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Punk'd out


The place that determined who and what you were in a school's society. If you were a geek, then you would assemble toward the back of the lunch room, where no one would bother you. If you were a punk, then you parked yourself with the noisiest group in the entire lunchroom and if you were a prep, then your place would be right beside the door, so you would be the earliest to depart when the bell rang. In this case, Sora would be settling by the door.

As he entered through the double doors, Sora spotted his lunch being delivered by Dave the limo driver. Swerving through the tables, he arrived at his destination and beamed wide-eyed as he noticed the McDonald's bag on the round white table. His stomach growled in anticipation and he had to rub his stomach to assuage the hunger pains residing there. He greeted his friends with a small wave as he took his seat.

"Thank you, Dave!"

Quietly, Dave replied with a bob of his head as he took his leave with a bow, leaving Sora to dine with his friends. Sora turned to engage in conversation with a smile. "So what's new everyone?"

"Eh, same old." Wakka replied with a dismissive wave of his hand. Everyone was in deep conversation except Tidus, who eyeballed Sora's food in a ravenous manner. Rolling his eyes, Sora slid his hand into the bag and pulled out a French fry, which he waved in front of Tidus's searching eyes.

Tidus attempted to snatch the fry from the brunette's hand, however he failed as Sora retracted it right into his mouth. "Hey! I wanted that!"

"Oh, I know." Sora stuffed some more fries into his mouth. "We do this almost everyday and since you never ask, I never give." The blonde's face was priceless as he looked in disbelief at his friend.

"Well, I shouldn't have to ask since we are best friends, now should I?" Tidus rebuked, reaching for the bag of food, but Sora pulled it away from his grasp. "Bastard!"

"Almost as worst as Sora, ya?" Wakka chuckled and slapped Tidus' back, prompting Tidus to bend over from the sheer force.

Massaging his back, Tidus glanced back toward Wakka and scowled. "What was that for?!"

Wakka smiled, shrugged, and continued listening to the girls' conversation. Tidus turned back to Sora and his food for another attempt, but he discovered an entire pack of fries on his bare tray. Throwing his friend a swift glance, he noticed Sora take a bite out of his chicken sandwich. Without further ado, he dug in to what was left of the fries and finished just as Sora was starting on his second sandwich.

Feed me Tidus! Growled the beast inside Tidus's stomach. Take Sora's food!

Tidus couldn't resist the temptation.

"How about a bite for your ol' pal Tidus?" The blonde remarked as Sora gave him an odd look.

"Well, I'd be glad too!" Sora smirked and took another large chunky bite of his sandwich, chewing it with satisfaction.

"Hey, that's not cool!" Mimicking one of Sora's famous pouts, he let out a dramatic sigh. "I see how it is!" He waved his hand dismissively to emphasize his point. "I have given so much to you and you have shown me no appreciation! All I wanted was a bite, a measly bite to satisfy my hunger, yet you denied me the pleasure!" Increasing his volume, Tidus continued. "I believe our friendship is at an end!"

"Oh Tidus give it a rest!" Selphie twittered and crossed her arms, furious that he was so obnoxious. "You say that everyday because Sora refuses to give you anymore of his food! Leave him alone!" Her glare silenced everyone at the table and Tidus rose his hands up apologetically.

"Hey I'm sorry!"

"Maybe he should get out of that drama class, ya?" Added Wakka to try to cut the tension looming in the air.

"If I'm going to meet Yuna one day, I'm going to have to become famous and acting is the only way!"

Kairi giggled, eyes twinkling. "Because you sing like a sick cow…"

"But he acts like a baby all the time!" Selphie giggled. Both girls agreed and watched as Tidus sighed in depression.

"Stop picking on me!" Tidus whined and cast his hand through his sandy blond hair. "Just because I like Yuna doesn't mean you guys can pick on me!"

"She's too pretty for you!" Selphie grinned impishly and stuck her tongue out.

All had stopped.

Tension was in the air that would not disappear.

Time had seemed to stop as Tidus grabbed Sora's sandwich doused in mayonnaise, flinging it at Selphie, whose eyes widened as she attempted to duck out of the way.

However, she was too sluggish as it smacked her right across the face. Slowly, the sandwich slid down her face and plopped onto the table with a wet thud.

Tears burned furious hazel hues as she stomped her foot. "TIDUS! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY."

The screech caused everyone to turn and they watched as Selphie scooped a wad of chocolate pudding into her hand and fling it across the table at Tidus, who groaned as the food stained his white Polo.


The war of food commenced and heaps of food flew into the sky, smacking the innocent and the guilty. Laughter filled the whole Cafeteria.

