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Chapter 6

"Stupid, stupid, Ino-pig…stupid, stupid…" Sakura continually muttered under her breath. She was still in the same area she and Ino had been training on. She was now upset because she couldn't beat Ino. Of course, they both knew that she is a beginner and that she has had no ninja training in the past, but still. The point is that she couldn't beat Ino.



Sakura stared in disbelief as Ino, once again, suddenly appeared out of the blue and held a kunai against her neck. She was breathing rapidly. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

"I win again, forehead-girl," Ino beamed innocently as she withdrew the kunai and twirled it around with her index finger.

"H-how…did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Like one moment you're right in front of me and then the next you're behind me."

"Oh, that…eheh that's called Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

"I know! You told me that already!"

Ino sighed. "You just need practice, forehead-girl. You won't be able to beat me right now since you hardly know how to fight.

"Well, it's almost lunchtime so I've gotta get going! Lunch will be served at 12 sharp, ok? Head back to the same room you were in for breakfast and everybody else should be there, unless you want to eat lunch alone, then you go there later and get food. See ya, forehead-girl!"

With that, Ino dashed off, leaving a shocked Sakura.

End Flashback

She was still breathing quickly, inhaling and exhaling. Was it simply because she is too weak, or because Ino is just so powerful? She wasn't able to lay a single hand on Ino, while sparring. She was rather tomboyish and loud, to be honest, and so she's been involved in fights before. However, this one was different. She had heard of ninjas working for the palace and guarding the kingdom, but she had never met much less fought one before.

During the training, Ino had gone over some basics of ninja fighting with her. Sakura had practiced hurling kunais and shurikens and controlling chakra. Her throwing skills still need much practice, but Ino had complimented her and said that Sakura had understood chakra a lot faster than she had.

Sakura pounded the ground. "Dammit…"


Who had called her? Sakura surveyed the area and soon discovered the distant figure of the one and only queen Tsunade-sama stalking up to her.

"Were you training?" she asked as she approached and kneeled down next to Sakura.

"Uh…yeah," Sakura answered. She stared questioningly as Tsunade lifted up her hand and examined it. Sakura's hand was a bit bruised with minor cuts here and there. After forming a series of hand seals, Tsunade held Sakura's hand as a light blue light enveloped Sakura's hand. Within seconds, the cuts and bruises were gone. Sakura stared in awe.

"I was watching. You understood chakra well, for a beginner. You shouldn't stress over this ninja training thing, because chances are you probably won't ever have to use what was taught to you," Tsunade assured her.

"How do you that!" Sakura exclaimed, still in amazement of Tsunade's healing techniques.

Tsunade smiled proudly. "It's not hard. I can teach you."

Sakura watched closely and listened attentively as Tsunade showed her various hand signs and explained. Afterwards, Sakura copied to the best of her abilities what she observed. Nothing.

Tsunade smiled. "It's rather difficult, so I don't expect you to fully understand everything so soon. With time and practice, you'll become better."

"Really? This is so awesome, Tsunade-sama!" Sakura beamed widely. "This is just so cool! Will you make me your apprentice?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not taking any new apprentices right now. My only apprentice is Shizune."

"What! Please, Tsunade-sama! I want to learn from you rather than that Ino-pig!"

"I'm really sorry, Sakura. Shizune is really gifted and I don't think that I have the time to teach you starting from the basics. Perhaps if you knew more and fought better, I would consider making you my apprentice."

"But won't you give me a chance? Please! I really admire you! Not only are you considered the most beautiful female in the Haruno Kingdom, but you are also so powerful and awesome too! PleasePleasePlease! I promise you I'll work my hardest and study and I'll be on my best behavior!"

Tsunade smiled at her. It was like looking at another version of her daughter, a version of her daughter that a part of her yearned for; she had always wished her own Sakura would be more motivated and have ambitions instead of always hiding in her room and daydreaming. Even though it wasn't her real daughter who was in front of her right now pleading to be accepted as her apprentice, it felt as though it was.

