Chp. 26- Get Our Story Straight

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Last Time:

Twinky disappears, leaving my husband and I alone. Draco helps me sit up when I try to do it myself, propping pillows behind me for extra support. I give him a soft smile in thanks, and he returns the smile immediately.

When Twinky appears next to our bed, she's got a tray with a sandwich, a banana, a bottle of water, and a bottle of head relief potion. She hands the tray over, bowing before she leaves us again. Draco watches me eat, making sure I digest all the food. After I've eaten, I drink the potion, and follow it with some water. Draco sets the tray aside once I'm finished before staring at me with determination.


"Yes Draco?"

"I'm going to erase your memory..."


My mouth drops open in shock at Draco's statement.

"What? Why?"

Draco scoots closer to me, grabbing my hands in his. He places a soft kiss upon each of my hands before staring into my eyes.

"Because I don't want you to remember going into Knockturn Alley, or what I happened to purchase. I know that's what made you sick, and if you don't remember what happened, you won't feel sick. Plus I don't want you to remember me like this Ginny...It breaks my heart that I have to do this with you knowing, but I wasn't about to leave you alone in the Manor. I think it will be better for both of us if I just use a memory erasing spell."

I shake my head at this, and when Draco tries to shush me, I glare at him.

"Draco Malfoy... I don't care if what's happening is making me sick. I'm a big girl, and I can handle things on my own terms thank you very much. You can't always protect me. I need to know the truth. I know you're just doing it to protect me, and I'm thankful for that. Really, I am. But I'm refusing your offer for memory erasing."

"It wasn't an offer Ginny..."

"You will be doing no such thing, because I don't want my memory obliviated....You obliviate me, and you'll be sleeping alone for quite some time."

Draco smiles softly at me, my anger obviously amusing him. This makes me glare even more at him.

"You won't remember that I obliviated you luv...So I highly doubt you'll want to sleep away from me, since you'd have no recollection of being obliviated."

"You do it, and you're going to regret it for a long, long time Malfoy..."

I cross my arms over my chest for emphasis, while staring him down. Draco stares right back at me, obviously annoyed at my refusal that I'm not budging on. Plus he doesn't like that fact that I called him Malfoy. I can see him gritting his teeth before he growls slightly in annoyance.

"Fine witch...You can keep your memories, but don't say I didn't try to help you..."

I grin at this before pecking Draco on the cheek. He grumbles under his breath, but I hear him quite clearly.

"I don't know why you have to be so bloody stubborn..."

"It's the Weasley in me darling..."

Draco doesn't look too happy with me at the moment, so I lay back and stare at the ceiling for the time being.

"Oh and if you're thinking about doing that spell without my consent when I'm not expecting it, you're in for some major disappointment Draco. I will remember you did it against my wishes, and you're going to be sleeping in a whole different room for a very long time...And you can forget about having sex with me ever again. Do I make myself clear?"

I can see his teeth clench painfully at my threat, and I know he's entirely peeved at me, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Draco will get over it eventually...He'll have to, because I'm not backing down on this particular issue. I'll write down somewhere what Draco's contemplating, and if I suddenly forget things, I'll know exactly what he erased, and how entirely clear I made myself about this issue.

"Yes," Draco finally grits out, before heading towards the bathroom.

Obviously he has some tension he needs to get rid of, or he just wants to get away from me. Hell it's probably both of those reasons. I just let him go, leaning back against my pillows. They're nice and fluffy, instantly comforting me.

I hate making Draco mad, but I need to defend myself.

I hear the shower turn on, and sigh softly to myself. Draco's going to be mad at me for quite some time for going against what he wants. He's not used to being denied something he wants. Usually he gets anything, and everything he wants...No questions asked.

Well there's a new Malfoy in the manor, and she's not about to be pushed aside without her memory. I don't care how painful it is to remember that Draco's the one to kill his father. He's doing it for us...Which is what I need to remember.

I want Lucius dead, so why am I having such a big deal about it? Probably because I've never been exposed to Dark poisons or alleys before...It's something new to me, something I don't like. Plus the fact that Draco's the one doing it breaks my heart.

I wish he didn't have to, but he's not going to rest easy till he does. I know I won't either, so I'll just have to suck it up. Draco's doing this to protect me...Because he loves me...

And because I love him, I'm going to pretend as if nothing is wrong later, pushing this whole ordeal to the back of my mind. I will do anything to protect Draco, even if it means lying to Aurors if they start investigating the Malfoys. I know how to lie with a straight face, and I'll do anything to make sure Draco remains away from Azkaban, because he doesn't deserve to be there.

