An Understanding Love

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Silence (n.): something that can be described in several ways, such as comfortable, companionable, tense, uncomfortable, ect. The silence being shared in Heero's truck was far from comfortable as there was too much tension and it was overall unnatural.

Having known Relena for thirteen years and was her head of security for three of those years, Heero knew that it was unlike Relena to be so quiet. Not that he was complaining about the silence, it was fine with him, but he knew that it was very unlike Relena especially when she probably had many questions to ask him. Heero had not known Relena for being relatively quietly or secluded.

But people can change in eight years, he reminded himself.

"So how did you persuade Lady Une to let you be in charge of me?" Relena sighed.

Feeling a smirk touch the corner of his mouth, Heero replied, "No one else was available and you will be safe here."

"Course," she muttered, staring out the window at the dark landscape. She was tired, she really was, but she wasn't about to fall asleep in the truck and give Heero the opportunity to carry her inside. Romantic as it was, there would be no feeling behind it, and she wasn't about to put her hopes up despite her inner romantic urges. "Where are we going?"

"To my house," her 'bodyguard' answered automatically, reaching across Relena to open the glove compartment while his eyes were trained to the road. Pulling out a wallet from the compartment, Heero snapped it closed and dropped the wallet on Relena's lap. "Your new identity is in there along with a background story, should anyone inquire."

Clicking on the overhead light, Relena opened the brown leather wallet and slipped out her identification card. "Relena Goldman? Wow, real original," she commented, sarcasm creeping into her voice. "Don't you think anyone's going to comment about how much I look like me, Relena Darlian? Or how rare a name Relena is?"

"You wouldn't have liked being called by a completely different name," Heero simply stated.

"That's rather presumptuous of you Heero, aren't you the one who said, 'Assumptions lead to mistakes'?" Relena challenged. She would not have minded being referred by a different name but she had to admit that with a new name she might slip up. Might.

"I know you too well Relena, so it's not an assumption."

"You haven't known me for eight years, Miles, so it is an assumption," Relena pointed out as she read her 'background'. "Relena Goldman: Twenty-eight years old, born March third, nice change, After Colony 180 at Elizabeth Hospital in London, former England. Well, at least you kept it consistent that I'm originally from Europe."


"Entered Ann Gilliam's Orphanage at the age of two and adopted by the Goldman family at the age of seven. Wow, it almost parallels my real history," Relena remarked, trying to get a rise out of Heero, even if it was virtually impossible. "Father is a lawyer and mother is a teacher. I moved to Japan at the age of nine to attend the St. Gabriel Institution while staying with Aya and Michael Davidson, and son, Miles Davidson. Relationship: aunt, uncle, and cousin."

Relena glanced at Heero then back at the sheet and resisted the undeniable urge to snort. "You and I are cousins then. At least you said that I was adopted, which will now make sense should anyone ask. So, what am I doing visiting you, coz?"

Heero did not even flinch at Relena's overly, sugarcoated voice. "Perhaps I should change that part of your background," he commented.

"I think it's fine the way it is, coz. Now, why am I coming to visit you? Hopefully not because I got mixed in the wrong crowd and came running to you for help, or that I'm being chased after by some gang and I need protection."

When did Relena become such a smart-ass? Heero could not recall her being like that when he had left, so what caused such a change to her personality? Time, he decided. Time has changed her, along with experience.

With a glance over at the woman next to him, Heero noted how Relena had grown out her bangs so that they were tucked behind her ears and not in her eyes. Returning his eyes to the road, Heero found that he was starting to regret volunteering to be in charge of Relena, but he knew that this was the only way he was going to ensure her safety.

"Your reason for staying with me is that you've recently lost your job, unexpectedly, and needed a place to stay until you get back onto your feet," he responded.

"I see…" was all Relena said as they settled back into the unnatural silence that had been briefly eliminated.

With another glance at the politician, Heero noticed the bags under her eyes before she switched off the light and sighed. Why was she still awake when she had to be dead tired? Was she that uncomfortable being in the same vehicle as him?

