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Lorelai was sitting on the ground, looking at the lake before her. Her eyes wide, mouth slightly open from shock. The words "Marry me?" were echoing in her head over and over again. She was speechless. Lorelai Gilmore was speechless. Now there was something to be written in the Guiness Record Book.

Luke was sitting beside her, still holding her hand, looking at her shocked expression. "Oh God." he thought "it was too much, too soon. Now shes going to freak out, dump you and the only thing that will be left for you to do is die Danes!"

"Lu...Lu...Luke..."She tried to speak.

"Wait, Lorelai" he cut her off firmly. He needed to fix this, to save the situation "I know this might be too soon, or you might think Im rushing into things. But believe me I've thought about it, I've thought about it a lot" Since we started dating to be honest "And I dont want you to rush into anything either. I want you to think about it, really think about it all, to be sure, before you make your decision. Its not like choosing which shoes to wear every morning" her shocked expression changed a little at his little joke and the corners of her lips lifted a little.

"Luke" she started again, more softly. She knew what she wanted. She had known that this moment was coming, that he would ask her sooner or later, but she still wasnt prepared for this question. But really, can you ever be prepared for something like this? Never.

"No, really Lorelai" he cut her again "Please think about it, ok? For me. For you. For both of us. I dont want you to say something and then change your mind" he said sadly "Cause I wouldn't be able to take it" he had never been so open with anyone about his feelings. And yet now he was practicly telling her how badly he was addicted and taken by this beautiful brunette. "Make a... uh... a Pro/Con list or whatever you call it. I know that you always make big decisions that way" he smiled, hoping that giving her time would prevent her from freaking out even more. But he really needed her to be sure.

She smiled at him warmly. "A 'Pro/Con list'? he knows you sooooo well Gilmore. This man is perfect. He loves you, and he is willing to spend the rest of his life with you" the voice inside of her head said. "do you really need to think about it Gilmore?"

She looked at him, straight into his eyes and an idea came into her mind. She stood up, pulling him with her.

"Let's try the boat Luke" was the only thing she said.

Now he was totally taken back by her action. But her warm smile make him feel a little more calm.

"Ok" he said still not sure about all that just happened, as she was pulling him in the direction of the boat.

10 minutes later they were in the middle of the lake. The whole time they were sitting in silence, each in their respective places on the opposite side of the boat.

Luke couldn't keep his thoughts from wandering. As peaceful as the surroundings were, he was a nervous wreck. Not more that 20 minutes ago he had proposed. Proposed! To the woman of his dreams... the love of his life! And yet he still didnt have her answer. He really was screaming inside of himself, but being who he was he still was willing to give her her time and space that he thought and believed that she needed. "I hope you know what are you doing Danes" the voice in his head said again.

"Luke" Lorelai said, interrupting his thoughts. He looked up at her.

"Do you remember when Rory was younger and sick, and you took care of her, and of course of me as well, seeing as I was freaking out about her state, and feeling as bad as her?" She asked him calmly.

"Yes" he replied, trying to understand where she was going with all of this.

"And do you remember when my dad was in hospital and you took me there, no matter that you had a diner full of people?"


"And always, whenever I've needed you: with the plans about the inn, or bidding on my stupid basket... you've always been there for me?"

"Yes." he replied more sure this time, he did remember her running around the diner begging him to bid on her basket and save her from Miss Pattys horrible attempts at matchmaking. He also happened to remember a quite romantic picnic in the gazebo.

"And when you taught me how to fish, let me sleep in your bed when there was a fire at the Independence Inn, helped me move Rory to Yale, gave me money and a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. Made me an ice-rink, bought a TV, and even went to my parents' stupid vow renewal, which is by the way not the best thing to remind you about right now, knowing how it all turned out, but still you went there for me. And you named your dads boat after me, just because I said it would be nice."

"Yeah, I know all of that" now he really was confused. Where was she going with all of this?

"So, you really know all of this... and you seriously still want me to think about what I want!"

