Okay so I wrote the Max in the box chapter in Moving On to get the thought out of my head. I had needed a place where Max would have thought a lot about Logan and what might happen in the future and of course trapped in the box for a week made perfect sense. Of course then that led to my thinking of the whole Season 2 as a hallucination, I know this has been done before, but waking up stories have always been a favorite of mine.

I don't really know how I feel about this story, I think I like the concept of it more than I like my attempt at writing it. Still I wrote this chapter over a week ago and I can't think of how I'd change it, so I'm posting mostly for the fact that there are waaaay too many MA stories on the board at the moment (Yea I opened a MZ one a few days ago…An ML fan should know better by now. I open to Logan being a pyscho…I am sooo not okay with that). Okay hope you don't hate and if you do please reply and tell me so, so I don't attempt this any further and as always reply if you want to see more of the story. Thanks for giving this a try.

Outside of the Box

The light was blinding, her eyes slammed shut in pain as her body fell to the side, into waiting arms. Her senses were being attacked, sounds, smells, the blinding light…There were too many stimuli for her to focus on, everything was just a blur…Her body screamed in pain being forced out of contortion. His name was on her lips to cry out until she remembered where she was thanks to that voice.

"10 days 452, I've got to hand it to you, you lasted almost twice as long as any of the X-series."

Her body was stretched out despite the groans she couldn't keep inside and strapped down.

"State your designation" the voice came over her as others slid needles into her arms to re-hydrate and nourish her.

She forced her eyes to open, the pain was already receding, "X5-452."

"I know you're just playing along" the cold dark eyes said over her, her lips forming a twisted smile that Max was becoming too familiar with. "Doesn't matter"

Max showed no visible signs of emotion as she stared blankly up.

"We've figured out a way to destroy Eyes Only without your help. Send her in." Renfro said stepping back from the gurney to a soldier standing by the door.

Max's eyes fell to the door, she blinked, she just saw herself walk into the room.

"452, meet 453. She's been watching you." Renfro said leaning over her again, "All those times you thought no one was watching you, as your eyes would fill up with tears." She smiled and titled her head, "You were smart I'll give you that, you'd be amazed at how many people talk to themselves when they think they're alone. You didn't." She shook her head, "You know Deck always said you were the best. You weren't particularly remarkable as a child though…Now…" she shook her head again, "It's a shame we'll never be able to let you out into the field."

Once more Max had to fight herself not to show any signs of emotion, she was never going to be free.

"453 will do your job for you. Whatever relationship you had with Eyes Only will be his downfall. He'll be so thankful you're alive, until you kill him." she ended with a smile.

No, no, they can't…They don't know Logan is Eyes Only…They won't be able to find him…

"She's being sent Seattle at 0500 hours. Can you imagine him seeing her for the first time? Of course this would have been quicker if you just worked with us a little, but I'm sure within a month they will have somehow found each other…" An unnatural smile formed on her face, "I'll make sure she takes pictures when it's all over, so you can see what poison you really are and know that as he takes his last breath, it will not only be your fault. He'll think you're the one who killed him."

Max's mind couldn't control her body and her eyes grew wide with hate and she flared out against the restraints.

"It's of no use 452, you're ours…Until we have no further use of you that is." Her head turned away from Max to a tech standing nearby.

"Director are you sure? We really should wait until her"

"Now" she snapped

Max watched as the middle aged man approached her with a needle in his hand, she bit back a laugh, how many times were they going to try drugging her, hadn't they already proven it didn't work.

"Come close 453, I want you to watch this."

Max's twin moved to the opposite side of the gurney since the tech was next to Renfro.

Max's eyes moved down in confusion as she realized the tech wasn't going for her arm, he pushed the back of her pants down slightly and she felt the needle going into the top side of her butt. It was over and done within seconds, but Max was still confused.

Renfro's face came into view again, expressionless, "You destroyed our DNA lab Max" she said her name with a bite. "We need something to implant in our surrogates and after all you are the best of the best."

Max's eyes widened again and she took a deep breath trying avoid any further shows of pain.

"See that's what you need to learn to do." she pointed at Max's face to her twin, "It's all in her eyes. He'll believe you if you can do that. You're dismissed." she nodded after a moment of watching.

"Poison Max. That's what you are. Your brother died for you, now your lover is going to. Though thanks to you part of your brother will live on…It's only fitting right after all, he gave up his life so you could live."

"What do you want?"

"Eyes Only for now"

Max remained expressionless.

"That's what I thought. No matter, she will eventually find him or he will find her. He's going to be so happy to see you…You have no idea how much trouble he's become. But this face is going to stop all of that." Renfro's fingers brushed over the side of Max's face.

Yea did I mention I had major issues with that whole breeding partner thing? Pregnant x-series, don't work for me.