The Prophecy Begins…

From the outskirts of Jump City, where the stone figure stood,

A girl once made of flesh, not of stone or wood.

A fierce battle claimed her life; here she'll forever remain,

Forever, her heart shall be stained.

From the guilt look in her eyes, to the blood on her hands,

Her sins were forgiven; by people she once called friends.

From the heated floors below, a shadow figure will arise,

And its call would cry out to the night filled skies.

To a dark sorceress, its command shall be held;

Voices filled her mind, as the message is yelled.

Reality becomes mixed, confusing her so,

Her lips would part, and enchanted words now easily flow.

Levitating off the ground, as her meditation began,

Driving her rage back, as far as she can.

Her crimson red-cloaked rage threw down her blade;

A fighter's look held upon her facade.

For now she would give, allowing the girl rest,

For now she would hide, until the real test.

Voices remain echoes, lost in the girl's mind,

Incoherent thoughts, none of which were kind.

To kill her friends, and everything she loved most,

Over their dead bodies she would stand, smirking in boast.

Her skin changed to red, as her eyes flared like fire,

She would fly to the sky, higher and higher.

To the highest point, looking down to the cascade,

Rivers of blood flow free, for the prophecy shall be made.

To end all life, was her destiny since birth,

A prophecy of death, to all those on Earth.