"How about this, you train under Ino for a week. After a week, I will test your skills, mainly your chakra controlling skills. If I deem you acceptable, then I will take you as my apprentice. How's that?"

Sakura's smile widened. "Oh! That's awesome! I will practice and practice and practice! You won't be disappointed!"

Tsunade stood up and departed the area, her back facing Sakura.

Meanwhile, in Neji-kun's room, TenTen, Lee, and Neji are all talking! Weird, eh? Well, they were talking, yeah, but it more like TenTen and Lee questioning Neji!

"So…Neji-san, are you confident that you will win Sakura-chan's heart?" Lee asked.


"Yes! Sakura-chan! The most beautiful and magnificent and generous and sweet angel of love!"


TenTen sighed. "Okay, Lee, you're getting kinda weird again. Anyway, Neji, like Lee said, are you confident about winning Sakura's heart? I mean, when you really think about it, you can't deny that, that Uchiha isn't as good-looking as you are. He has equal chances of winning Sakura. You do know that losing Sakura to that Uchiha guy will result in the destruction of the Hyuuga Kingdom and shame from your family upon you for the rest of your life, right?"

"Yes, I know," Neji answered. "But…this shouldn't be too hard. I believe in fate, and you know who else believes in fate – girls."

TenTen grinned. "I see, Neji. So you plan to tell her some crap about fate, huh? Genius plan, as always."

"I know."

Walking down the long corridors of the palace were two people. One had blonde hair and the other had dark hair. Guess who it is.

"C'mon Sasuke-teme!"


"Stop saying that! Do you know how to say anything else!"

"Shut up."

"Argh! You bastard! At this rate, you'll never be able to win Sakura-chan's heart!"


"Yeah! The beautiful and gracious and kind and intelligent Sakura-chan! You can't let that everything-is-fate preacher get her!"

"Shut up. I'm working on my plans. He won't get her."

"Are you sure? I mean, he believes in fate! You know who else believes in fate – GIRLS! All he's got to do is tell her it was fated for them to be together and she'll marry him! And while he's telling her crap about fate, you're here going 'hn' this and 'hn' that!"

"…for once, you have a point."

"YEAH! Wait…whaddya mean for once!"


Upon turning around a corner, the form of a familiar person caught the attention of Sasuke and Naruto. It was Sakura and she was going down the stairs. Naruto put on a wide smile.

"Sakura-chan!" He quickly ran down the stairs and embraced her.

Sakura pushed him away. "NARUTO!"

Naruto grinned. "Watsup, princess?"

"Nothing. I was just heading down to get some lunch," she said, continuing down the stairs.

"Oh, really? What a coincidence! Sasuke-teme and I are also going to get some lunch!"

Sasuke glared at Naruto. "What, I-"

Naruto returned the glared. "We should all have lunch together and get to know each other. Right, Sasuke-teme?"


Within a couple of minutes, the three finally arrived at the dining room. They were the only ones there, since it was about an hour past noon. Sasuke was about to take a seat when he felt Naruto nudge his side.

"Be the prince you are," Naruto whispered for Sasuke to hear.

Sasuke mentally sighed before putting on his irresistible prince charming face. He grabbed Sakura's chair before she could and pulled it out for her. Sakura blushed.

"Uhm…t-thank you, Sasuke-san," she said, taking a seat.

Sasuke took a seat to Sakura's right, with Naruto to his left. The three began to eat in silence, until Sasuke felt Naruto's feet kick his feet from beneath the table.

"Ahem!" Naruto coughed.

Sasuke sighed mentally again. "So, Sakura…chan…how do you feel about this?"

He was referring to how she had to choose whether she would marry either him or the Hyuuga and had assumed that she knew what he was referring to, but assuming will only result in making an ass out of you and me. Unfortunately for Sasuke, Sakura had assumed he was referring to her having lunch with him and Naruto.

"It's great!" Sakura smiled. "I think that it's a great idea! I'm learning more about both the Hyuuga and Uchiha Kingdom every day!"

