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Luke poured a cup of coffee to-go for Lorelai.

So, when do you finish work today?- he asked, handing her the cup.

UGH -she groaned- I have so much work to do today. We're having a business coctail party for some people tomorrow. I have to prepare everything today so that it will be perfect.

It will be -he reassured her, smiling- So you won't be home 'til pretty late?

Sorry hon. Did you have any plans?

Well I just thought that I could work on the boat, you know, now that I have everything I need to finish the thing. But it's ok, I can do it another day.

Well, you can still go and work on it.

Are you sure?

Of course! Just go do whatever you need to do. And then when I come home we can watch a movie together and eat something. What do you think?

Only if it isn't a problem.

Of course it isn't! You know I can't wait for you to finish it, so we can have a "romantic cruise" together -she told him suggestively.

O Jeez!

What! I'm just saying that I wish we could just get it floating alredy! So you can name it "Lorelai"- it would be so romantic! -she exclaimed, excited.

It wasn't that he hadn't thought about naming the boat after her before, but the boat reminded him of his dad, which made him sad sometimes.

Ok, so see you later tonight, bring the food and I'll rent some movie- she said leaning over the counter giving him a good-bye kiss which he happilly returned.

Yeah, see you later, have a good day, dont work too much and be sure to annoy Michel for me -he winked at her.

Sure thing! -she said walking out of the diner.

Later that day Luke parked his truck in Lorelai's yard. He emptied all the necessary tools from the truck to the garage. Then he looked at the boat and sighed. He really wanted to finish the thing and then take Lorelai to his cabinet for the whole weekend and float the boat in the nearest lake.

He had been working nearly 2 hours and hadn't even realised how fast the time went. He heard Lorelai park her jeep beside his truck and smiled to himself. He loved her sooooo much, she was the most important person in his life, he would do anything and everything for her. He still couldn't believe that they were back together again. He thanked God for every minute he could spend with this amazing woman. He'd never told her he loved her. Even after the break-up and reconciliation. He wanted it to be a special moment for both of them. He knew she had never said those words to anyone but Rory, and he knew that he had never loved anyone as truly as he loved Lorelai. But being Luke, a man of few words, he wished he could show her his love without having to say it out loud. But now it had been a long time that he wanted to tell her. In the beginning he had known they both weren't ready for this monumental admission. Then when the first snow had come and he made her the skating rink, he felt that he was ready to say it. But he also felt that in the moment she wasn't in the right frame of mind. Turned out he was right, she had a hangover, he later found out, as a result of spending the night with tequila and Christopher. Christopher. Oh yeah, then Christopher and Emily plotted and did a number on him which brought on this horrible break-up. That night when he decided to put an end to this division and went to her house after Emily's visit he had known what he wanted to say, what he needed to say. But love and passion took over the moment she opened the door, just the sight of her made him forget about everything else but that moment. He lost his voice and the words he wanted to tell her didn't seem to matter anymore. The only thing he could do was kiss her, and show her that she's the only thing in the world for him.

Lost in his thoughts Luke didn't hear Lorelai come in the garage, until he felt her arms around his waist slipping from the behind.

Hey there handsome -she whispered in his ear, sending a shiver throughout his entire body-

How's your work on the boat going?

Pretty good -he replied turning around to face her and give her a quick kiss -I think I'll stop here for today. There isn't much left to do to finish it. How was your day?

Good! We finished all that was needed to be done. And I'm not that tired -he smiled up at him.

Hmmm? Good.- he said kissing her softly.

Yeah good -she repeated kissing him back- actually I'm pretty excited -she said running her hand up and down his back.

Oh? And why is that?- he asked placing his hands on her thighs.

Well, knowing that my man is at home, working hard, with his big, strong arms -she said running her hands up his arms -all sweaty- her hands went to his lower back again.

Aaaaahhh! That?- he said smiling at the fact that she used the words "home" and "her man", like it was their home.

Yeah, that... –she replied kissing his exposed neck.

He closed his eyes at the sensation of her lips. She started to kiss up his chin, jaw to his ear where she slipped her tongue and started to lick and nip at his earlobe. He moaned at that. Then she found his lips again slipping her hungry tongue into his mouth which he happilly welcomed opening his mouth wider. They kissed passionately caressing eachother's tongue with their own. Luke's hands were roaming her back. She started to play with his hair as soon as she knocked his cap off. They pulled away breathless, not losing the contact. Luke tightened his arms around her waist, bringing her even closer if it was possible, kissing her neck. He loved her long, beautiful neck. Her hands went under his t-shirt, caressing the soft skin of his stomach. Lorelai felt his hardness through his jeans and smiled at that to herself. Luke's hands cupped her ass as she caressed his muscled chest. They found their lips again kissing as if there was no tomorrow. Then suddenly Luke pulled away remembering where they were.

Lorelai wait! -he tried to stop her when her lips went to his colarbone, where she placed hot, open mouthed kisses.

Hmmm -she replied, pulling his tight t-shirt up ( he had taken his flannel off during the working on the boat)

Lorelai, we're in your garage -he covered her hands with his.

Luke, you always have such a sad face when you talk about the boat, I think it's time to make the boat bring you only good memories -she smiled suggestively pulling his t-shirt over his head.

She kissed his colarbone, chest, down to his stomach. He was lost when he felt her hands on the front of his jeans. They explored eachother's mouths even further, tongues went deeper and faster. It didn't take much time for her sweater and blouse to join his t-shirt on the floor of the garage.

Luke pinned Lorelai to the side of the boat, his hands went to the clasp of her bra, releasing her breasts. Her fingers combed through his soft hair, as he cupped her breasts with his big hands and she moaned loudly. Soon after this his lips joined his hands, leaving wet, open mouthed kisses on her exposed breasts. Lorelai started to open the zipper of his jeans wanting him as soon as possible, wanting nothing more than the feeling of him joined with her. Luke went to work on her pants as well, still kissing her hard on the mouth.

Now only in her panties, Luke sat her on the prow of the boat, kissing her, wanting more of her. He pulled her panties down, exposing her completely, and soon his boxers joined her panties. They kissed passionately, forgetting about the real world outside of the garage. Still exploring her mouth Luke slid into her and she moaned loudly.

I so love it when you're "all in"- she smiled at him enjoying the feeling. This was the last thing she said, when he started to move inside of her, and soon she saw bright lights, like stars shooting behind her eyelids

Luke then rested his head on Lorelai's chest and she softly and lovingly stroked it. He knew then that it didn't matter where, or how he told her how he felt. What mattered was that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman he loved so much.

Lorelai -he whispered, bringing his head up to look her in the eyes -I...-he started, but then there was a loud noise and they both froze, thinking that Rory might have come home to do her laundry. 5 minutes of silence later, Lorelai broke it.

You know, now I really think I might have a raccoon somewhere in here.

You're crazy, crazy lady -he smirked- Come on, let's go inside, it's freezing out here.

TBC if You only want it;))))