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Right, this is the epilogue. And it's from Draco's pov. I don't know why, it just is. So read it and let me know what you think. I still don't think Gerard ever got that holiday. Poor, poor man. Anyway. Read the final chapter of The Other Way.

The Other Way

Two Months later

It's been almost two months now, he's making me keep this stupid diary-I don't like it, but if it makes him happy I will. Talking with him is better though. And who is 'him'? Well 'him' is Ron Weasely. My arch nemesis all through school. But I don't think about back then anymore, I can't. It reminds me too much of well, the other 'him' that I don't talk about. Ever. For obvious reasons.

And I'll stop now before I babble, which I do a lot. No one would ever take Draco Malfoy for a babbler, would they? No, it's a good cover really. But I only babble when I write, or in my head, it's harder to babble out loud. You could say something wrong and end up… well…

Not that Ron would ever touch me, not like that. He's always so… gentle really. That's what most surprised me about him I think. He's changed so much from the little boy I remember from before. He's quieter, less likely to get bad tempered and yell. Which is good, because I don't like yelling-sends me back there-Ron say's its flashbacks, that they'll go away eventually. I'm not so sure. But I can go outside now without getting too freaked out, but only if he's with me, or George.

His brothers come over a lot, George especially, he's only like half a person really though. Ron told me about Fred, kind of sad to think really. But I like it when they come over. I've never had a real family before, and they make me feel like I'm part of it. I sometimes go visit Percy with Ron as well. There's been no change in years-he won't recover, but Ron keeps hoping, I can see it in his face.

He's promised not to read this, I believe him, which is the only reason I intend to write this-I guess I'm still afraid he'll turn on me. I'm afraid everyone will turn on me. Father did, mother did, Ha-he did. But, he did promise, so.

Ron Weasely is really starting to get on my nerves-I swear if he doesn't do something he's going to explode or something. I'm not stupid, I know what he's thinking when he's watching me, I've seen it enough times to know what it means in about sixty different languages. I'm not afraid of it, I've never been afraid of it. I think I realised it before he did really.

It's the whole idea of a relationship though-that's what scares me. The only relationship I've ever been in was-that- one. I know they can't all be like that, but I'm not sure I really want to find out. But technically we've been living together for two months, he never asked me to leave, so I never did. I like it here. We moved to a new flat after we got back from Romania, it feels safe here. Even the old flat felt safe, even after 'he'd' been there. Maybe it's just Ron. I don't know.

Four months later

He asked me if I thought I should find my own place, now that I was better and everything, there was no need to stay here. I don't want to find my own place. I like living here. I've been living here for nearly six months. Maybe he just doesn't want me here anymore. Maybe he never really did. Maybe he's decided he doesn't want me. But I'm positive I read the signs right. The looks haven't stopped; he's still thinking what he was always thinking. I really don't want to leave here. I just don't understand why he wants me to.

Two days later

I told him I didn't want to leave, took me two days to work up the courage, but I told him. I don't think I've seen anyone look happier about my staying really. Seems he didn't want me to leave after all. I've been doing a lot of thinking, over the past months, about a lot of things. And I think I've decided on something. It might not work. But at least I've decided something for myself for a change.

I think I might be ready to try that relationship. I'm better now, Ron says so himself. Even if I don't talk as much as he wants me to. But I don't think I'd feel as safe with anyone else but him. Not really. It might be nice just being friends. But I think I'd prefer it if it was more.


"Ron." Draco said, distracting me from my book. He sat down beside me, looking as nervous as he had earlier, when he told me he wanted to stay. Maybe he'd changed his mind. Oh god. I hadn't thought of that.

Six months living with him had become routine, it was like… well, I don't know. It wasn't like I ever forgot he was there. It was impossible to forget he was there; the better he got the more demanding he became. And he was such an obsessive cleaner. But it had grown on me. The feelings never disappeared, though I sometimes half hoped they would. And then I'd come home from work to find him sitting in the chair, reading a book, his hair curling round his face, waiting for me. With that little half smile that had been appearing more and more often lately.

I'd asked him if he wanted to leave, it wasn't fair to him to stay here if he didn't want to. I knew that. If he was going to heal completely he would probably have to move out and start his own life. I'd been debating it for weeks. I was jealous of the idea of him leaving and finding someone else. I don't think I trusted anyone to look after him the way he needed to be looked after. Ok-the way I could look after him

"Ron." He repeated.

"Yes?" I asked, somewhat apprehensively.

"All relationships aren't like the one I was in, are they?" he asked, there was something troubling him, he was fidgeting with the sleeve of his shirt. He never did that.

I reached over without thinking, before I caught myself and pulled back, it was getting harder not to touch him lately, now that he had started to come back to himself, and he wasn't so… helpless, I sometimes found myself almost forgetting why he was with me at all, I almost let myself pretend it was because he wanted to be here. But if he was going to say what I thought he was going to say, what he was building up to say-that he didn't want to stay here after all, that he wanted to find his own place and find himself a new relationship. It would break my heart-of that I was very certain.

"No, not all relationships are like what you and Harry had." He still flinches at the name, if only a little.

"How can you be sure? How can you be sure it won't turn out like that?" he asked.

I shrugged. "You can't. It has a lot to do with trust. You have to trust it won't turn out that way. It's never a sure thing."

He frowned at me. "But you'd never do anything like that-would you?" he asked. There was a look in his eyes I could very vaguely recall from our school days, and I didn't like it. I was getting out of my depth here.

"No Draco. I would never do anything like that. I deal with what it does to people everyday, I wouldn't put anyone through that." I said, uncertain. I now had no idea where he was going with this. It did briefly cross my mind that he might have interpreted the way I looked at him correctly, but it was gone just as quickly, overshadowed by my confusion. I say again. I never was the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Good." He said decisively, and with only the barest hint of hesitation he pressed forward and landed the softest, most uncertain, but deliberate kiss to my cheek, and pulled back to look at me shyly through his fringe. He hadn't had his hair cut short; he still needed something to hide behind.

I sat there, staring at him stupidly for nearly a full five minutes.

"Ron?" he asked, biting his lip. "You're not angry, right? This is what you wanted-right?"

That woke me out of my daze. "Is that what i-? Draco! Nononono! I don't want this-you're… Draco!" I spluttered.

He pulled away further, studying me. "You wouldn't be so flustered if you didn't want it." He stated quietly.

He had me there. "Ok, fine. I did want it, I do want it. I just don't want you to do it because you feel you have to."

"I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't wanted to Ron. You've never made me do anything I really didn't want to do." He said

I stared at him in disbelief. "You mean-"

He nodded.

I sagged back and just stared at him for a moment. He watched me for a bit before hesitantly crawling forward and lifting my book (it had fallen to the floor at some point) and handed it to me, sitting very close to me.

"Read it." He said.

I took the book mechanically, my eyes still on him. I'm still not sure how it happened, but at some point his head was resting on my shoulder, my arm round his waist, he was making comments on a picture in the book, and I was laughing.

It was the perfect scene of domesticity, and I should like to think-love.

Draco's Dairy-later that night

I think we can safely say, I won't be needing this anymore. I think I'm more than healed now.

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