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Picture Day

"Good morning everyone!" Tsunade chirped when she walked into her office one bright and sunny morning.

Jiraiya looked at her closely for a moment before asking, "What did you do with the real Tsunade? Not that I mind the change," he added as an afterthought.

Tsunade looked at him in confusion before replying, "What do you mean?"

"You're never this chipper in the morning. You're always grumpy and you normally have a hangover," Jiraiya answered not realizing how much trouble he was about to get in. He figured it out a moment later when Tsunade's fist bounced off his head sending him to the ground.

As Jiraiya twitched around on the floor of her office, Tsunade turned and smiled at the four Jounin in front of her. "Thank you all for meeting with me this wonderful morning. I'm sure you'd all rather be out spending the day with your students so I promise I'll make this quick," she said as her smile brightened a bit.

Kakashi felt a sense of foreboding while watching the Hokage smile like that. Jiraiya was right the Godaime was definitely not a morning person, so her behavior had to mean something was up. Normally this much cheer would mean a great deal of trouble at other's expense, especially when she could sit back and watch.

"I'm sure you've all noticed this by now: your teams are growing up," she said, stating the obvious. "All nine rookies and Gai's students are at least Chuunin level, though for the most part they've risen even higher. Your students are gaining a good deal of recognition from our clients," she added, still failing to tell them why they were in her office.

"Tsunade-sama, like you said they're all at least Chuunin level and even though we still train with our teams occasionally we-" Kurenai was cut off by a wave of Tsunade delicately manicured hands.

"I know that none of you are technically still their senseis, but they will always be your students," Tsunade said, pretending to answer Kurenai's question. "Anyway I have decided – after looking over their files – that this cannot go on any longer," she said, handing them each a folder. Kakashi looked down and laughed when he realized what he was holding. In the folder were Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke's registration pages.

"Because many of your students work for our higher paying clients, more individual information is given out concerning them, which includes a picture," she explained. "Unfortunately their pictures haven't been replaced since they graduated and became Genin," she added sheepishly.

"That was five years ago, six for Gai's team," Kurenai deadpanned.

Tsunade awkwardly scratched the back of her head. "Yes well things have been very hectic," she explained. Kakashi fought the urge to roll his eyes.

Tsunade glanced down and kicked Jiraiya once waking him out of his daze. He grumbled and stood up slowly before glaring at Tsunade. "As I was saying, it cannot go on any longer. I can't have clients come in expecting my best people and getting pictures of twelve year old Naruto and Sasuke," she said before quickly adding, "or any of the other wonderful rookies."

"What does this have to do with us?" Asuma drawled, taking drag on his cigarette. Tsunade scowled at him before reaching over and taking away said cigarette. Kurenai tried not to laugh at his shocked expression.

"So unhealthy," Tsunade mumbled under her breath, before straightening from putting out the cigarette and looking the senseis in the eye. "I have decided to hold a picture day," she declared, smiling at them. "While I want individual pictures for obvious reasons I decided it would be fun to get updated team pictures as well. For old time's sake," she said.

"Wonderful idea Tsunade-sama!" Gai shouted, giving Tsunade the good-guy pose. "I will cherish this picture of captured youth and strength and-" he was cut off when Tsunade's fist found his head as well.

"Right then, I'm glad everyone's so enthusiastic about the idea. Here's the deal though, I want these pictures to look good," she said, gaining the almost sadistic smirk she was known to develop right before assigning Naruto a D Class mission as punishment. "This means I want each team to look organized and together. You don't all have to wear the same thing but everyone's outfits should fit," she said enlightening them. She smiled at Kurenai who was smiling right back at her, "You know what I mean correct?"

Kurenai's smile broadened and she nodded. "I won't have any trouble, but…" she trailed off and looking at Gai, Asuma and Kakashi. Tsunade nodded and turned attention to the three men. "This means you need to take your teams shopping. You aren't going to find coordinating attire in their closets at home," she studied them a moment before sighing and throwing up her hands. "Who am I kidding?" she asked no one in particular.

She turned to Kakashi and asked a bit more grumpily than usual, "Can I assume that you possess the typical gay man's fashion sense?" Kakashi sweat dropped before nodding. Tsunade smiled a bit and nodded back. "Good just make sure you don't let them wear masks and your team should be okay; it isn't like Sakura would let you do anything stupid anyways," she said before turning to Gai and Asuma.

"Luckily I planned ahead for you two. Gai, my assistant Shizune will be helping you. Just remember absolutely no green spandex on anyone. Asuma, Anko will be helping you," she said quickly before turning away from the gaping Jounin. Kurenai finally did laugh out when she heard that Asuma was going to be working with the most psychotic Special Jounin ever. This should be good, she thought before turning back to Tsunade.

"You have a week to prepare your students. Do whatever you need, I know most of them work so often that hygiene doesn't seem to be high on their lists of priorities so show them who's boss," she said, smiling and waving them out of her office. "At the end of the week we'll meet again to arrange for the pictures to be taken," she added.

As Kakashi reached the door he turned back upon hearing an overly sweet, "Oh, Kakashi-kun" He looked back upon the Hokage with dread. "Just remember that on your team is Jiraiya's pupil and the future Hokage; my own student and one of the most talented medic Nins in Konoha; and the last Uchiha an ANBU Captain," she stated sweetly. "Your team's picture will be going right here," she said with smirk as she pointed a spot on her desk. Kakashi gulped slightly and glanced down to see a spot right next to an assortment of pictures ranging from Sandaime's Genin team picture; the Sannin as Genin; the Sannin and their students; his own Genin picture with Yondaime as his sensei; and a picture of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune standing behind a twelve year old Naruto taken on the trip to retrieve the Godaime. He gulped again and then nodded as he walked out the door. I'm screwed, he thought as he walked to meet his team.

AN: Okay so this fic was inspired by the Candybar DollMaker elouai . com. I was really bored and decided to create the Naruto characters and then got a bit carried away. So anyway it's only gonna be a few chapter long but I decided to try something a bit more humorous but not completely pointless.

And just a quick note the whole gay man's fashion sense is just a joke. Please don't take offense to it.

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