Summary: Ginny comes back to school well developed. She's got a renewed sense of style and all of this has caught the eyes of many of Hogwarts' good-looking boys.

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Chapter One: All Things New

Virginia Weasley stood in front of the full length mirror, up in her room at the Burrow. She was shocked at how much she had changed over the summer. For one thing, her father had gotten a promotion at work, which gave her more money for clothes.

For example, she was wearing a low-cut long sleeved black shirt, that showed off several important "assets" she had gained over the summer. Her medium length, plaid skirt revealed that the only Weasley girl had legs. The one thing she was extremely grateful for, was the fact that she now had hips. She also loved that she still had small feet. Her mother had bought her brown shoes that made the outfit she was wearing look adorable.

Her hair reached mid-back and wasn't frizzy anymore, thanks to a straightening charm Hermoine had taught her. Hermoine herself had transformed as well. Even though she had long before developed, she now had style. She'd gone shopping with Ginny and they'd both decided that it'd be better if they transformed together.

Ginny then leaned closer to the mirror and put eyeliner above and below her eyes. She then applied some shiny gloss Hermoine had bought at some Muggle beauty shop.

"Gins, we're due to leave in an hour," Hermoine reported, as she walked into Ginny's room.

Ginny nodded and smiled at her best friend. Hermoine came to the Burrow for the last three weeks of summer. It gave her a much needed break from her eight-year old sister, Tilly. And it wasn't as if Mrs. Weasley minded, she never noticed there was one more mouth to feed.

Hermoine's new clothes suited her well. It was a subtle yet noticeable change. She was wearing tight hip huggers, a pink shirt, and white flip-flops. The two hadn't bothered to change into their school robes yet, they'd do that on the train after everyone had caught a glimpse of them.

Ginny pulled her trunk over to her bed. She pushed one set of school robes to the side, as well as her wand. She put her potions book, seventh years edition (she's in advanced Potions) in her trunk along with her Care of Magical Creatures book, sixth year edition.

"I wonder how Ron and Harry are doing with the whole Quidditch thing," Hermoine remarked, as she folded several pairs of socks and laid them in her trunk.

Ginny shrugged as she packed her clothes on top of her school books. As she folded a black tank top, she though of how someway her brother Ron had made the Gryffindor quidditch team captain instead of Harry. Harry though that he was top choice, but turns out he was still the teams seeker.

As if on cue, Ron burst into Ginny's room, without knocking, and Harry trailing close behind him.

"We're leaving in ten minutes," he informed the two girls.

Ron had gotten rather tall, but still was quite lanky. He'd grown his hair out a little over the summer and he already had his school robes on.

Harry on the other hand, was just as tall as Ron, but actually had muscles. He'd gotten rid of his glasses somehow or another, Ginny didn't bother to listen to the detail of his life. His hair was shaggy and he was constantly shaking it out of his green eyes.

"Okay, we're almost done packing. Stop being so bossy, you're starting to sound like mum," Ginny informed him as she snapped her trunk closed.

"Have you guys seen Sparky?" Hermoine questioned as she got on her hands and knees and searched under Ginny's bed.

Ron rolled his eyes. "What is it with you and that damn cat," he spat as he left the room, Harry again trailing after him, but not before sending Ginny a longing stare she didn't care to catch.

"I love Sparky…" Hermoine said, a tinge of hurt in her voice. Ginny had given Sparky to Hermoine after Crookshanks, her first cat, had been trampled at the end of last year.

Sparky was a rare kitten. He was a dusty lavender color and had light blue eyes that always made you smile. The only other color that adorned the small kitten was the pink ribbon always around his neck and the small blotch of black at the end of his tail.

"Sparky," Hermoine squealed as she fished the small kitten out of her trunk. Ginny shook her head. Hermoine loved that cat!

"Virginia! You two girls hurry it up! We're loading Harry and Ron's trunks as we speak." Mrs. Weasley's voice rang up to Ginny's room.

"Coming Mum," Ginny called back. She grabbed a hold of one end of her trunk with one hand and gathered her robes and wand in the other.

Hermoine followed after her, trunk and Sparky with her.

"Ready for the new us?" Ginny looked at Hermoine as she walked up next to her at the bottom of the stairwell.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Hermoine answered, dragging her things outside.

End Chapter One: All Things New

Artemis: Yes, I finally got around to typing this up for Sporky…

Yes, I finally got around to typing this up for Sporky…

Sporkchild: So now ya gotta review and tell me what you think. It's almost a completed story on paper!

So now ya gotta review and tell me what you think. It's almost a completed story on paper!