"Well..." he started unsure.

"Cause I know exactly what I want! I know what my answer is and believe me I've thought about it ALOT." She said and took his hand this time. She was now sitting close to him, looking into his loving blue eyes.

"Ok..." he replied nervously.

"I... I dont want a middle with you Luke" she said sincerely.

"Oh... uh... oh..." he said softly looking at the bottom of the boat. "Oh God NO!" he thought "Im dying, my heart has stopped, my chest burns. So this is what a heart attack feels like..." The only thing he wanted to do right now was jump into the water surrounding them and end his miserable life, cause it looked like she didnt even want him now.

"No Luke, I dont want a middle" she repeated even more softly lifting his chin to meet her eyes. "I... I want a forever with you Luke! I want everything with you!"

Now he was shocked.

"Really?" he asked in disbelief.

She smiled at him and simply said:

"Luke, did you really think that I would not want to be with you? To marry you?"

"Well..." he started.

"Luke, I love you! Youre the only man Ive ever loved and will love forever. And if you really thought that you mean less than that to me, then please dont make me say that youre an idiot. Cause that would make my psychotic mother right" she added grinning at him like she would be an idiot.

"So..?" he started, his grin mirroring her own.

"So..?" Replied Lorelai. Their eyes locked.

Then Luke asked again this time full of happiness and self-confidence.

"Lorelai Gilmore, will you marry me?" then he reached for a little velvet box from his pocket and showed her the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

"hmmmm..." she started " YES!" she exclaimed , tears rolling down her cheeks, as she threw her arms around his neck.

He held her tightly, laughing like a kid, happier in that moment than he had ever been in his entire life.

They seperated a little and Luke slipped the ring on her finger, kissing it when the ring was right where it belonged.

They looked at each other, eyes full of love. They leaned in and their hungry lips met in a passionate kiss. Both opened their mouths and the kiss deepened. Both moaned as their tongues massaged one another. Their hands roamed their bodies. They couldnt have enough of each other. They were in the boat, in the middle of the lake, but nothing seemed more important to them than being together. Nothing mattered but them and their love for eachother and the fact that from now on nothing cour tear them apart.

Lorelai started to unbutton Lukes flannel, as he pulled her shirt over her head. Soon her bra joined her shirt and he started to kiss and caress her exposed breasts and she moaned at the sensation of his touch. Luke lay Lorelai down on the bottom of the boat. Being on top of her, he started to unzip her pants.

"I love you Luke" she whispered into his neck, kissing him there. His hands stilled on her breast. They kissed again: hungry and deep. She held him tightly, as close to her as possible, feeling him hard and ready through his jeans.

"Luuuuuke!" she moaned as he squeezed her breast and then her hands went to the zipper of his pants.

"Lorelai" he groaned feeling her hands opening his jeans.

Soon they were both naked, feeling their lips and hands all over their hot bodies.

"I love you so much" she said breathless, wanting him as fast as possible.

"I love you Lorelai" he said and kissed her deeply sliding inside of her at the same time. They stayed still for a moment, loving this feeling of fullness, looking into eachothers eyes. Then Luke started to move, repeating her name and words of love with his every thrust. She moved with him. Her every moan matching his.

"Oh! Luuuke!" she reapeated loudly.

Their pace quickened. The thrusts went deeper, were stronger and harder. They both wanted it to last as long as possible, 'til their bodies took control of them taking them over the edge.

They were laying together, naked on the ground of the boat in the middle of the lake, holding eachother tightly. Their fingers intertwined, they both looked at the ring on Lorelai's finger, with satisfied grins on their faces.

"Were getting married" Lorelai whispered ending the peaceful silence, kissing Luke deeply.

"Yes, we are" he replied responding to the kiss, as Lorelai rolled onto him.

After they parted Lorelai leaned and whispered into his ear:

"You know what?"

"hmmm" he murmured nuzzling her neck.

"This boat is really our little love boat, you know?" she laughed but Luke quickly shut her up.


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