"You are not at all uncomfortable with this?"

"No, absolutely not! I've always wondered about the Hyuuga and Uchiha Kindom and now, my questions are being answered."

"Questions? What sort of questions?"

"Well, I've recently discovered that you guys are just like the village people! You're nothing really special and behind the powerful, merciless, and serious surface of yours lies a regular person."


Just like the village people? Nothing really special, she says? A regular person, she says? Okay, nobody, NOBODY, calls an Uchiha just a regular person who is not special and is similar to village people! How dare she!

"Well, I better go now, Sasuke-san, Naruto. I must continue training so I can beat Ino-pig. It was nice having lunch with you guys," she said, rising from her seat and exiting the room. For a while, the two boys continued to eat in silence, until Naruto spoke.

"You're pissed," Naruto stated calmly.


"You're pissed!" Naruto laughed. "Sasuke-teme's pissed!"

"Shut up. I am not pissed."

"C'mon, Sasuke-teme, you know you can't lie to me!" Naruto flashed a grin. "You're pissed…because she called you a regular person!"

When did Naruto become so intelligent?

"I don't care about what she thinks of me."

"You know you do. C'mon, admit it!"

"Shut up."

Sakura made her way back to the area that Ino had taken her to train, earlier that morning. She picked up a five shurikens and tossed them straight at a random tree. Only two hit. Since Tsunade healed her, she had been training nonstop. She would train to her limits, she would improve, and she would become Tsunade's apprentice. Why, you ask? For one, it is because Tsunade is rumored to be the most powerful and beautiful female of the Haruno Kingdom. Rumors have it that Tsunade rivaled her former teammates, Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Second, since she was young Sakura was always been known as the big sister to all little village kids who knew her. She would defend them when they were picked on, or help nurse them back to health when they were hurt. Life for the village people wasn't all that easy, mainly for Sakura and those who were at the bottom of the class in terms of status. Looked down upon, picked on, and often seen as nothing more than trash, Sakura was one of the few who strived to prove that it was who you are that gives you importance and value, not your class. Now, she was being offered a chance to become stronger to defend those of her kind in the Haruno Kingdom.

She grabbed a few more shurikens and threw them straight at another tree. No improvement. At least not yet. She continued to repeat the same routine. Minutes passed by and soon turned into hours.


Sakura turned to the voice. It was Ino. Ino ran up to her.

"You're still training? I looked all over the place for you! I didn't know that you'd still be training!" she exclaimed.

Sakura let out a small laughter. "Well, I'm not letting you beat me!"

Ino grunted. "What! You are so…argh! I cannot believe this! You want to defeat me? Ha! You can never defeat me, forehead-girl! C'mon, it's getting dark. Let's clean up and go to dinner."

Dark? Sakura looked up at the sky, and indeed it was dark. The two girls began to gather the weapons that were scattered on the ground and place them into a bag. Ino set the bag by a tree, afterwards. The two left, headed for the same dining room.

"Hey, Ino?" Sakura began, while the two were walking down a hall.


"Were you serious, when you said I could never defeat you?"

"Oh, that. Yeah, I was serious."

"Really? So…I can't defeat you at all? Are you invincible?"

Ino laughed. "I-Invincible! No, in fact I'm not that strong at all. Well, at least I'm not as strong as Tsunade-sama or Sasuke-kun. I would be an average ninja, if not for Tsunade teachings. Because of Tsunade, I am only an above average ninja. You, forehead-girl, who has never had any ninja training or been in any ninja fight, will never be able to defeat me unless you were trained by someone as powerful as Tsunade."

"Oh. How strong is Sasuke-san?"

"Uhm…hm, I don't know. I never fought him before, and I'm sure hope that if I ever do, he won't be serious while fighting me. People like Sasuke-kun and Neji and Naruto and Lee…well, they are gifted. Not only were they trained under strong mentors, but they were born with strength and power. I don't think that I would be able to lay a hand on them if I ever fought them!"

