Married to Malfoy

Pairings: Draco & Ginny

Summary: Right before her 5th year ended, Ginny was asked by Dumbledore to marry Draco.

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Chp. 1- Favor I walked to Dumbledore's office on the day before they were to leave Hogwarts. I knew I wasn't in trouble. I don't know why he wants to see me.

I reach the gargoyle statues.

"Cauldron Cakes."

The gargoyles move, and the staircases begin to climb. I step onto them, and wait till it reaches the top. I step off, and breath deeply as I knock on Dumbledore's door.


I slowly open the door.

"You wanted to see me Headmaster"

"Yes, please close the door Ginny."

I see someone sitting in one of the chairs already. Now I'm really curious! I close the door, and sit down in the chair. I look through the corner of my eye, and see that the person is MALFOY! What the hell?

"I've asked you both her for a reason. I know you probably wonder why the other is here. Well since the defeat of Voldermort, the wizarding world has been separated. The families of his followers are being shunned. I want you two to stop that, by setting an example. Your families have disliked each other for centuries, and I want you two to stop that."

"But headmaster, how are we suppose to do that?"

"Good question Mr. Malfoy. I want you two to be married."

"What," I ask in surprise.

"I want you and Mr. Malfoy to get married, so that people will see how you two behave, and maybe they will follow your example and get along."

"You want Malfoy and I to get married?"

"Yes Ms. Weasly. What do you think about this Mr. Malfoy?"

"If it will help out the wizarding world, then I guess let's do it. When are we getting married?"

"Why is everyone fine with this except me?"

"I know this is a shock Ms. Weasly, but out of the goodness of your heart will you do me this one favor?"

"Why this favor?"

"Mr. Malfoy has thoughtfully agreed. Please Ms. Weasly."

"Alright Headmaster."

"Alright as soon as Ginny turns 16, you are to be married."

"But that's next week!"

"Yes, I know. You both have to be of age to get married, and seeing as how Draco is already 17, then as soon as Ginny is 16, you can get married."

"But I want a big wedding…I have since I was a little girl."

"And a big wedding you will have then."

"But a big wedding takes months to plan, and we only have a week."

"Well a little over a week."

"But how are we going to pay for this?"

"My family will pay for it. I will owl father as soon as we finish here."

"Yeah like your dad will pay for you getting married to me."

"Don't worry Weas…Ginny, I'll take care of it. Whatever you want, you'll get."

"Well I suppose we better get planning then…"

"Oh Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Weasly…about your accommodations. Either Draco and you can share the Head Boy room, or I can get you your own housing. It's up to you both."

"We'll talk it over Headmaster."

"We'll I'll leave you two to talk over all the arrangements. I hope the next time I see you will be at your wedding. If you want, you can go to Hogsmeade today to start on arrangements."

"Of course Headmaster. We'll come along Ginny, we must discuss matters."

"Goodbye Headmaster."

"Goodbye Mrs. Malfoy-to-be."

I shudder at the thought. What have I gotten myself into? I follow Draco out of the Headmaster's office, and walk down the stairs. Neither one of us says anything. I'm too much in shock for words. I have so much to do. This is not who I dreamed of marrying! My family, and friends are going to be shocked. They probably won't be happy. Ron won't like this at all. Neither will dad…I dread telling them all. 1 WEEK!

Draco leads the way to the owlery. His dad will be so pissed. The whole family hates my family. The only thing his dad will be happy about is that I'm a pureblood.

We reach the owlery, and Draco whistles to his owl. He takes out some parchment, and a quill, and begins writing a letter. I stand there, not knowing what to do. I feel so uncomfortable. I can't believe I agreed to this. I'm so going to regret this. I have so much to do. Only 1 week. It usually takes months for these kinds of things. I won't sleep if that's what it takes. At least Draco's family has money, so that I can hire people to do most of the work.

Draco finishes his letter, and gives it to his owl. The owl flies through the window. Draco turns back to me.

"We've got a lot to do…"

"I know. I have to get a dress. We have to send invitations, buy a cake, make favors, get you a tux, get bridesmaid dresses, and grooms' tuxes, and tons more."