She hasn't asked why I left yet, he noted. "Go to sleep, you're tired."

Relena sighed, keeping her head from leaning against the window, "I'm fine. Besides, it can't be that much longer to your house, right?"

"About another forty-five minutes."

"Ah…I can stay awake that long," she assured him, pointedly turning her head toward the window.

Watching the girl every chance he got, Heero wondered some more why she had not already asked him why he had left the Preventers or what he had been doing all these years. Did she not care?

No, he decided, returning his eyes to the road. This is all a test of wills. She wants me to be the first to break down and ask her why she hasn't asked. That is all; a challenge, plain and simple.

Indeed Relena did care about his reasons for leaving but at that time she was too tired to voice her questions, plus she knew that her chances of getting direct answers were slim in this case. She was not making this a challenge to the former gundam pilot.

"I'm surprised that Lady Une hadn't just put you in charge of the case and put me under David's care. It would have made more sense and would have saved us some time, most likely," Relena remarked.

"David?" echoed Heero, his grip on the steering wheel tightening for a moment before returning to normal.

"Yes, didn't Lady Une tell you?" questioned Relena, raising an eyebrow of surprise. "Or Duo for that matter? I know he has kept in contact with you over the years despite Lady Une's orders."

"I contacted him," corrected Heero.

Glancing at her bodyguard, Relena's face softened a bit into curiosity. "What?"

With an inaudible sigh, Heero repeated, "I contacted him for the information."

Was she supposed to feel flattered? Part of Relena wanted to take off into all the possibilities that Heero Yuy truly did care for her, deeper than just because she was the peace keeper, but the rational part of her screamed that the calls had been out of habit so he could still protect her, be in her life someway.

In a way, it irritated Relena. One day, eight years ago, Heero up and walked out of Relena's life without a word to her. Yet, he seemed to have the nerve, the self given privilege, to still force himself into her life without her knowing it.

"Bastard," Relena grumbled.

Heero's eyes widened a fraction as his head snapped around toward the Vice Foreign Minister, he had never once heard her swear, much less call him a 'bastard'. This was all so strange to him and he did not know if he was ready to deal with this kind of change.

"I'm twenty-eight Heero, I do cuss sometimes like anyone else," Relena pointed out with a hint of a smile crossing her lips.

"What about this 'David'?" Heero inquired.

What about David? Relena mentally retorted. I don't need to tell him anything about David or anything else for that matter. He was the one who left… For all her reasons why she should continue to be bitter toward the man, Relena found that she could not.

Perhaps it was the need to show him that she had no hurt feelings from him leaving, despite the fact that she was still bitter. Maybe she was too tired to really let her feelings influence her choice in giving information or not. Yet, she still did not see why she should give out information about David Willington II to Heero Yuy.

"No matter how adverse you may be to giving out information to this man, you must Relena. This man will be in charge of your safety until further notice. Understand?" Lady Une had told Relena all of this before she had left and now Ms. Darlian was beginning to regret having accepted to such terms.

"David Willington II is my Head of Security," Relena shrugged, still a bit disappointed in herself for giving up so easily. "I've known him since the sixth grade, he had a crush on me at one point, and…you met him so why do I have to tell you anything!"

One of Heero's eyebrows twitched for a moment as he tried to place the name to anything from his memory. It was sometimes a challenge to keep names, events, and faces together especially when Heero did not know the name of everyone he had ever met. He should have known this David Willington II yet he just could not place him, the name was starting to sound familiar.

Noticing that there was no nod of confirmation from her bodyguard, Relena decided to fill Heero in. Although, she had to admit, that a part of her was enjoying the fact that he could not recall David or where they had met.

"The year was After Colony 195 and it was your second day at St. Gabriel Institution, my birthday in fact. You had ripped up my invitation the day before and during your fencing class the instructor had paired you with a blond boy," Relena explained.

A small smirk was creeping onto Heero's features as the events of that day were becoming clearer to him. Ah…yes, he remembered that blond idiot trying to play the 'hero' by defending Relena while fencing. Heero recalled how he got the idiot to shut up.