I'm sitting in bed, contemplating when Draco's going to off his father, while waiting for Draco. He's in the shower for almost an hour, and my heart doesn't stop racing till I hear the water shut off. I sigh with relief, letting my heart go back to normal pace now that I know he's okay in there.

Draco walks out with a towel around his hips a few minutes later, heading over to the wardrobe. He still looks unhappy with me. I feel my heart squeeze painfully at this, and slowly get out of bed and make my way over to Draco. He's dropped the towel to the floor by now, letting it land in a puddle by his feet. I lean against the wardrobe for support as I look at Draco.

He looks over at me with a sour expression then jumps slightly in surprise at seeing me there.

"Get back to bed Ginny...You shouldn't be up walking around."

I shake my head before crossing my arms. Draco slips some boxers on before he turns towards me fully, obviously not wanting to flash me his goods while he's angry at me. Well whatever...It's not like I haven't seen it before...multiple times...

"I'm not going back to bed till we resolve this fight."

"Well there's only one way I know with which we can resolve it..."

"I'm not letting you obliviate me."

"Well then I guess you'll just have to stand here all night...or sleep on the floor if you won't go to the bed..."

"Draco honestly...I'm your wife, and you know how much I love you. I know that you want to do this for me, but I can handle things on my own. I've done it before, and I can do it now too. It would help if you would take my side, but if you're not going to, then go ahead and be a stubborn arse. I can help you if people start investigating, because I don't want anything to happen to you..."

Draco snorts in disbelief that anything would ever happen to him. I shake my head at his foolishness, but he doesn't seem to care.

"Nothing is going to happen to me...I'm more worried about you. I don't want you to remember this horrible thing Ginny...I'm corrupting you with what you already know, and I can't stand it. I don't want you to know the horrible things that go on in our world. I want you to go on thinking everything's perfect and happy-go-lucky..."

"Well I don't want that...I want to remember. I was already corrupted because of the War Draco...You had nothing to do with my corruption. I know that Aurors are going to want to talk to each of Lucius's family members, and you're going to be a prime suspect Draco...I want to help you out, and protect you. I don't think I could handle it if anything happened to you Draco...I really don't think I could..."

"Oh Ginny," Draco says softly before grabbing me up into his arms.

I start crying again for the second time that day. I can feel Draco kiss the top of my head, whispering sweet words into my hair in the process.

"Nothing is going to happen to either of us, okay? I promise you that."

Draco grabs my face into his hands to make his point more clear.

"I don't want you lying to Aurors Ginny...If you don't remember what went on, then you wouldn't be lying. Plus they might try to read your mind, and see if you know any information..."

"I know Occlumency and how to produce fake memories if they try to read my mind, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, okay?"

"Okay," Draco agrees before kissing my forehead and heading to our bed.

I strip out of my clothes, before pulling on a nightgown. I make my way over to our bed, lying down next to Draco. Instantly he puts his arms around me, and I snuggle into his warm body. He holds me tightly, watching me as I slowly fall asleep.

I wake up when the sun is already burning brightly, quite high in the sky at this point in time. I look over at the clock, and groan when I realize it's already eleven in the morning. I slowly stretch, but Draco's arms are restraining me from moving much.

Turning towards my husband, I look him over. He looks so peaceful and angelic when he's sleeping. It's amazing how innocent someone can look with his eyes closed, and as soon as he's awake he is a completely different person. He's not evil or anything, but he's definitely what most would define as a bad boy. Especially if they only see his demeanor when he's out in public, and know of his history. He was not the best kid on the block to say the least.

But I love him despite his past, because the Draco he is now, is so completely wonderful. Sure he's not perfect or even close to innocent, but still he's trying to be a good husband. I can't help but love Draco.

He's fantastic...and I wouldn't change a thing about him!

I lay there, staring at Draco as he continues to sleep. He smiles in his sleep, causing me to grin in response. I love seeing Draco smile. Every time it causes my heart to beat faster, my stomach to fill with butterflies, and my body to react towards his.

Merlin he could get me wet just off his smile. It's a huge turn on, I must admit. It just looks so good on his face, brightening his already handsome and noticeable features.

I could easily pick him out of a crowd of people, because of his fair looks. Even if there were a bunch of people surrounding him, who looked similar, I'd be able to find Draco within a heartbeat. I'm drawn to him...and I can never look away from him because of how wonderful he is.

Plus no one could have his unnerving gray eyes...One's that see into my soul.