"Well you need to call a custom dressmaker as soon as possible. I already know who my best man will be. We'll look for cakes this weekend."

"This is so stressful. All right I need to make a list. Meet me in the library."


I run to Gryffindor common room. I need to get parchment, ink, and quills.




I race upstairs to my room. I throw the door open, and rush over to my bag. I grab it, and run out of the room, and down the stairs.


"Can't talk now. Bye."

I run out of the common room, and through the corridors. I race to the library, and slow down when I reach the doors. I open the door, and look around for Draco. I spot him over in the corner. I make my way over to him.

"Alright we need to make a to do list. Then when we do something we can check it off. We have a little over a week. Alright what do we need to do?"

"Get you fit for a dress, buy tuxes, buy a cake, buy/send invitations, buy favors, and more."

"Alright, I'll make a list."

To do list:
Get fit for a dress Buy tuxedos for groom, best men, and groomsmen Buy a cake Buy invitations Send invitations Buy favors Tell family Get a dj Find a place for the wedding and the reception Hire caterer Buy flowers

I hand the list to Draco. He looks it over, and nods his head.

"Let's get started. We can go to Hogsmeade. They have a wedding shop there. I want this wedding to be perfect. Anything you want, you got it."

I smile, and head towards the library doors. Draco holds the door open, and I walk through. We walk side by side, not saying anything. We finally reach the front doors, and walk outside. I can't believe I'm getting married. I still have 2 full years of school left. What will my mother think? She'll probably be happy. She thinks a woman's spot is at home taking care of her children…oh shit…children? Will Draco expect children from me? I hope not…

We make our way to Hogsmeade. Finally we reach Hogsmeade. I look around at the stores, and take out my list. I finally see the wedding shop called Spend and Wed. We make our way inside. We are instantly greeted.

"Hello. Welcome to Spend and Wed. How may I help you?"

"I'll leave you two to talk all the details over. I'll be back in half an hour Ginny."

"Alright. Bye Draco."

I watch Draco leave, wondering where he is off to. I turn back to the saleslady who is smiling from ear to ear. She's creepy.

"Alright listen lady. We just got engaged today, and we want to have to wedding in a week."

"Wow. That's almost impossible."

"I know. So let's get moving. First I need a custom made dress. Then tuxedos, and bridesmaid dresses, and anything else you have."

"Alright. Sarah, we need a custom made dress by next week."

"Oh my. All right then, let's get busy. This is going to take a week!"

Ginny followed Sarah into the back, and stood on the stool.

"So what kind of dress are you thinking of?"

"White silk with beads on the top, and a very long train, with beads around it's edge."

"Alright, let me measure you," Sarah said while taking out a tape measure.

I stand there, moving when she tells me too. I can't believe I'm actually getting a custom made dress, and of white silk! This is going to be great. If only it wasn't Draco…

"Done. Now I'll need you to come back in 5 days, so you can try the dress on, and if it needs tailoring, then I can tailor it."

"Thank you so much."

"Whose name is this under?"

"Um Malfoy."

"Alright thank you miss."

I go back into the store, and talk to the sales lady.

"Well my fiancé should be back any minute now, so he'll need fitting for a tux. Can I see the bridesmaid dresses you have?"

"Of course. Follow me."

I follow the saleslady over to a huge rack of dresses in all colors. I try to figure out a color that will look good on Hermione, Kiara and Adrianna, 2 of my friends in my year. Then it has to look good with my red hair.

"Ok I need a color that will look good with my red hair, brown hair, and blonde hair. Also it has to go with my flowers."

"What flowers are you having?"

"Well I want roses and baby's breath. Not sure which color though."

"I suggest red roses. I know you don't think that sounds good but trust me. Then a navy blue dresses. That will go with everyone. It will all look good with your white silk gown."

"Thank you so much. Do you suggest a florist that can get me those roses, and anything else I need?"

"There's a florist next door that has good connections. He should be able to get you anything you want."

"Thank you so much. When can I come and look at dresses for the bridesmaids?"

"Well you'll need to bring them. So whenever is good for you all. Is there anything else you need?"

"Where can I get some invitations, and buy a cake, and who is a good caterer?"

