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Chap. 1 Parley Day

Tortuga was in it's busiest time of the year...National Ode to Parley Day. Many a-pirates come from all over the oceans to get drunk and check into an inn with a few of Tortuga's finest whores. Parley Day was actually just a day that the bar keepers and whorehouse runners brought in plenty o' money, it had no real significance since Parley was more of guidelines for the pirates then actual laws.

The highest prized ship, the Black Pearl was rumored to take a visit to Tortuga, so many pirates had arrived to catch a glimpse of this historical "ghost" ship. One of the pirates had brought his family to Tortuga, even if it wasn't the best place for families to vacation.

'Kaillyn, wi' you hand me that there bloody mug, I can't seem to pick myself up to reach it.' said an older looking man, aged by liquor.

'Maybe if you didn't drink so much, Abner, you'd be able to pick your own self up to get your own mug.' said a young woman, in a worn dress, obviously too small for her.

'now now Kaillyn, why don't u -hiccup- call me father. It's what me am.'

'I'd call you father if you acted like it. You're not my father, your just the man I have to clean up after. You don't deserve to be called anyone's father.'

Then an older woman, scantily dressed, stumbled into the room with men laughing with her. The woman spoke to Kaillyn, 'Kay, darling will you grab your mother a few chairs? We have some guests.'

'Mother, can't you see father is already inebriated? Why must you come in the same? Really, I don't know how i've survived this long. With my parents, not caring about themselves or their children. I have grown, but what about James? He just a boy, he needs a father to look up to and learn from. He can't follow in Abner's footprints!' Kaillyn expressed this worriedly, holding back tears.

The "parents" laughed. Then the mother, adorned with strange men, replied slurring her words, barely able to understand, 'Kay, no need to werry, dear, yer ok. Yer brudder will be too. Jest don't you werry yer pretty 'ittle head none!'

'Listen to yer mudder!' was all her father replied.

Kaillyn started to tear, so she ran out of the room, to James' room.

'James...James...' she whispered.

A young boy, about the age of 7 slowly turned his sleepy head to see his sister, 'Yeah?'

'We're leaving James, get your stuff and be quick about it.'

'Where? What time is it?'

'It's a little after midnight, not come on, please hurry. And be quiet.'

He replied silently with a nod, knowing they we're leaving their estranged parents. He slowly went around collecting possessions such as a wooden play sword, blanket, and a filled bag of old clothes. He then obediently followed his sister out of the inn. She tried to disguise herself as a boy, so she wouldn't be jeered at by the drunk pirates swaying in the streets. She picked up James while she quickly ran through the town, not exactly knowing where she was going, but any where was better then with her parents, she thought...

She saw a tavern, The Fresh Drop, and decided to go to rest, James was getting heavy. She walked in and saw many people, all drunk or unconscious. She quickly and quietly ran to a corner of the place, the only empty table in the place. She set James down carefully and continued to remove her cape and let out her hair. She suddenly felt pressure around her wrist, she looked to find a bearded man grabbing her.

'Fresh meat eh?' he smiled a row of black and missing teeth.

'Let go of me, sir.' she protested angrily.

'Sir? You must be fresh.' he then continued to squeeze her harder pulling her quickly through the tavern, to a hall with rooms.

'Let's find an empty one, shall we dear?' he laughed hoarsely.

'No! Please, let go off me.' She tried to kick and hit him but his force was so tight it hurt to twist it.

The drunkard kicked open a door and threw her in. She jumped up and ran to an opposite corner.

'No, please my little brother is out there and I need to be with him!'

'It shouldn't take too ye long, ye'll be outta 'ere in no time at all if ye does well.'

'What? No! HELP!' she screamed.

'Ain't no one gonna 'elp ye 'ere, darlin'. Jest ye 'n me. Now let me see dat fresh, young body of yers.' he stumbled over to her and progressed to grab her shoulders when the door swung open with a force.