Sora received shelter beneath his table, observing the war outside from his secure sanctuary. He bounced back when a mound of spaghetti was flung right beside him. Frowning, Sora determined it was time to move out before he was whacked with unsolicited food.

Turning his body toward the door, he sighed as people blockaded the exit and was hurling food in front of it, laughing as people were being slapped in the face by their food. Sora sighed and shook his head. There was only one way to out.


Pushing a chair out of his way, Sora made sure it would at least be safe and sound when he crawled out of the protection of his table. Gulping, Sora began to crawl out…

…to be smacked with a glob of chocolate pudding merged with mustard, ketchup and chunks of refried beans.

Wiping the wad of the assorted food from his face, Sora nearly gagged as he hurriedly slithered under the next table, raking a hand through his hair and feeling more of the revolting mess tangled in his spikes.

Well…this is gross…I wonder if the others are still flinging food at each other.

Concluding to simply renounce regarding getting out of the Lunchroom, Sora enfolded his legs to his chest and rested his head on the apex of his knees. "Well…it was worth a try…"

"Do rich boys always give up so easily?"

Sora's head snapped up to notice Riku, resting next to him. His chest heaved as he inhaled and exhaled rapidly. Blotches of various food stains were on his white undershirt and he grasped his hoody in his hand. His gorgeous silver hair was filed to the side; remarkably it was still perfect and unfazed by the chaos reigning outside.


"Hey rich boy…" A small grazed his pink lips and he passed a pale hand through his silvery spiky locks. "Nice fight, eh?"


"What? Will your mommy take away your allowance because your shirt got dirty?" Teasingly, Riku grasped Sora's cheek and squeezed, issuing a squeak out of Sora.

"Stop!" Pushing Riku away, Sora rubbed his throbbing cheek and scowled. "That hurt!"

Laughing, Riku shook his head. "What a rich boy…"

Growling, Sora pounced on Riku, triggering both of them to roll from beneath the table into the insanity of the Cafeteria. As they wrestled, food smacked there backs. The Food War ceased as the two boys struggled to triumph.

"For a rich boy…" Riku whispered into Sora's ear as Riku restrained him to the floor. "You sure can put up a good struggle…"

"Ah!" Sora flinched when Riku's intense pant collided into his ear, causing him to shudder uncontrollably and impulsively close his cobalt orbs.

Unexpectedly, Sora felt much lighter as he perceived a soft 'thud'. Opening his eyes, Sora glimpsed an enraged Tidus beside him. Sora gasped and propped his self on his elbow, glancing beyond Tidus, recognizing the now black-eyed Riku radiating with ferocity.

Oh no…

"What the fuck is your problem?!" Riku snarled, pointing at Tidus.

"Don't you dare touch Sora! Ever again!" Tidus fumed, cracking his neck and scowling at the Prince of Punks. "If you want to touch one of your damn Punk friends then fine, but never ever touch Sora! You got it punk?"

A sudden grin tugged at Riku's pink lips. A smug expression was formed on his features as he crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side. Sora could acknowledge that Tidus was in for a callous comeback.

"I'm sorry that I was playing with your…boyfriend…" Riku smirked and turned his back to Tidus and Sora. "I wouldn't have guessed that a rich boy like you was gay, not like I really care…" His hand swayed as he spoke, a mere habit he had acquired during the years.

Tidus' blue eyes narrowed to mere slits as his body began to quiver with fury. He clenched his teeth and averted his gaze away from the Prince of Punks only to face Sora, with something anonymous in his features. As bright blue gazed into cobalt blue, Sora experienced a pang of sorrow for his best friend and frowned.

"Why so speechless rich boy, eh? Can't face the truth can you? You know your gay…that's why you can't look at me!" Chuckling in the stillness, Riku sensed the stares of everyone on the two boys and he smirked in contentment.

"Stop it Riku!" Sora bounded up and glared at the silver-haired boy. "Leave Tidus alone!"

Riku's smirk became a frown and he spun back to gaze at Sora. He felt guilt for pushing this on Sora, but he had to keep his ego infamous and strong.

"Does that mean you're gay as well?"

Sora frowned and crossed his arms, contemplating on how to finish this conversation and keep everyone in line.


Every stare turned to gaze at a lone senior, who sat mutely in his chair and held a sandwich in his gloved hands. His tresses of brown hair hung below his shoulders by a bit and he wore a black leather jacket with black leather pants. His stone-bitter gray-blue orbs stared down at his sandwich and an eyebrow twitched out of sheer annoyance, the King of Punks sat in his rightful place on the end of a stretched out colorless table.