"Well print shop is across the street. A bakery is down the road. The caterer who most people use is Jacque Pierre Monsago. Here's his card. You better call him now. He's usually always booked."

I take the card, and put it in my pocket.

"Thank you so much."

I turn around, and see Draco enter. He walks over to me.

"Draco, when are you going to get fit for your tux?"

"I'll get fit now."

"Alright we'll I need to go to the print shop, and bakery."

"I'll meet you in the print shop."


I leave the store as Draco goes into the back. I go across the street, and into the print shop.

"Hello. How may I help you?"

"I need some invitations. Can I see some samples?"

"Of course."

The salesperson begins showing me some invitations. As we're looking at them, Draco walks in.

"Draco come look at these invitations, so we can agree on one."

Draco comes over and looks at them. He selects a simple, yet elegant one. The same one I had been looking at.

"We'd like this one right here."

"How many?"

I look at Draco. I have at least 75 people to invite.


Draco and the salesperson talk about what is to go on the invites.

"Ginny what's your full name?"

I look around uncomfortably. I hate my full name.


"Ginerva Maria Rochelle Jacqueline Weasly."

"Ok. How about we just say Ginerva Weasly, and Draco Malfoy?"

"Sounds good."

Draco and the salesperson talk some more. I write down that I need to go back to Spend and Wed in 5 days, and navy blue dresses, red roses, and baby's breath. I write down the name of the caterer, and the name of this print shop. As I finish up Draco comes over to me, and we leave together.

"When will the invitations be done?"

"Tomorrow. We can pick them up before we leave Hogwarts."

"All 150? Well that's a relief. When is your tux going to be ready?"

"Tomorrow as well. They are going to tailor it tonight. We'll pick that up as well too."

"My dress won't be done for 5 days. Well we have to go to the bakery and florist. Also call the caterer."

"Alright let's get going."

I write down the info Draco gave me, and we go to the bakery.

"Hi, we're looking for a cake. Our wedding is in a week."

"Alright, how many layers?"

"How many for 200 guests?"

"At least 10."

I look at Draco.

"Make it 15 layers."

"What do you want it to look like?"

Draco looks at me, and raises his eyebrows. Here's my part.

"Do you like chocolate Draco?"


"Alright I want a chocolate cake with white frosting, and red flowers on it. Then I want it to say Congratulations Draco and Ginny in dark blue icing."

"We can have the cake by next week for sure. Depends on when you want it."

"Well today's Friday. My birthday is next Friday. Do you want the wedding Saturday or Sunday?"

"I think Sunday."

"Alright we want the cake next Saturday."

"Alright. A 15-layer cake next Saturday. Let me write this down. Choc. cake w/white frost. dk. Blue writing: Congratulations Draco and Ginny, red flowers. All right pick it up next Saturday. Whose name is this under?"

"Malfoy," I reply.

Draco smiles at me, as I write down all the details on my parchment so I don't forget. We leave the store and make our way to the florist.

"Hello. What can I get you?"

"We need red roses, baby's breath, and birch trees for our wedding next week."

"Ok how much?"

"Well I need a bouquet of red roses and baby's breath. Then my maid of honor, and 2 bridesmaids need bouquets. Then I need corsages for my mother and Draco's mother, and boutonnières for my father, Draco's father, the groom, and 3 groomsmen. Then I need 2 birch trees."

"When do you need this by?"

"Next week Saturday. Can you make the corsages, boutonnières, and bouquets?"

"Yes for an extra fee."

"We'll pay it."

"Alright red rose/baby's breath bouquets-4, 2 corsages, 6 boutonnières and 2 birch trees- Next Saturday."

"Thank you so much."

"No problem. Who is this under?"


"Ok thank you. Call us next week sometime, so we know where to deliver."

I grab the card he is extending me, and slip it into my pocket. I write down all this information, before I forget. Now I have most things done. I check my to do list. All I need to do is pick things up, send invitations, get tuxes for groomsmen, buy favors, tell family, get a dj, find a place for wedding/reception, and hire a caterer. Man this is a pain. There are probably more things I forgot as well.

"Draco I need to go back to Spend and Wed quick."


We walk back to the store, and I hurry inside.

