An Understanding Love

Okay, a new story of mine.

Warning; OCs, they're there to keep the story moving and to cause conflicts, nothing more.

Also, before I'm asked, David Willington II is not an OC (at least not completely). If you watch episode two of Mobile Suite Gundam Wing, the blond boy who fenced against Heero is David, I just gave him the name since he had none in the series. So, technically, he's not an OC.

"We have achieved and maintained peace for twelve years since the Christmas Rebellion, and we have survived without the use of mobile suites of any kind. The introduction of the Labor Suites may provoke hostility from both the Earth and the Space. As for the laborers, if the government can help provide the correct training, we could give these workers careers in space construction. Having spoken to several workers myself, they have assured me that if training was provided, they would earnestly take up another career," Relena explained, concluding her speech to the representatives of colony L-4S2990.

It was amazing to know that even after thirteen years of officially being the new Vice Foreign Minister, that some issues were still left unresolved, such as what to do with the remaining mobile suite manufacturing plants on Earth, as well as in the colonies.

There were many who thought to destroy the plants and to build new business buildings or apartment complexes. Those people who thought this way were mostly the politicians who didn't take into account of the many workers still employed at the plants, erasing the years of compiled mobile suite plans, programming, and research, as well as hunting out and reporting any illegal scrapes of mobile suites that the Preventers may have missed..

Relena wasn't among the politicians out to destroy the factories; she had gone and spoken to the labors at the plants to get an idea how many other jobs would be available to them. Not many apparently.

Without the need to make armaments, the workers were left basically with very limited jobs in limited fields. Sure, some could learn an entirely new career or try to find one similar but with a lot less pay.

Taking all of these factors into account, Relena had decided to propose to both Earth and the Colonies that if the plants were to be destroyed then to provide the workers with some other means by which to make a livelihood.

There was also the option to have these plants manufacture new mobile suite called Labor Suites, recently proposed by the representative of Russia. The mobile suites from the Eves' war that had yet to be destroyed would be reformatted so that they could be used to help in heavy labor on both Earth and, most especially, in the Colonies. Only this time, there would be no weapons built in or for the mobile suites.

Not very keen on the idea, Relena presented an alternative idea to the colonial representatives, repeatedly telling them that it was Russia's representative's idea for Labor Suites, not Earth's. Even her grandfather, Marquis Weridge, tried to persuade the representatives on Earth that there was no need for any mobile suites of any sort. Whether it be for labor or not.

It wasn't working out very well and the Colonies weren't very optimistic about the prospect either, much to Relena's relief.

"Take your time to review the proposal and call me when you have come to a decision. Thank you gentlemen for your time," Relena concluded her speech.

Stepping down from the platform to the protective arms of David Willington II, Relena heaved a sigh of relief. Her speech was over with and that was all that mattered, for the moment.

"You okay?" David whispered in Relena's ear as he escorted her to her seat.

"I'm fine," Relena assured, sitting down for the concluding speech.

"If you say so," David shrugged, moving off toward the nearest exit, to speak into his sleeve microphone.

Sitting up tall although the conference hurt her back, Relena listened intently to the closing speeches made by her rival, Dorothy Catalonia. It had not surprised Relena to find Dorothy in politics or to be representing the opposite opinions of Relena.

"This concludes the meeting of colony L-4S2990, next week we shall discuss this matter further," stated Representative Norwood, replacing Dorothy's place at the podium.

Gathering her coat and bag of notes, Relena headed toward David when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, Relena came face to face with Dorothy, the first time in five years.

"Dorothy," Relena acknowledged with a welcomed smile.

"Ms. Relena," returned Dorothy, "it's good to see you again after all these years. How's life?"

"Busy," Relena replied with a tired smile. "How about you and…"

"William, its William Gussenburg now. He's well, he's watching our little boy while I'm here touring the space colonies for political reasons," she answered positively.

It was common knowledge for anyone who read the papers that William Gussenburg was Dorothy's third husband in six years, and she had two children; one for her current marriage and the other from husband number two. Relena was a bit envious of Dorothy, but refused to let it show visibly.

"What about you? Any man that the newspapers and tabloids don't know about yet?" Dorothy winked suggestively.

Most people had assumed that Ms. Relena Darlian would have been married and with child by the age of 25, yet she stood as a very single woman of 28 years. How different reality was from the expectations of others.

"No," Relena responded automatically. It had become almost second nature to Relena to answer 'no' to any question dealing with her love-life.

"Oh…" Dorothy was about to say more but she noticed a tall, blond man approaching them in a dress down Preventers uniform.

"Pardon Ms. Darlian, but Pagan awaits you with the car," David informed his charge with only the barest of glances at Dorothy.

"Thank you David," Relena nodded before turning her attention back to her old friend and rival, "will you walk with me, Dorothy?"

