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Chapter 10

Into the Light

"Bloody hell, Rodney. Get you stubborn arse back in that bed," Carson yelled as he came out of his office only to witness a very weak Rodney McKay attempt to escape. Rodney stood there, gripping his IV pole and an extra for dear life as he tried to scuffle out of the infirmary.

"No, I wanna go home." That was one of the only few sentences that Rodney had spoken in a week. When he gave up his loosing fight of going back to his room, he would only say two other things: "Give me food" or Carson's personal favorite because of the snowballs chance in hell of him actually doing it was "Get me my laptop." Yea, right. You're out of yer bloody mind. Carson walked up to Rodney and started pulling him back towards his bed.

"Wrong way. Wanna go home." Rodney protested again as he tried to make this as hard on Carson as possible since he wasn't physically strong enough to resist, yet.

"Rodney, we've been through this before, I cannea release you yet. You barely made it 10 feet before you looked about to collapse. And no, you don't get yer laptop. I don't need you working yerself into exhaustion when yer body can't take it. So, here we are, back in bed. Rest. And if I see you up again, I'm getting the restraints." With that Carson went to check on his few other patients.

"Damn Voodoo witch doctor." Rodney muttered grumpily as he watched Carson walk away.

"Let me guess, Beckett still won't give you your laptop?" Rodney jumped as Sheppard walked over to him.

"No, but he said someone could bring it to me. He just doesn't want me to get it or to go get it himself. But I'm sure if you brought it-"

"Not a chance McKay. Don't think that fools me for a second." Sheppard said as he laughed at Rodney's attempt.

"I wanna go home." Rodney said again.

"Being a common resident here myself, that's something I completely understand."

"I wanna go back to work."

"Beckett won't let that happen for a while."

"I'm completely bored out of my mind."

"That's why I'm here"

"I'm starving. This food makes that uneditable stuff Bates' team brought back a while ago taste good."

"Ahh, I can also help you there, if you promise not to tell Beckett."

"I wanna…Huh?" Rodney visibly brightened. "Yea, I won't tell, what'd you bring?"

Sheppard grins and pulls out a Hershey's bar. McKay immediately grabs it out of Sheppard's hand, rips open the package, brakes off a square and savors it. Sheppard just laughs as Rodney takes off one more square, then folds the wrapper over and hides the rest. After he's done with his second piece, he turns on Sheppard.

"You've been holding out on me." He said as he glared at Sheppard who just laughed.

"I always carry around some sweets and stuff. Never know when you're going to go all hypoglycemic on me, so Beckett told me to carry around sugar. So I did."

"Oh…thanks." He mumbled and started playing with the sheets with his hands.

"So…nightmares slow down yet?" Sheppard asked.

Rodney glared at him for a second, then relaxed when he realized there was no ridicule there, just concern. "Slow down, but haven't stopped completely. I always knew the saying 'Don't let the bed bugs bite' wasn't as innocent as it seemed." He shivered a little as Sheppard looked down for a second, not wanting to show his distress to remembering the image of his friend after they pulled him out of that damn house. It's one of the reasons someone was always with Rodney at night. Ford, Teyla, Zelenka, hell even Bates had popped in one night, although that was mostly to keep Sheppard company, or at least that's what he liked everyone to believe. Rodney was the one to finally break the awkward silence.

"I really can't get you to sneak my laptop in here?"

"Rodney" an exasperated Sheppard muttered.

"Maybe if I challenge Bates or Ford with how they would never be able to slip it past Carson, their egos would pressure them into having to prove that they can."

"Nothing you try will work McKay." Sheppard said with that damn smirk on his face.

"And why is that Major?" Rodney replied in kind with his normal acidic tone.

"Beckett's threatened the entire base with experimental testing and an extremely complete physical if anyone even attempts to retrieve your laptop from your lab." He paused at Rodney's shocked expression and took a second to make sure his composure didn't crack, then continued. "He has the control panel somehow wired so that your lab only opens for Zelenka or Grodin and checks every night how much the door was opened, who opened it, and makes sure your laptop is exactly where it has been for the past four months." Sheppard had to bite his tongue to keep from losing it at McKay's expression. It took a while, but after a while, McKay finally was able to make sound come out of his mouth.

"Damn Voodoo witch doctor." Was all he muttered. Unfortunately, it's exactly when Beckett walked over.

"What was that Rodney?"

"Nothing, nothing." He was able to escape Beckett's wrath by yawning.

"Aye, well rest lad, your bodies still healin and you've been putting it under a lot of stress tryin to escape so damn much." Beckett smiled at them, then left on his rounds. McKay was fighting sleep.

"Ya know, I knew you guys would come for me, I was just wondering what was taking so long." There was no glare or anger in his voice, he was just stating fact.

"It took forever to find you. No one knew where they took the people they kidnapped." He stated as he watched Rodney slowly start to drift off, but still fighting giving in. "Rest Rodney, we'll be here when you wake up" Then with one last look at Sheppard, he closed his eyes and surrendered to sleep.

John leaned back in his chair, reached under the bed where he hid Rodney's laptop. Wonder how long it'll take Beckett to realize Rodney's laptop isn't the one in his lab. Please, don't let him figure out it's mine. He opened the laptop and begun to play solitaire on the scientist's laptop as its owner slept through the night for the first time since he woke up.

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