Riku trudged over toward Sora and Tidus and grinned, walking pass Sora, the silver-haired male whispered in his ear:

"Call me later…"

With that, everyone resumed what they were doing before the food fight. Sora and Tidus sighed in relief.

"Thanks Tidus…"

"No problem Sora!" Rubbing the back of his head, Tidus shrugged as if to say 'It wasn't such a big deal' and he led Sora back to the messy table, where Kairi, Selphie and Wakka waited for them. Kairi and Selphie were complaining about the stains on their clothes, while Wakka patted Tidus on the back.

"Good job, ya?"

"What is going on here…?"

Barging in unexpectedly, the Principal halted to gaze at everyone in the Cafeteria. His long locks of silver hair cascaded down his back and seemed to be coiling around his body with frustration. He gazed around the room and ceased on Riku with a sort of familiarity.


"Yeah! Yeah! I'm coming!" With a wave to the entire Cafeteria, Riku grinned and pursued after Principal Sephiroth.

Sora frowned and sighed. It wasn't his fault at all for the food fight…maybe he should attempt to ask Tidus if he would take some of the blame for it, since he started everything anyway…

"Tidus…" Sora began. "Maybe you s-"


The Cafeteria full of students, filed out and formed their original groups, only the stains of food on their clothes and the smell reminding them of what previously occurred.

"Gotta go! See you later Sora!" With a tiny wave, Tidus dashed off, leaving Sora sulking to his next class.


Damn it!


"Mister Riku…please have a seat."

Sighing, Riku plopped down into the leather chair and grinned, clasping his hands jointly and tilting his head to the side, presenting himself as perfectly chaste. Though his features were innocent, his appearance was not.

Principal Sephiroth cleared his throat and gracefully planted himself in his bulky black-leathered chair. His hands clasped in a similar manner as Riku's, but more solemn.

"Riku…what has gotten into you lately?" The momentous man spoke and stared at Riku sternly. "This behavior is unacceptable!" Slamming his fist on his oak table, Sephiroth scowled at the younger boy and shook his head, his silver tresses shifting to and fro.

"I've given you every form of punishment in the school system…except one…"

Riku averted his gaze away from the man and gulped. Please…don't say it…

"I haven't expelled you…which I, by no means, wish to do so." Sephiroth gazed out the window and frowned as a nest of blue birds chirped, stretched out their wings, and ascended into the clear blue sky.

"So?" Riku interrupted the distracted man and Sephiroth shook his head as if he were in a daze. He rose and placed his hand on his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully as a phantom of a smile curved onto his lips.

"I have a plan…" Turning his back toward Riku, Sephiroth ambled toward the door and opened it, calling out to the school's secretary. "Miss Heartilly?"

Immediately, Riku could glimpse black hair from his view and watched as the two began to talk frivolously, setting a frown on Riku's lips.

What was worst than being expelled?

There was a lengthy silence in which Riku shrugged and leaned back in his chair. He crossed his feet and his eyelids became heavy. He could just make out the rattling of the air conditioner. Just before he descended into a serene slumber, Riku jolted up as he heard the door open and slam shut.

Cobalt blue met Jade. Sora and Riku stared at each other, before a petite 'ahem' caused them to stir from their staring competition of sorts. Sora glanced over toward Sephiroth, who motioned for Sora to take a seat, which the boy complied quickly.

"Now Sora…you probably desire to understand why I called you here into my office."

"Yes sir." Sora nodded in agreement and waited anxiously for the older male to continue.

"Since you are one of the best students in the school…"

Riku sighed and crossed his arms in absolute boredom. Come on Seph…just say my punishment and let's get this over with…

"I want you to tutor Riku in the manners department everyday after school starting next week…"

"WHAT?!" Sora exclaimed, mouth gaping.

Why Seph? Why?! Remaining calm, Riku exhaled a cavernous sigh and stared at the crimson-carpeted floor.

"It shouldn't be permanent…unless someone doesn't cooperate…" Sephiroth's unyielding gaze focused on Riku, causing the rebellious boy to huff in defiance. "I mean it Riku…if you don't learn some manners…you'll be expelled…"

Glowering, Riku shrugged and glanced over to Sora, who was frowning.

"What's your problem rich boy? Don't like people that aren't as wealthy as you?"

Puffing his bottom lip in a pout, Sora was about to speak, when Sephiroth interrupted.

"Well…it seems you boys will do quite fine!" With a minute smile, Sephiroth pointed with a long skinny pale finger toward the door. "I trust you two can see your way out…"

Trudging out the door, Sora and Riku both sighed in unison. The boys stood far away from each other, however the tension thickened as they exited the building and began to walk to their own classes.

