Title: Lost and Alone

Author: Icebox

Rating: PG-13/R (later maybe)

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Summary: A mission went horribly wrong and our favorite scientist has to learn to survive on his own.

Cold. It's so cold. Why does this always happen to me? The genius is always the one to suffer? Ow. Damn it's cold. Makes it all hurt worse. Rodney McKay thought as he lay shivering in the chilling, wet, stone cell that was doused in complete darkness.

The lone prisoner was in worse shape than his acommidations. The jacket he had a week before at that beginning of this extremely failed mission was long gone. His blue shirt was no longer blue, but in shreds and covered with dirt, mud, but mostly blood. His pants were in the same shape as his shirt and his socks and shoes were discarded with his jacket somewhere in the Pegasus galaxy.

I'm hungry. I hate being hypoglycemic. Not eating enough here. Carson's gonna be mad. He'll start lecturing me and he'll be so riled up that I can't understand him. Sheppard and Ford will laugh behind his back at his fussing. Elizabeth will smirk and look mildly concerned. Teyla will do that damn one raised eyebrow thing, the one you have to be alien to do, and look confused. Then I'll get a lot of food and sleep in a nice warm bed. All that needs to happen is for them to find me, Sheppard to scold me for not being that good at defending myself, and then they'll take me back to Atlantis. I just have to wait until they show up. I'm too valuable for them to leave behind. And Sheppard especially is all gung ho about nobody getting left behind. They won't leave me here.'

So lost in his thoughts, he didn't hear the footsteps that were coming for him again. He didn't notice the door open, dim light shinning into the rancid cell. He did finally notice when the two guards grabbed him by the arms, aggravating every bruise and broken rib in his mid-section, making him cry out in pain, and dragged him out of the cell, into a room and locked his wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling, making his shoulders scream in protest for holding the burden of the rest of his weight. The man he had come to hate the past six days stood in front of him, smiling.

"Dr. McKay, it seems we have finally found a use for you. You'll be disappointed to hear that as of tomorrow, you will no longer be our guest. By trading you, I'll finally get my son back. However, before you leave, we need to get a few things straight."

The man walked toward him with something that reminded Rodney of a crowbar, and pain. As his mind was engulfed in darkness, he sent out another plea, Where are you guys?

Elizabeth Weir was reminded of why she didn't like this type of command as she finished the first MIA report since arriving on Atlantis. It had been six days with no leads as to Rodney's location. Sheppard's team was ambushed on a deserted planet, leaving three of them unconscious and another missing. When they woke back up, they searched frantically for their missing teammate with Teyla reporting back to Atlantis to get reinforcements in the search that eventually turned up nothing. With no clues, she was forced to call off the search. Aiden, Teyla, Zelenka, Grodin, Beckett and others all voiced their objections, none louder than John, but there was nothing left to be found, and they all knew it. Their friend was lost in a galaxy too big to search. I'm sorry Rodney.

She closed the file, turned off the light and left her office. As she laid down on the bed in her quarters, she knew that like the previous six nights, she would get no sleep then either.

John Sheppard walked out onto the main balcony of Atlantis. It was late, but he gave up even trying to sleep a couple of days ago. McKay, where the hell are you? He sent out into the night and waited as if expecting an answer. He didn't get one.

A while later, he was joined by Teyla as she came and leaned against the balcony beside him, not longer after that, Ford joined them. None of them spoke, just stared out at the ocean illuminated by the light of the night sky, thinking about what might be happening to their lost friend, and vowing not to give up on him yet.

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