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Pressman Inc.

Wednesday Afternoon:

It had been two days since Kim dropped Tommy off at the airport Monday night. Even though it had been a teary goodbye for Kim, she knew within a few days Tommy would be home. Sitting at her desk, Kim looked at the bouquet of flowers that had just arrived. Reading the card, she decided to call Tommy and thank him for the flowers.

Picking up the phone in her office, Kim dialed Tommy cell phone number. After three rings, an out of breathe Tommy answered.

"Hey beautiful."

"Hey yourself. By the way, thanks for the flowers. They're beautiful."

"Uh Kim. I would love to take credit for sending you flowers. But sweetheart, I didn't send you anything," said Tommy sounding a little confused.

"Are you sure?" asked Kim. "Because I am looking at the card and it says "Thinking of You" ."

"Oh I'm sure alright. Who the hell is sending you flowers Kim."

Just as Tommy was really getting into grilling Kim, Tyler walked passed her desk smiled and winked his eye at her.

"Tommy I'm going to have to call you back," said Kim hanging up the phone not even waiting for a response from Tommy.

Walking into Tyler's office Kim slammed the door behind her. Looking up from a stack of papers on his desk, Tyler noticed a look of pure anger on Kimberly's face.

"Can I help you?" asked Tyler.

"Yeah. You can start by not sending me anymore flowers."

Looking shocked as all get out, Tyler responded by saying, "Kim I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't send you any flowers."

"Tyler, I'm sorry that you think that I lead you on and that I hurt your feelings. But I love Tommy. I have always loved Tommy and always will love Tommy. So could you please not send anything else to me," said Kim in a pleading manor.

"I understand all of that Kim. Trust me I do. But you seem to not be hearing one important fact." Now standing his complete height of 6'1; looking across his desk at Kimberly. Tyler continued, "I did not send you any flowers. Maybe your boyfriend sent them to you. But I didn't."

"When I first got the flowers, Tommy was the first person that I called. Unfortunately, he said he didn't send them."

"So that obviously makes it me," said Tyler cutting her off. "Boy are you ego tripping."

"No I'm not. I'm just stating fact. Another fact is you were also the one that came to my house the other night unannounced."

"I came to your house as friend looking out for another friend. But trust me Kim, it will never happen again. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do," stated Tyler as he walked over to his office door and opened it to show Kimberly that their conversation was over with.

Feeling as if she had made her point, Kim walked out of Tyler's office. After closing his door, Tyler's face broke out into a smile. "Wow Kim! You are even sexier when you're mad," said Tyler walking back over to his desk.

Bally's Total Fitness Gym

Wednesday Afternoon:

Since having the day off from work, Rocky thought it would be a great idea to go to the gym and work off some of his tension. Having a pregnant girlfriend could be the happiest time of a guy's life, but it could also be the worst. Rocky loved the fact that Aisha was pregnant with his child even though it was unplanned. But her mood swings he could do without.

It seemed as though the littlest thing could set Aisha off. Just this morning, they had an argument over how the smell of Rocky's body wash made her want to throw up. As he started on yet another weight machine, Rocky thought back to how stupid this morning's argument was.


After being woken up from the noise of the blow dryer as Aisha blow dried her after her morning shower, Rocky went into the kitchen to fix him a bowl of cereal. Done with breakfast, he then heads to the bathroom for a quick shower. Coming back into the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist, Rocky notices a fully dressed Aisha looking at herself in the mirror and decides to give her a morning kiss.

As Rocky leans down to kiss her, Aisha gets a whiff of his body wash. With one hand over her mouth, Aisha pushes Rocky out of the way with her other hand and runs for the bathroom. Quickly sliding on a pair of boxers, Rocky goes into the bathroom where he finds his girlfriend flushing the toilet and then rinsing out her mouth over the sink.

"Are you okay?" asked Rocky as he rubbed her lower back.

Pushing him out of her, Aisha heads back to her bedroom while saying, "Do I look okay? You are so going to have to change that body wash."

"What's wrong with my body wash," said Rocky as he followed her.

"Did you not just see what happened? I got one whiff of you and had to go and pray to the porcelain God."

"There is nothing wrong with the way I smell. I happen to think I smell just great."

"Rocky you smell like a 78 year old man sitting in a nursing home with Bengay rubbed all over him while taking a shit in a bed pan," said Aisha as she finished applying her make up. "Not only did I not like the way you smelled, so did the baby. But if you think that's sexy by all means go right ahead. Just don't be expecting me to be around you."

Looking a little confused and hurt; Rocky replied, "Well I guess I'm going to have change soaps. Because whatever baby wants baby gets."

"Great! So I guess I'll see you later when I get off of work," stated Aisha as she got up to leave.

