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A small warning. Ron may seem very out of character, but it will be explained in later chapters if someone reviews and says I should continue. This is set 6 years after Hogwarts and the war has been over for only about 3. It doesn't follow any particular timeline, but go along with me that the war kept up for three years after Hogwarts.

The Other Way

Of all the things I could have forgotten, it just had to be that! I was well aware I could have just come back in the morning to get it, but I just couldn't stay in my apartment without it. Silly, definitely, but it was the only thing I had to remind me of my family. I never usually took it out of the pouch on my belt, but I had been rolling it in my fingers while we had talked, and somehow I had left it in Harry's.

So I flooed back to his living room, the lights were out, there were sounds from the kitchen across the hall. Harry was probably cleaning up. Quietly, so I didn't disturb him, I padded into the room, glancing about for it. I spotted it immediately, partially hidden under a cushion. I pulled it out.

Percy's horn-rimmed glasses, only one lens was still in it, and it was cracked and bent. But it was the only thing of my brothers left. They had fallen from his face, the glass shattering on the floor as he had been lifted away. I had kept them, in the faint hope he would recover and I could give them back.

But no-

My hand tightened round them as a loud crash echoed from the kitchen. Automatically I headed over. I was a fully trained medi wizard, even if I did only specialise in trauma cases. I was halfway across the hall when I heard Harry's voice, and I froze. It was Harry's voice, but not like I had ever heard it before.

"Don't turn away from me! What did you mean by that? Huh? Don't you like it when I kiss you? Well you should! Stupid slut!"

There was a resounding slap, followed by a shower of crashes.

I pushed open the door, and stopped, shock whipped away all my thoughts save the one screaming 'what the hell is going on?' Harry hadn't noticed my arrival; he was far too intent on pulling the blond… person. I couldn't tell with the hair hanging over the face if it was a man or a woman. Harry was dragging the blond up. There was blood mingled in with the water and broken dishes on the floor.

"Clean this mess up you clumsy fuck!" Harry ground out, back handing the blond and letting go. The blond fell back into the broken dishes, pushed up shakily and started picking up the pieces.

My mouth worked silently at the sight, finally emitting a sound somewhere between a gasp and a squeak.

Harry turned and rested green eyes that were nothing like the ones I remembered from not more that twenty minutes ago, on me. "Hello Ron, what are you doing back?" he asked. I can't even describe what that voiced sounded like; it was pleasant, threatening, downright scary and not Harry.

"I… I forgot these." I said, waving the glasses at him, then turned the conversation. "What's this Harry?" I didn't want to believe it, but I had seen it, I couldn't ignore it.

Harry threw a disgusted look at the blond, who hadn't looked up from cleaning. "Just a dispute Ron. Just teaching him his place."

Well, at least I knew what the blond was now. I frowned at Harry. "'Teaching him his place'? Harry, what I just saw was… was… it wasn't something I'd ever expect from you!" I burst out, angry suddenly. I had to deal with people like the blond on a daily basis, finally seeking help after years of abuse. Not all of them at the hands of the Dark Lords followers. "Damnit Harry, how could you do something like this?"

"Go upstairs Draco." Harry ground out, glaring at me.

The blond got to his feet and he was halfway between me and Harry when I spoke up. "Don't." that was before my brain did a double take on the name Harry had used (well, I've never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed). The blond had stopped and I studied him. Platinum blond hair, matted with blood. And though I couldn't see his eyes I just knew that this was actually Draco- "Malfoy?" I asked, turning to Harry.

He laughed coldly. "Not so eager to defend him now are you. Get up stairs now!" he barked.

Malfoy flinched forward and came to the door. I watched him, waiting for the familiar rise of hatred I had had for him for years.


"No Harry." I said, still watching Malfoy, waiting for me to unblock the door so he could pass. He seemed so broken. "You're wrong, I would defend anyone in his situation. The last person I ever expected this kind of thing from was you Harry. When you started going out with him years ago I was expecting it the other way round! And you kept him hidden, you never told us about him! Merlin Harry, I thought you'd broken up four years ago! What possessed you? Why Harry?" I just didn't understand, how could my best friend have turned into this… this…monster!

He stood there, looking at me like he had done nothing wrong. "You wouldn't understand." He said, his voice cold.

Malfoy shuddered.

My eyes narrowed. "Maybe I wouldn't. And you know what?" I spat at him-this wasn't my best friend anymore. "I don't care! You aren't Harry, your just some monster inside him." I reached out and caught Malfoys arm.

He flinched. His head shot up and I found myself staring into sunken, terrified grey eyes that were unnaturally bright in the grey tinged face. Black and purple bruises stood out sharply.

"Come on Malfoy." I said tightly, controlling my anger.

I was surprised when he allowed himself to be pulled back into the living room to the fireplace. But when I looked back at his eyes, it wasn't relief I saw, but resignation. I glared back at the person-I just couldn't think of it as Harry-who had done this. I saw too many eyes with that look.

He watched us, with a look that told me he was confident he could get out of this. I dropped some floo powder, and with one last glare at him we were at my apartment.

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