Eh, I had my eye on this a while in the LJ community ficondemand, but was nervous about writing it. Since it went purple and no one else stepped forward to write for it... I decided I would. It's not the situation the requester asked for, and I've only read up to volume seven of Gravitation and none of the remixes. I don't know how well I did with characterisations, or whether it fits in with the storyline at all. But, I hope people enjoy it anyway!

"You're a manipulative bastard," he said, flustered.

Tohma leaned back against the bed, watching Sakano with an amused smile. "Thank you."

Sakano threw his hands up in the air, reaching over for his shirt, glaring at Tohma in a half hearted way; unable to disguise the fact that he wasn't really mad, that he'd enjoyed that as much as Tohma had. "You took advantage of me."

"You wanted me to," Tohma pointed out, raising an eyebrow and stretching. "Do you hate me now?"

"I... no," Sakano dropped the shirt, sitting down on the edge of the bed, hunching a little. "No, of course not."

"Good. I still need you to work for me."

Sakano sighed at that, his shoulders hunching a little more as if he were collapsing in on himself. "Right."

"Don't look like that," Tohma said softly. "Please don't. I wanted you; because you're you, and not because you remind me of anyone else or something like that. It's just... you know who I am. You know everything about me, practically, you're nosey enough and obsessed enough. And you knew that one night is all I have to give someone like you."

"You can't have a relationship with me because you're married, of course, I know that," Sakano said, hotly.

"That and I'm in the public eye. Sakano," he reached out, cupping his cheek and turning his head, a little against Sakano's will, "I know you care for me and all. But I don't care for you, or anything like that, and it'd be destructive, for you and for me. It shouldn't have happened."

Bodies hot, mouths meeting, Tohma's soft sighs of pleasure as Sakano did his best for the man he practically idolised, things lost and taken and given, emotions confused and fumbling like inexperienced hands...

"No." Sakano agreed, "No, it shouldn't."

He'd wanted it all, so much. The bittersweetness of knowing that Tohma wasn't really like this, wasn't really soft or defenseless, the knowledge that the next morning, they'd part, because it was nothing more than what was on the surface; just sex, and that was all.

Tohma raised himself to a sitting position, eyeing Sakano carefully. "I don't even know what I'm supposed to say, or trying to say," he admitted, and Sakano's eyes widened, searching almost hopefully, but he knew that really there was no hope. He reached for his shirt again, remembering...

His shirt fluttered to the floor, pushed off his smooth shoulders by expert hands, and Tohma's followed, more hesitantly, wrapped up in all the doubts and little fears; in all the knowledge that this was one night and nothing more, in the knowledge that Tohma was an addiction he had to forget.

Tohma reached out, turned Sakano's face back to his again, leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. "Go, now." His words were callous and they made Sakano cringe, a cold stark reality that cut right through the haziness of the night before.

A dance of desire, Tohma's hands as gentle as if he really cared, Sakano hesitant with real care, really wanting to be good, the best, even. Wanting it all, even though it was just once. Even though it was just a reward for being a good worker, even though it meant nothing to the man he shared it with.

Time to go cold turkey. He pulled his trousers on, heading out of the door, and neither of them said a word more. He knew he could take a few days off work, if he felt like it. Maybe working would be best. Time to forget this obsession, this addiction.

Tohma leaned back against the bed, watching him leave, and bit his lip thoughtfully.