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You Used To Watch His Back

Part Six

You open your eyes.

Memories still fresh in your mind you tell him the truth, "Because you saved me."

His eyes widen just a little. For a moment you see something dance behind his eyes. The moment passes and the eyes harden once again. "You are delusional."

You shake your head and smile, a little wistful, a little resign. "I cannot stop you now, but I will find you again, and I will keep finding you until you listen." His face is unreadable as he considers your words. Then, releasing your wrist he chuckles once. You are surprised but you have no time to wonder what that means.

"Good bye, Sakura," he says quietly, before and walks away.

The sense of déjà vu is strong as you watch his retreating back. It hurts to watch him go, to acknowledge you have failed yet again, even if it's inevitable.

"Next time I will save you," you promise.

In the rain, you think you hear him say, "I know."





A/N: Perhaps this is not the most satisfying ending in the world, but it's an ending nevertheless. I started this story with a much more elaborate ending in mind, but many things have happened in Naruto since then. That is one of the reasons why I have not finished this story earlier, but today I had a sudden urge to wrap this up once and for all.

Thanks for all the support in the past. I love you all and I know it's early but Merry Christmas.