"Tell me sooner next time, I'll give it to you instead of ripping it up," Heero muttered, more to himself.

"What?" asked Relena, raising an eyebrow as she looked at Heero while wondering if he had gone mad for a moment.

Realizing what he had said, Heero quickly recovered himself, "Nothing. So, that blond was David Willington." His charge nodded. "He doesn't seem the type to become a Preventer, never did."

"Well he is and he's damn good at it too. He's done some maturing over the years and I must say that he looks, physically, nothing like what he did during the war." Then Relena added as an afterthought, "Except for the fact that he still has blue eyes and blond hair, of course."

"This is the man you had Maxwell reassigned for," Heero stated rather than inquired.

Sensing the underlining question of 'why' in Heero's words, Relena felt that she should detail that whole situation.

"Three years ago, Lady Une had decided to reassign Duo to make room for David as my Head of Security as Duo was not meeting Une's expectations, nor yours I imagine. Duo wasn't having any of it, kept saying how you had entrusted him with my safety, thank you by the way." Heero resisted the urge to roll his eyes, Maxwell talked too much. "So, Une had me try to come up with a compromise with Duo and we came to terms. Une says I demoted Duo and I say that Une had him demoted before I ever did anything."

In the short distance, Heero could make out the outline of his house, all dark except for one light, the kitchen light. He did not feel the need to point the house out to Relena; after all she would figure it out on her own when they roll up the driveway.

"So, what's with the name, Miles Davidson? Where did that come from?" the politician questioned. The sleepiness was getting to her terribly now, she was now talking to stay awake.

Heero noticed it because even though her questions might have held some importance her tone was one of complete disinterest. Normally Relena was interested in hearing any and everything someone had to say and it showed in her voice, but now that she was so tired she was no longer interested.

"I borrowed it from two different people."

With her head leaning against the window, Relena felt her eyelids begin to unconsciously close. At least they were until she realized that Heero had answered her question. She shook herself awake and pushed her head off the window.

"The whole name or just parts?" She tried to stifle a yawn as she spoke but it was difficult.


Sleepily, Relena nodded as she rubbed her eyes. What was it about riding in cars that made her so sleepy? There had to be something because she was finding herself gradually drifting to sleep against her will.

"Don't fall asleep, we're here," Heero informed Relena as he drove up the drive and shut off his truck. "Be quiet when inside."

"Why? You have guests over or something?" She meant it to be taken as a joke, especially since this was Heero Yuy she was speaking with and he was not exactly a social butterfly. However, since he had not cast her his trademark glare from across the hood of the car, Relena got the feeling that she might have hit upon something. "Roommates? Or should I say housemates?"

With the duffle bag in one hand, Heero looked up at his two story house then back down at Relena before crossing in front of the truck. "Yeah."

"Oh…" Relena mouthed. "Do they know that I'm going to be staying here?"

"Sort of. Come on."

Leading the way to the back door, Heero unlocked the door with his house key and entered as silently as possible with Relena in tow. The room Relena entered was the lit kitchen. However, she did not have time to take in the surroundings as Heero quickly relocked the door and led her through the dark house to a room where she was to stay.

Flipping on the light, Relena saw that the room she was to be staying in was furnished more as a recreation room with a computer, piano, a few music stands in one corner, a small dresser in another corner, and a futon. So, this was to be her room.

"We don't have the guest room quite done with yet, so you'll have to stay in here for a while," Heero told her, dropping the duffle bag on top of the dresser. "Bathroom's the first door on your right."

"Thank you," Relena muttered as she ran a hand across the piano. Musicians…nice.

Not saying anything Heero made his way to door and paused for a moment as he suspected Relena might have something more to say. She normally did, from his experience. When she did not say anything he crossed the threshold, ready to go upstairs to his bed.

"Heero," Relena whispered, stopping him in his tracks just outside the door. "I haven't forgotten that you left without giving a reason. I would like to know that reason, sometime during my stay."

"Hn," Heero grunted, at least she was the one to break down and bring the subject up instead of him. "Night Relena."

"Good night…cousin."

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