Bird in Hand #9 A Bird in the Hand
Part 9

by Darklady

Location: DC Universe... 'Bird' AU.

Rated: PG ( Plus Plain P for Painful )

PS: Standard Disclaimer. DC owns the characters. They alone are responsible for any and all ill-advised and irresponsible behavior exhibited thereby. I am just an innocent bystander, and am *shocked* by Ms. Lance's behavior.

(Bruces's Painful POV)

^^V^^ ^BC^ ^^V^^ ^BC^ ^^V^^ ^BC^

I woke up when my shoulder hit the wall.

It should have been earlier, at the first impact of Dinah's boot to my ribs, but I was frankly exhausted and off my form. As it was, I had barely managed to roll into tani-otoshi when she was back with a beautiful if painful soto-garis.

Dinah was in full Black Canary suit, and clearly in a rage. Somehow, looking at her nomex, I didn't have to ask why.

I spun into kihon and blocked without thinking, rolling to my feet as she fell back onto the bed from the impact. I should have had time to recover, but she transferred straight into a handstand ko-ouchi-gari.

Impressive. I slid back into a defensive kata. She countered a flat-hand punch. I dodged, but it took me off position and opened me for another kick. Good tactics. Unfortunately, I was not entirely in a position of appreciate her ashi-waza, given that I was her current target.

I tried to go high, but she blocked. Her punch-kick missed, but I was forced back into the corner. Not good.

I had no wish to harm Dinah, but she wasn't giving me much room to dodge.

Throwing a pillow, I tried to cheat her back. No luck. She ignored the slight impact and stayed on balance, jumping up into a double kick.

Catching her in flight, I spun us into uchi-mata. A dangerous maneuver. Still, if she would not let me get away, then moving close was the best alternative. Pulling her back into my chest, I dropped us both down.

She elbowed my newly formed bruise and spun for another blow.

I grabbed her foot with one hand, and with the other applied a juji-gatame hold to her arm.


She froze. If looks could kill, she would have buried me. But she would not, any more then I could, and if this was not leading to homicide then it was now wasted energy.

I released her and stepped back.

She said nothing. Merely shot off her jumpline past the window and swung out into the night. Leaving me...alone.

^^V^^ ^BC^ ^^V^^ ^BC^ ^^V^^ ^BC^

I am alone now.

The room is neat again. I placed the towels in the hamper and the leftovers in the kitchen trash. The sheets are changed, and the pillows are back under the bolster. Dinah's abandoned dress is folded on the chair. Tomorrow I will send it to the cleaners, and then I suppose I will give it to Barbara to return.

For all the activity, there is little result. No broken furniture. No cracked paint. Nothing torn or shattered or destroyed.

As for me? A few new bruises,but nothing significant. Nothing more then I might get from a serious training session. A few scrapes and cuts. The damage is not irreparable. At least, not the physical impact. So.. why do I hurt?


OK Bat-Fans! This is the END of A Bird in the Hand ! It may or may not be the beginning of something else. That all depends. How much do you want to see Bruce grovel? And will he? And would it do him any good if he did? I'm sort of stuck, because DC is announcing the return of Green Arrow, and I'm not certain if this means Ollie, or if this will affect Black Canary. But I'm frankly running out of ideas.