I sigh softly as I stare down at Draco some more. I wish he'd wake up already, so I could look into his beautiful silver eyes and take in the complete package. At the moment, his eyelashes are brushing against his pale cheeks, flutter softly as if he might awake.

I watch with baited breath, and feel my breath hitch in my throat when his eyes suddenly open. I'm already drowning in those cool, dark yet still sleepy eyes.

Draco slowly takes in his surroundings, and when he notices the fact that I'm staring down at him, he smiles up at me.

He grabs my chin before pulling my lips down to his. I sigh against his soft, warm lips as I kiss him back just as softly as he's kissing me. I can feel him pull me closer thus settling me on top of his muscular body.

I press myself closer to him, and slip on of my hands into his messy locks. I place my other hand on Draco's chest, tracing his amazing pecs with my fingers. Draco groans softly at my actions, wrapping one of his arms tightly around my waist, resting it on my bum. His other hand gets lost in my short curls, tilting my head back slightly as he traces my lower lip with his tongue.

A moan escapes my mouth at his actions, and Draco quickly slips his tongue in between my lips, caressing my warm mouth with tenderness and love. I press my hips against Draco's growing arousal, earning a throaty growl from my husband.

I can't help but laugh softly at his reaction, and I slowly pull away, utterly breathless. I take a couple deep breaths to regain my normal breathing before grinning down at Draco.

After placing my forehead against Draco's, I stare down at his eyes. Draco stares right back at me, our eyes never leaving one another's.


"Yes Ginny?"

"We need to come up with an alibi and discuss it thoroughly before we go ahead with the 'plan'. I know we're going to be interrogated separately, so we need to get our story straight."

Draco nods slowly before kissing me again quickly on the lips. When he pulls back, he licks his lips, causing me to laugh.

"Yummy...You taste good. Are you wearing lip gloss?"

I shake my head no before sighing. Draco and I shouldn't have to do this plan, but Lucius left us with no other options. Both of us are taking his threat or joke or whatever he wants to call it very seriously.

Lucius isn't one to play around, no matter the circumstances. He gets right to the point, which is why Draco feels the need to defend and protect me and our relationship. He's not going to let anything come between us or destroy our happiness.

Because that's who Draco is. He obviously thinks he signed up to be my protector the day we said I do. Not that I'm complaining...It's kind of nice having someone I love protect me, besides my annoying overprotective brothers. They just took things way too far...Especially concerning boys I happened to like.

They'd always been a nuisance, throwing a cramp into my dating life. Ron was the worst since he's only a year older, so he's by me a lot and he's the only one in school with me now so he feels the need to watch my every move and make sure I don't do anything wrong. I mean he's only one year older, and he's acting like dad or something. That's how bad he is.

Now he can't really do anything though, because I'm married. I'm not a baby anymore, and he's going to have to accept that fact.

I smile softly to myself.

I am so going to enjoy torturing him. I'm going to snog Draco to within an inch of his life, right in front of my brother. Maybe I will even climb on Draco's lap, straddling him as I kiss him senseless. Yes...That's a good idea.

Ron will be so peeved at me, but he won't be able to do anything since Draco and I are married. Plus Draco would definitely not appreciate Ron interrupting our snog session. Hell he'd probably slug Ron if he tried to stop me from making out with him. Draco doesn't like it when our little sessions are interrupted...especially our shagging sessions.

Not that we've had a problem with our shags getting interrupted. It could happen though when we go back to school...especially if we live in the Head Boy's room. If Ron's visiting Hermione, and Draco happens to conveniently forget to use a silencing charm, Ron would probably storm into the room as we're in the throes of passion to rip Draco away from me.

Then Draco would seriously hurt Ron...Although I'm not entirely sure if Ron would burst into the room. Sure he'd want to stop us from shagging, but he might be too afraid or embarrassed to walk into a room where his baby sister and her husband are going at it like animals.

If he did come into the room, he'd probably be bright red both from anger towards Draco, and embarrassment at seeing his sister doing something so naughty.

I would love to see the look on his face as he pulled Draco off me, both of us being completely naked. Draco would be furious at my brother, probably pummeling him within an inch of his life, once he'd covered himself up of course.

Well maybe he wouldn't cover himself up, because then Ron might get away. No Draco would probably just start beating him up naked.

I burst out laughing at the image of a naked Draco beating up a very red Ron. I roll off Draco, clutching my sides because I'm laughing so hard.

I can see Draco's head looming over mine, and he's looking down at me like I'm off my rocker...which he probably thinks is correct from the way I burst out laughing all of a sudden, for no apparent reason.

Oh well...He knew what he was getting into before he married me...

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