Chapter 1 – Coming Back

By wrestlinggal

Disclaimer: All characters belong to WWE or themselves.

Amy Dumas hurried down the hall trying to find a quick place to hide from Eric Bischoff. Hearing him get closer Amy ran into the nearest locker room not bothering to see if there was a name above the door. Backing away she bumped right into something very hard, very warm, and very male.

"What the hell..." Paul trailed off as he looked into the hazel eyes of Amy. Smirking he said, "Well, well Amy now that your back have you decided you'd rather have a real man instead of the wimp Matt Hardy? I'll admit I've seen you eyeing me before and let me tell you, you aren't too bad looking yourself."

Amy looked at him disbelieving before she let out a snort of laughter. "Eyeing you? Yeah, right Paul. As for you being more of a man than Matt I'd have to say even though you're "The Game" you must not be that great if you lost Steph to people like Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho."

Eyes narrowing Paul took a step closer to Amy. "Well, Amy since you seem to like playing games so much how about I show you how fun my "game" can be?" Before she could respond Paul slanted his mouth over hers covering her protest.
Shifting his weight slightly he reached behind her to lock the door.

Amy struggled to regain thought, as Paul lifted his hands and cupped her breasts. Thumbing her nipples he turned them into hard peaks making her moan. Smirking Paul put his hands on the top of her shirt and let it go with a satisfying rip. Before she lost control Amy pushed Paul back but Paul wasn't about to let her go. Ignoring her struggles he lifted her up and pushed her back onto the couch. Throwing caution to the wind Amy wrapped her legs around him and began pushing his pants down. Paul got up and quickly shed his clothing and then got to work on Amy's clothing. Once they were skin to skin he pushed her legs apart and began working his fingers into her.

Amy threw back her head and barely managed to remember that they were in locker room catching Paul's head she ordered, "Kiss me," he did as she ordered. Lifting her hips he cupped her bottom and slammed into her, realizing she was about to cum he covered her mouth with his so no one would hear her scream. Continuing to thrust Paul groaned as he came also and trembling dropped on top of her. Realizing how she probably couldn't hold his weight he shifted and lifting her placed her on top of him settling her just so.

"So how was the "game"." he asked arrogantly.

Amy lifted her head and her eyes cleared abruptly. "Oh my God." with that single sentence Amy realized what she had just done. True she wasn't with Matt anymore but still. Struggling to get off of Paul she grabbed at her clothes putting them on quickly.

"And just where the hell do you think your going?" Paul asked sitting on the couch and pulling on his pants.

"Away from you, away from this room, away from what just happened." Amy snapped.

Paul narrowed his eyes his mouth tightening. "Look, I know you don't like me and I sure as hell don't like you, but that was, that was something."

Amy shook her head disagreeing. "No, no it wasn't that was casual sex. Nothing more nothing less. A mistake." Pulling on her shirt Amy groaned looking at the tear. "That's just great."

"Here." Paul said holding out a "Game" t-shirt.

"Thanks." Pulling it on Amy started walking to the door. Pulling it open she saw Paul's hand slam it shut.

"You're not going anywhere."