the trick I pulled on you, Rich Boy?

Maybe lunch would be the moment of truth, yes?


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