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A/N This is my first attempt to write LOTR fanfic even though its been many years since I have fallen in love with Lord of the Rings. The story contains scenes from the books and the movies.


Panic engulfed me.

I'm going to die. I'm going to die.

My breathing came in short gasps. I tried to clear my mind and slowly I regained control of my emotions.

I looked around. Trees, trees and more trees.

I got myself in this mess and that means I can get out of it too, right…right?

In case you're wondering, I was lost in a forest. It was my fault actually. I was trekking with my family in one of the many forested islands of South East Asia. We were in a holiday and were staying in a resort. While trekking, I came up with a genius idea of getting lost in the nature reserve. Not too deep mind you. Just deep enough to be lost but near enough to found easily. I thought it will be fun seeing how my parents and brother react. I thought it would be a great adventure. God knows my life needed those. It was soooooo boring.

Flashback over. It's been two miserable stinking wet days. No one has found me yet. The sudden realization that I might die here had me a little unsettled. That's all.

(I ran around the trees screaming "I going to die. I'm going to die.")

Tired, hungry, dispirited, I leaned against a tree and slid down and promptly fell asleep.

"Child?" a voice called out gently.

"Go away," I mumbled.

"Child!" the voice a little bit more forceful. "Wake up."

I drowsily opened my eyes, barely suppressing a yawn.

Two blue eyes looked at me. I blinked.

Who the hell in my family had blue eyes?

It was an old man dressed in some rags. I stiffened as my memories came crashing down.

"Sir," I said, my voice sounding pretty desperate. "Do you know the way out? Please ,sir, I am lost."

"Who are you child?" the old asked me. "Where are you from?"

"Tropic Sands Resort, sir." I replied. "Have you heard of it? It's a famous one. My parents are there, sir. They must be frantic with worry by now. Do you know the way there? And I'm Deeksha. Deeksha Chandra, by the way."

The old man looked at me with what I would call a shrewd look later.

"Come, child," he said. "I'll take you there."

"You will, sir?" I said, surprised. I only expected directions.

His answer was to turn and walk.

"You can call me Gandalf, if you want," he called back.

"Call you what?" I sputtered.

"Gan-dalf," he pronounced slowly.

"I know what you said!" my voice immediately mistrusting. "What are you? Some kind of fan of him or something? You're not Gandalf."

"I assure you, child, I am Gandalf," he said. "I'll be able to prove that to you once we reach Lothlorien. We may find a map which shows of the Tropic Sands which you speak of in there."

"Look buddy," I said my temper flaring as my patience ran thin. "For the last time we are not in Middle Earth and you are not Gandalf of the Istari. And we are also not going to Lothlorien, okay? Just take me where I can talk to some SANE people."

"Alright, child," he said.

His eyes were twinkling with suppressed humour.

God of all people who could have rescued me, I had to be rescued by a bloody senile guy who thinks he is in Middle Earth.

Life was too cruel.

I checked my watch again. We have been walking for half an hour already.

The old guy kept giving me curious looks but I ignored him. I was far more pre-occupied with the trees around me.

They were so bloody tall and beautiful. Look I'm no tree-hugger, but really, these trees were breath-taking. I guessed it was the end of winter. The floor was strewn with dried leaves giving the entire place a golden look. The trees were just beginning to bloom. I could stare at the emerald green of the leaves for forever. Then I saw a single white flower on full bloom on a low lying branch.

It was Mother Nature at her prime.

"Welcome to Lothlorien, child." The old man said, breaking my reverie.

"Look, didn't I…" my words died even as they left the mouth.

Fatigue caught up with me and simply overwhelming shock overrode my brain. I fainted.

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