"I see."

Soon, they arrived at the dining room. It was seven; Sakura had taken a glance at a clock in the hall while walking. Everyone was seated at the table. Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasuke, Neji, Naruto, Lee, and TenTen were all there. There were two seats left for Ino and Sakura: on between Tsunade and TenTen…and the other one between Sasuke and Neji. On one side of the table sat Jiraiya, then Tsunade, then an empty seat, and then TenTen. On the other side of the table sat Naruto, then Sasuke, then an empty seat, then Neji, and then Lee. Ino quickly took the seat beside Tsunade and TenTen. Odd, Sakura had thought that Ino would take the seat beside Sasuke. Sakura sat down beside Sasuke and Neji.

"Good evening, Sakura," Neji greeted.

Sakura smiled. "Good evening to you, too, Neji-san."

Once again, Naruto kicked Sasuke. Sasuke grunted.

"Good evening, Sakura," Sasuke greeted as well.

"Good evening, Sasuke-san," Sakura smiled.

Jiraiya chuckled. "So, are you all getting along well?"

"Yep!" Sakura answered.


"I guess."

"Oh, I almost forgot. Hinata and her bodyguards will be coming here tomorrow, and so will all of your mentors," Jiraiya informed.

"Hinata-chan's coming here? Awesome!" Naruto exclaimed.

Naruto received a glare from Neji.

"Stay away from my cousin," Neji growled.

"You said that our mentors will be coming here, right?" Sasuke asked. "Who is going to watch over my kingdom if Kakashi comes here?"

"Oh, that. I think that he said something about dogs, " Jiraiya answered.


For the rest of the time, everyone ate in silent. A few conversations were started by Tsunade and Jiraiya, but none lasted very long. Soon enough, dinner was over. Ino and Sakura were walking to their rooms. Sakura stopped, as they reached the training area that Sakura had been training at earlier that day.

"Forehead-girl?" Ino said.

"Oh, Ino, you can go back to your room. I'll come soon," Sakura said.

"Alright then." With that, Ino left to her room.

Sakura went up to the bag of weapons that Ino had set by tree. She took out a shuriken and threw it at a tree. It missed. She grunted.

"Hey," called a male voice.

Sakura turned around. There was no one. Then she turned back, only to bump into another person and fall down.

"AAH!" she screamed in surprise as she fell down to the solid ground. She looked up to see that it was Sasuke. He held out a hand to her.

"Sorry. Did I scare you?" he asked.

Sakura took his hand, blushing, as he pulled her up to her feet. "Uhm…y-yeah, kinda."

"You were training?"


Sakura avoided looking at him and kept her down to prevent him from seeing her blush. Also, he's irresistible. Looking at him too much may result in fainting or excessive squealing -.-

"Well, it's pretty late. I should be going," he said, beginning to turn to walk away.

"Uhm, w-wait, Sasuke-san!" Sakura called out. He halted and turned around to look at her. "How…how strong are you?"

She could see the smirk on his face, thanks to the moon's gleam.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I'm just curious…about the strength of the prince of a powerful kingdom."

"In order to measure my strength, you will need to fight me."


"But I won't fight you. I don't fight girls. Also, you threw a shuriken at the tree and missed," he bent down and took a few shurikens from the bag, which was right next to Sakura, and casually tossed them at a random tree. Sakura looked at the tree, only to see the shurikens all lined up in a single line vertically down the tree. He had perfect aim. She stared in astonishment. "When you can throw like that, Sakura-chan, I'll fight you."

And with that, he turned and left. Sakura continued to stare at the tree with countless thoughts running through her head.

H-He has…perfect aim!

Tch, damn him! Giving me an attitude! 'When you can throw like that, I'll fight you'! Whatever! So what if he throws better than me! I'll beat him!

Not only is he good-looking…but he can throw perfectly! I wonder if he's invincible…

BLEH! Damn him! You just wait, Sasuke! One of these days, I will beat you! Mark my words!

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