Chap. 21 Jack's "Home"sick

They were now situated into their new house and Jack and Kaillyn have made themselves a new, sort of relationship, one involving sex a lot more frequently.

Lately Jack became a bit moody, still loving toward his family, just not as with his normal "Captain Jack Sparrow" attitude. Everyone noticed this.

'Kaillyn,' beckoned Will, 'May I have a word with you?'

'Sure, Will, what's on your mind?'

'This is hard for me to say, because I love you and Jack, here with us in Port Royal so much, but-'


'But I believe Jack's restlessness is because he doesn't fit in this town. Not that we should care what other's think, but we should care about how Jack feels. You know that his life was the Pearl, and now he's stuck in a rich town with no talk of pirates at all and no rum.'

'I know, I know, Jack and I have tried to talk about all this but he keeps insisting that he's happy here. What should I do if he won't tell me he's unhappy?'

'I think you should leave...with him. Go back to the Pearl, all of you.'

'But the baby? On a ship?'

'I don't know, Kaillyn, I just think Jack needs to be out on the ocean.'

'Me too.'

Kaillyn left to talk to Jack. She found him in their room.

'Jack?' she said, knocking on the door.

'Aye, luv, come in.'

'Jack, are you alright?'

'Aye, luv, i'm sorry if i've been acting strange.'

'Jack, you miss the Pearl, your crew, the sea, it's understandable that you're acting "strange".'

'Aye, i'm fine, don't worry, luv.'

'But I do worry, Jack. I love you and I want you to be happy. Even if that means us leaving Port Royal and going to the Pearl.'


'I think...we should go onto the Pearl, and find some place to live out there, on the sea, and not in a place like Port Royal.' she said smiling.

'What? But the baby.'

'Well, I think that you should go have some adventures on the Pearl for awhile, and look for places on the sea to live. Then when you find a place, come back for us, but take your time, Jack. I love you and I want you to be happy, even if that means letting you go off for some piracy fun. The baby will be fine, if I need anything Will and Elizabeth are here.'

Jack smiled and kissed her, then ran off to get things sorted for his trip to the Pearl.

Later that day, Kaillyn and Elizabeth were outside with the babies.

'When is your baby due?' Kaillyn asked Elizabeth.

'In a few weeks, i'm so happy, and Will is excited.' she smiled, 'When is Jack leaving for the Pearl?'

'Tomorrow morning, he's going to use that odd compass of his to find the Pearl.'

Then suddenly a parrot flew into a tree above them.

'Look! That's Mr. Cotton's parrot!' cried Elizabeth, 'I remember that from the hanging!'

'Is it?' Kaillyn asked, 'Oh! Good! Jack will be so happy!'

Then they ran off to find Jack. They came back with him a few minutes later.

'Aye, that is Cotton's bird!' he said excitedly, 'Mr. Cotton's parrot, where is me crew?'

The bird looked at Jack, recognizing him and called out,

'Well, me hearties, let's see what's crawled up the bung hole!'

'Really!' cried Jack, 'Aye, I can always count on me first mate to come when I need 'im!'

'What did he say?' asked Kaillyn.

'He'll be 'ere tomorrow, if I send the parrot back with me response!'

'You got all that out of what it said?'

'Aye, I did live with this 'ere bird for quite some time on the sea.' he said, then he turned to the bird, 'Now, smartly ye parrot, off to Gibbs!'

The parrot then went off quickly.

Jack ran over to Kaillyn and swung her into the air.

'I'm going to the Pearl!' he cried happily.

The next morning Jack woke up bright and early. He opened his eyes and looked at Kaillyn who was still sleeping by his side. He was sad to leave her, but he longed for the sea, and he was going to come back to her, anyway.

He got up and got ready. He went down to their kitchen and looked for things to eat. He then felt someone watching him. He turned around and saw Kaillyn in the doorway.

'Ah, 'ello, luv.' he said, smiling that devilish smile.

'Good morning, Jack. We're you going to leave before saying goodbye?'

'No, luv, just came down for a bite to eat. Ye made me a bit hungry from last night...' he said winking at her.

She grinned.

'I'm not going down to the hidden pier, where Gibbs is bringin' up me ship, until I say g'bye to me baby, me 'ittle mate, and me fiery temptress. Did ye think I would?'

Kaillyn shrugged.

'Nah...' She said with a grin.

He sauntered up to her and put his arms around her waist.

'Don't worry, luv. Bring yeself, 'ittle James and me baby out side and when you feel the sea breeze, think of me, i'll be thinkin' of ye all.'

Kaillyn kissed him.

'I love you, Captain Jack Sparrow. Now go regain your pirate-like ways. Say hello to the crew for me.'

'Aye, lassie, I will.' Jack said with a gold smile.

He kissed her and left the kitchen.

Jack went to James' room. He saw the young boy asleep. Jack then removed a necklace from his neck and set it on James' bedside table.

Finally, Jack went to his baby girl's room. He looked down in to the crib and smiled at his soundly sleeping baby.

He whispered softly to her.

''Ello baby Lena. I'm going away but yer mother will be here for ye. I love ye, and I am going to sea but I won't forget ye. I'll come back soon.'

Jack then took one layer of the shirts he wore and placed one in the crib. The baby subconsciously grabbed hold of the item, recognizing her father's scent.

He gently rubbed her back, bent to kiss her, then left.

'Nice you see ye again, Captain.' Gibbs spoke with a smile.

Jack grinned and ran up to the helm. He took hold of it and sighed heavily.

'Gibbs!' Jack cried.

'Yes, Captain?'

'Bring me that horizon!'

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