Still eyeing David as he moved to the exit, Dorothy nodded, "I would like to very much. Parker, tell Roger to have the car waiting out front." A bald man in a navy suit who had been stationed behind Dorothy the entire time stepped backward.

"Yes ma'am," he nodded, he was obviously Dorothy's private bodyguard as he was not attired in any form of Preventer uniform.

"Lead on," Dorothy smiled, gesturing for Relena to take the lead.

Taking the offered role of leader, Relena went to the door, held open by David which she thanked him for, and continued down the hallway to the stairs. As a politician, Relena absolutely refused to take elevators, especially after one hostage incident ten years ago.

At least Wufei had been able to take control of the situation with the help of Heero… Relena thought.

"Who's the lap dog?" Dorothy whispered, having caught up to Relena. When the Vice Foreign Minister gave her a questioning expression, Dorothy discreetly gestured toward David.

"Oh…David Willington II, an old classmate, now my head of security," Relena answered, throwing a backward glance at David. He was to busy glancing around for the other Preventers roaming about to notice Relena's glance.

"He's cute, are you two…?" Dorothy trailed suggestively as they traveled down the escalator.

No longer the innocent, naive 15 year old, Relena knew Dorothy's meaning. Ever since Heero had left the Preventers eight years before, several people in and out of the media who wished to know Relena's love life. Such as who was she seeing, was she seeing anyone, who was this person, why was she seen with this representative or minister? It was truly annoying.

"No," she answered, stepping off the escalator, "he's only my friend and bodyguard."

"With benefits," added Dorothy with a wink.

Relena sighed, no one could take a simple, straightforward answer anymore without saying or thinking that there was still something more beyond what they saw or were told.

Opening her mouth to reply, Relena felt someone wrap an arm around her waist and yank her away. It all happened so fast that Relena hadn't quite realized what was going on until she felt the cold barrel of a semi-automatic at her right temple.

Not again, was Relena's first thought. This was the third hostage situation she had found herself in within the last year, and Relena was starting to feel a bit numb to it all, but not numb enough to not realize that the person could still potentially kill her.

"Listen up, don't anyone try anything or the Vice Foreign Minister gets it!" an enraged yet hesitant voice announced.

Feeling her legs tremble slightly, Relena took a few deep breaths to compose herself; this was not the time to panic. Also, it seemed that this was no random hostage situation as person holding her captive knew exactly who she was.

Instinctively, any Preventer in the area reached for his or her Colt 45 to aim at the terrorist.

David was the first to speak, without his Colt 45 drawn. "Don't shoot, you might hit Ms. Darlian!" he yelled to the other Preventers, taking a few steps forward.

Hesitantly, the Preventers lowered their weapons, allowing David to open up negotiations.

"Hey, what's your name?" David asked, holding up his empty hands for the person to see that he had nothing on him at the time.

"Don't give me that shit!" the man shouted, waving the gun dangerously, making Relena uneasy that he might accidentally shoot someone. The man had no experience in taking someone hostage apparently.

"What is it that you want?" Relena muttered, she didn't wish for the man to shoot anyone, intentionally or unintentionally. Plus, she wished to have the situation taken care of as quickly as possible, with no causalities.

"Shut up you," he growled in her ear, "it's all because of your little proposition that I'm even doing this. You want peace still Minister Darlian?" Relena nodded. "Then keep all mobile suites out of this world!"

"I'm trying, but these things take time. People need time to deliberate the issue before passing judgment," she reasoned with him in a soft, calm voice.

The man put the gun back to her temple, jabbing it into her skin roughly. "Shut up you, just shut up!"

"Relena," David interjected, "keep quiet for now."

"You too, shut up!" the man barked, pressing the butt of the gun to his forehead. Relena felt the guy begin to shake a bit and heard slight sniffles as though he were crying. "My little girl was killed by one of those damned machines." His spoke with a softened, somber tone that invoked the sympathies of anyone who heard him.

"How old was she?" David gently inquired, now they were getting somewhere, some information about the no-named man.

"Eighteen, a newly turned adult and she had to go into the military when OZ was recruiting for its space forces. She died at the lunar plant," explained the man, tearing up at the corners of his eyes before they turned cold. "Now, she's," he gestured with his gun to Relena, "unable to prevent it from ever happening again!"

Keeping her eyes on David, Relena waited for him to make his move, any move that he had been planning while standing there with his hands out in the open so that the man would feel less threatened.

"Listen, no one has to get hurt, just put the gun down. Nice and slow," David assured.

The man gave him a mocking glare. "How stupid do you suppose I am? I was a negotiator for this colony at one time, so don't give me that bull shit!"

Putting down his hands, slowly, David then asked, "Okay, what are your demands?"

"Ms. Darlian in exchange for the vote against mobile suite labor," the man bargained.

"How much time do we have?" David questioned.

"One hour and use that hour wisely, or the Vice Foreign Minister might find her picture on the front page for a bloody reason."