"Hello again."

"Hi. Do you have a card of a good dj?"

"Yes, Nick Drend is a good dj. Almost everyone uses him as well."

I take his card from her, thank her, and leave the store again. I'm exhausted. We've been running around for 1 hour straight. I also have to buy Draco a ring…

"Do you want to get a bite to eat Ginny?"

"That would be great."

We walk over to the restaurant, and I sit down. It feels so good. I'm exhausted, but most of the things are done. Draco orders for both of us, and we talk about what else we have to do while we wait for our food. The food arrives and we eat in silence. When we finish, Draco pays, and we leave again. We walk around Hogsmeade for a while. We sit down on a bench, and go over all the details I wrote down.



"I have something to ask you."


Draco got off the bench and got down on one knee. He pulls out a little box, and opens it. He grabs my hand.

"Ginerva Maria Rochelle Jacqueline Weasly, will you marry me?"

"Yyess Draco. I will."

Draco takes the ring out of the box, puts the box in his pocket, and slips the ring on my finger. I look at the ring. It's gigantic, and it's only an engagement ring. Draco kisses my hand, and sits back down on the bench. I look at the ring some more, and kiss Draco on the cheek.

"It's gorgeous."

"Thought you would like it."

"We'll we better get back to the castle. When are we going to tell our friends?"

"How about we gather all of them together after we get off the train, that way your family will know too?"

"Sounds good."

Draco and I head back to the castle. My friends are going to notice the ring, but they will have to wait till tomorrow to find out whom the person is. We reach the castle, and walk inside. Draco kisses my hand, and says goodnight before heading towards the dungeons. I walk upstairs, thinking about everything that has happened today so far. I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. I don't think Draco is that bad. My family just thinks he is, and so do my friends.

I reach the fat lady and automatically say the password, and walk inside. I see Harry, Ron, and Hermione over in the corner. I want to go straight upstairs, but they call me over. Oh here we go. They're bound to notice my ring. They are going to be so mad when they find out whom my fiancé is.

"Hey Ginny, where you been?"


"How come you got to go there?"

"I asked Dumbledore."


"Cause I wanted to look around."

"Oh, so do you have all your stuff packed?"

"Oh no, I have to pack still. Uh, I'm so tired. Man."

"I'll help you pack Ginny."

"Thanks Hermione. Night boys."

"Night Ginny."

Hermione leads me upstairs. I can barely walk. I'm so glad she offered to help me; I don't think I would make it otherwise.

I open the dormitory door, and sit down on my bed.

"Just relax Ginny. Just tell me what to pack, I can do it."

"Thanks Hermione. Well I need those books right there packed."

I lay down on my bed while Hermione begins packing. I stretch out, loving the feel of the nice warm bed right under me. It's so soft.

"Ok those are packed, now what?"

"Alright every piece of clothing in my wardrobe right there."

Hermione starts packing my clothes. I lay there, almost falling asleep. I lift my head off my bed. I watch Hermione packing the last of my clothes.

"Ok what else?"

"That's it."

"Alright. So why were you in Hogsmeade?"

Hermione sits on my bed, as I roll over to make room for her.

"I was buying some things."


I reach up, and stifle a yawn with my hand, and then I realize my ring, and quickly put my hand down again. But Hermione is too quick. I put my hand behind my back.

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"That ring on your finger."

"What ring?"

"Don't play stupid. I saw it. Let me see it."

I slowly take my hand from behind my back. Hermione grabs it, and looks at the ring. Her eyes nearly bulge out.

"Who is this from?"

"No one."

"It's from someone. Who?"

"Alright I'll tell you, but you have to wait till tomorrow."


"Because I want to tell my family, and other friends at the same time."

"Alright. I wonder who it is."

"Please don't tell the boys…"

"I won't. Your secret is safe with me."

"If you must know, I was with the boy at Hogsmeade. That's how come I got permission from Dumbledore."

"Oh ok. We'll I'll let you sleep, since your tired. The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner I find out who your mystery man is…"

"Oh stop Hermione," I reply while laughing.

Hermione raises her eyebrows with a suggestive smile, and leaves the dormitory. I lie down, and fall asleep instantly.

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