"Yeah," said Rocky as he went to give Aisha a good bye kiss.

"Unless you want me to throw up on you, I suggest you and those lips take at least two steps back." And with that she left.

End Flashback

Off in his own little world, Rocky never heard a word Adam said to him as he sat on the weight bench next to him adjusting the weights to start his own workout.

"Hey Adam when did you get here?" asked Rocky as he finally noticed his best friend.

"Dude, I have sitting here talking to you for the last five minutes. You didn't hear me. What's got you so out of it?"

"I love Aisha Adam. You know that."

"Of course I do," answered Adam.

"It's just that, she's only five months pregnant now and those mood swings are killer. I don't know if I can handle the other four. Just this morning she had a fit about my body wash. Now I have to change that."

"Rocky these little differences now are just a small price to pay for the lifetime of happiness you are going to have once Aisha has the baby. Can't you picture holding your son or your daughter in your arms? Just think about the first time they call you dada. It's all going to be worth it. So suck it up A cup."

"Thanks Adam. I really needed that little pep talk."

"Anytime," said Adam as he and Rocky continued to workout together.

Tip Toe Studios

Wednesday Afternoon:

Having finished teaching her last morning ballet class, Katherine headed to her office to check her messages just in case someone had called her while she was busy. As soon as Kat sat down in her chair her phone on her desk began to ring.

"Hello. Tip Top Studios this is Katherine speaking how may I help you."

"Well hello to you too gorgeous."

"Hey Jase. What's going on," answered Kat with a smile on her face.

"Oh nothing. Just wanted to see if my beautiful girlfriend would like to have lunch with me."

"Of course I would. Pick me up in ten minutes."

"Actually, I was hoping that you could meet me," said Jason.

"Sure. Where?" asked Kat as she began to get her things together so that she could leave.

"How about Sneakers. I know how much you love their chicken pitas."

"I'm leaving now. I will see you there in ten minutes. Bye."

"See you there baby," replied Jason as he hit the end button on his cell phone.

Sneakers Sports Bar & Grill

Wednesday Afternoon:

Sitting at a little table for two, Jason and Kat enjoyed their lunch together. After ordering their meal, the couple then made little chit chat. "Have you seen the way Tommy and Kim are acting toward each other lately," asked Kat. "I think we might be invited to a wedding before the year is out."

"I think that you are jumping the gun a little bit here sweetheart," replied Jason. "They just got back together Kat and you already have them as the new beaver family with a little house and white Pickett fence."

"So you are saying that it's not possible."

"No, that's not what I am saying at all," said Jason as he took a big bite out of his double cheeseburger.

"So then what are you saying?" asked Kat.

"I'm just saying give them time that's all. I mean Tommy can be a bit moody at times and well…. Kim…… she's Kim. What more can I say."

"I guess, but I still think that I am right. I still think there will be a wedding before the end of the year."

"You would. But who knows. You could be right about a wedding at the end of the year," said Jason looking into Kat's eyes with a tender smile on his face.

Garden's Inn Flower Shop

Wednesday Evening:

Upon entering the building, the ringing of the bell above the door was the only thing heard in the quite establishment. Looking up from her flower arrangement was a young girl in her early twenties. Upon noticing the customer, she smiled and said, "Back so soon."

After asking her question, the young girls smile faded quickly as she then threw a bunch of questions a mile a minute at the mysterious gentlemen.

"What's wrong? She didn't like the flowers. Oh my God were that awful. My aunt is going to kill me if I messed up another order."

"Calm down okay," said the man. "I'm sure she loved the flowers. You didn't mess up anything okay."

"Alright. So what can I do for you then since you're back."

"I want a dozen long stem white roses delivered to the same address. But this time I want them delivered at 2:30 pm."

"Okay anything else. A card or anything."

"Yeah. I want the card to say, "Whether we're together or whether we're apart, you're always first within my thoughts and first within my heart."

"That's really sweet."

"Thanks," said the gentleman as he paid for flowers and left.

Kim's Apartment:

Wednesday Night

"Come on Nick. It's time for your bath sweetheart," yelled Kim as she put the last of Nick's bath toys in the tub for him to play with.

Before Kim could and retrieve her son, her house phone began to ring. Picking up the cordless phone, Kim answered it as she made her way to Nick's room to get him and put him in the tub.


"Beautiful do you know how long I have been waiting for you to call me back."

"Well hello to you too Tommy. How was practice?" asked Kim very calmly.

"Never mind my practice. What did he have to say?"

"What did who have to say," said Kim as she splashed water around the tub with Nick.

"You know who Kim. Tyler. What did Tyler have to say about those flowers on your desk?"