"Well…I guess we're going to become friends, right?" Sora exclaimed cheerfully, faking enthusiasm to the furthest extent. No need to continue on the terrible path that the two were taking. It wasn't like they needed to be enemies, especially if they had to see each other more frequently. Riku brushed past the optimistic teen and shrugged.

"Doubt it…"


As the bell sounded for the end of the last class, Sora covered his mouth in a monstrous yawn before he caught sight of the lustrous black limo waiting for him. David hopped out of the vehicle, as if it were a practiced action, and made his way over to the passenger's door. He gave out such a cheerful vibration, that Sora couldn't help but smile back.

"Good afternoon, Sora. How was your day today?"

Trying to sound a bit realistic, Sora waved school off altogether. "It was okay."

"I see there was another food fight?" David inquired and Sora took a quick glance at his attire, almost forgetting that their were food stains upon it.


"Well! Let's get home so you can change those clothes!" David replied sanguinely and Sora plopped onto the leather interior. In a flash, the limo continued on its path to home, leaving Sora to ponder the day in peace.


He was heated. Nothing could stop him from almost breaking the door off its hinges as he entered his household. Riku snarled in frustration at the thought of his uncle being so cynical, knowing how to tick the boy off in all the right ways. Who does he think he is?! Quivering with irritation, Riku hurled his book bag to the ground and punted it to the side. At least his parents weren't home at the moment. He had some time to resent Sephiroth in a quiet atmosphere. His anger would hopefully dissipate before his parents arrived, leaving him open to interrogation and maybe even a meeting with Sephiroth to talk about their feelings…

Bunch of fucked up people. Who cares about the others feelings? Obviously, Sephiroth had all the intention of fucking up his life some more.

Trailing into the living room, Riku plopped viciously onto the couch and flipped on the television. His thoughts continued to wander though despite his attempt to alleviate some of the stress and tension in his mind and body. His focus turned to a familiar picture of himself and the man he bitterly loathed at the moment.

The picture was joyous in nature, revealing a side of Riku that he only shared with the closest of friends and family. He was only a little boy at the time, no less than five years of age, with the cute round face, large jade eyes, and the short silver locks to accent his childish appearance. It was autumn, leaves were descending to the ground in coiled cycles. The little boys eyes were on elated and the laughter caught on the camera was priceless to some, but when Riku glimpsed his younger self on Sephiroth's shoulders…he grew livid. He even loathed that rare grin on the man's handsomely young face.

Damn Uncles…they're such nuisances! I know he's going to be spying on me as well… fuck!

Brutally grasping his silver locks, he attempted to formulate a plan that would suffice in tricking his uncle into thinking he was spending time with the prep, but no idea would present itself, which caused Riku to pull his hair as if trying to force his intelligence to jump start. However, he deemed the case lost and conceived another plan that was even more entertaining.

So…what will be my next prank? Hmm…


Attempting to find an adequate station, Sora settled on an classic 80's channel, hoping to hear something soothing and entertaining. Something to bring him away from the stress of school. His thoughts collided with such velocity and frequency that he couldn't think straight, causing him to gain a massive headache.

"Call me…"

Of course something from the infamous punk would be the first coherent thought in the brunette's mind. How annoying. The last thing Sora wanted to do was interact with the punk nevertheless teach him so called 'manners'. How was he supposed to teach an old dog new tricks so easily?

He guessed the first thought would be to befriend him, but how easy would that be for the both of them? Coming from two different social statuses, its not like it couldn't happen or anything, but it was highly unlikely because of the recent history of the two groups.

Well it was worth a shot.

"And now Ladies and Gentlemen more of the best of the 80's and more on 105.7. It's the song we know and love…'Jenny 867-5309'! Enjoy!"

Jenny, Jenny
Who can I turn to?
You give me something I can hold on to
I know you think I'm like the others before
I saw your name and number on the wall
Jenny I got your number
I'm gonna make you mine
Jenny don't change your Number!

Unhurriedly, Sora opened the piece of paper just as the chorus began to commence. He would at least try to contact Riku in an attempt to plan a schedule to meet up everyday.


8...6...7...5...3...0...9? WHAT?!

He couldn't believe he was Punk'd by someone that he had just met! Pouting, Sora shred the slip of paper in pieces and threw them like confetti. Crossing his arms, he watched as the pieces of paper fell to the ground, swirling in front of his face as if to mock him on his stupidity.

This is going to be difficult…


As if mocking him, the chorus continued to sing and Sora furiously turned the radio off, glancing out the window with a malicious expression adorning his face.

What an asshole…


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