"He says he didn't do it. But trust me Tommy, Tyler knows that I want nothing to do with him and sending me flowers won't change my mind."

"I guess. But he shouldn't have ever sent them."

"Tommy we don't know for sure if he did send them. Don't worry about it okay."

"Mommy I'm all clean now," said little Nicky as he stood up in the tub.

"You sure are sweetheart. Lets get you dry and into your pj's."

"Let me talk to him."

"Fine." After Kim got Nicholas out of the tub and dried him off, she handed Nick the phone and let him talk to his father.


"Hey buddy how's it going," asked Tommy.

"Hey daddy. I made a mask at school with red, blue, and yellow paint."

"That's great. I can't wait to see it. Have you been a good boy for your mother?"

"Yes. I gotta go daddy. I love you," and with that said Nick gave his mother back the phone.

"You should have seen him when I picked him from daycare today. He was so excited to show me mask that he made," said Kim as she let the water of the tub and picked up Nick's discarded clothing as she made her way into her room.

"I can't wait to come home and be with you two. After this trail run, I can home but I have to be back out here in two weeks for the actual race. This is just to see what place I will start in."

"Alright. Well I will be there tomorrow night to pick u up from the airport."

"Okay. Well tell Nick that I love him. And Kim…….."

"Yeah Tommy."

"I love you beautiful."

"I love you to handsome."

Pressman Inc.

Thursday Afternoon

Kimberly had been her best to avoid Tyler all day. It started this morning when Kim was running down the hall to catch an elevator only to find the only person in the elevator being Tyler.

"Are you getting on the elevator or what," asked Tyler.

"Seeing as though I don't have a choice……."

"There's always the stairs beautiful."

"Didn't I tell you not to ever call me that," stated Kim with a touch of anger in her voice.

"Look, are you getting on or not," said Tyler. He watched as Kim just stood there with her arms crossed. When she did not move he quickly hit the door close button. Once the doors closed, Tyler let a huge grin play across his face.

After the little confrontation this morning, Kim thought that she was done dealing with Tyler for the rest of the day. That was until she saw a delivery man coming towards her. After signing for the package that was addressed to her, Kim opened the long box and discovered a dozen of white long stem roses. Searching for a card Kim found one at the end of the box. Upon finishing reading the little card that was attached, Kim stormed into the office that she was beginning to know so well.

"You should have received those papers two hours ago sir. I faxed them to you myself." After hearing the door to his office slam, Tyler turned around in his seat and saw a very angered Kim marching towards him.

"Can I call you back sir. Thank you." As soon as he hung up the phone a small hand came hard across his face.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR," yelled Tyler holding his face after Kimberly slapped him.

"That was ignoring my wishes and annoying the hell out of me by still sending me flowers after I asked you not to."

"For the last time, I did not send you any flowers. I thought we got past this yesterday," said Tyler standing to his feet.

"So you mean to tell me that once again, you had nothing to do with the flowers that I just receive five minutes ago," spoke Kim with her arms crossed in front of her facing Tyler not backing down.

"YES! But I will tell you this." Looking her square in the eye, Tyler stated, "If you ever put your hands on me again, I will call the police and press charges and I will ask for your resignation at this company."

"You are not my boss."

"No I am not. But hitting another co-worker is against company policy and you could lose your job."

"You just better leave me alone," said Kim as she left out of Tyler's office.

Once his door closed, Tyler spoke, "We'll see who gets the last laugh Kim."

Angel Grove International Airport:

Thursday Night

Going over the days events in her head, Kim never heard the announcement of Tommy's plane landing. It wasn't until a pair of hands covered her eyes did she notice that time must have pasted her by.

"Hey there beautiful. Missed me," said Tommy as he came to stand in front of her.

"I sure have," said Kim as she turned around and kissed him passionately.

"Whoa. I could get used to coming home to that. Where's the little man?"

"He is spending the night over Kendall's. I wanted it to be just you and me tonight," said Kim as she and Tommy made their way to baggage claim to get Tommy's luggage.

Tommy' Condo Apartment:

Thursday Night

Getting settled back in at home proved to be difficult seeing how Tommy had left his luggage in the back seat of his car. Grabbing his bags off the back seat, Tommy noticed a long box lying across the back floor that he did not notice when he put his luggage in there earlier. Picking up the box and opening it, he noticed a dozen long stem white roses and a card. After reading the card and seeing that it had today's date on it, Tommy grabbed his things along with the box slamming his car door and stormed into his house.

Hearing the front door close, Kim made her way down stairs never noticing the angry look on Tommy's face and asked, "Are you hungry. Cause if you are I can for some take out if you'd like."

"What I would like is an explanation for these," stated Tommy as he showed her Kim the box of rose.


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