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Chapter 12

Two months later Pansy had quit her job, smiling and waving to her colleagues, inundated with wishes of luck and goodwill, and orders to look after herself and her charming man. A few had sighed that they wouldn't be able to see the 'Good looking boy' around anymore, but Pansy had just laughed at that and made sure not to mention it to Draco, though watching him squirm would be fun.

So her days were now spent in their little flat, making visits to Mrs. Samson for afternoon tea and a chat occasionally. She enjoyed it. Mr. And Mrs Samson had become a constant in her life, she viewed them as something akin to grandparents, and she enjoyed their company immensely.

There was one thing she missed though, having someone her own age to talk to. Draco was alright, but at the moment he was working everyday, and when he wasn't doing his job he was sorting out the documentation they needed to live as muggles. Oh, he didn't ignore her, she would never had stood for that. He lavished the same attention on her that he always had. Showed her the same love. But there was only so much she could share with him.

That was one reason she enjoyed her time with Mrs. Samson, at least she had another woman to talk with. It was at one of these little tea parties that Mrs. Samson spoke up, proving she was a lot more observant that Pansy had given her credit for, though she couldn't say why, it most likely stemmed from everything she had been told about muggles.

"You know dear, there are groups you could go to."

Pansy frowned over at her. "Excuse me?" she asked, surprised by the comment.

"Groups dear, where you can meet others like yourself."

For a moment Pansy felt a faint stirring of panic, had they been found out? But it died when she saw Mrs. Samson's friendly smile. "What do you mean."

Mrs. Samson laughed. "Mother's to be." she smiled kindly.

Pansy bit her lip, looking away. She had kept it a secret for so long it had become second nature, even though she no longer had to hide it. "How did you know?" she asked, setting her teacup on the table and folding her hands in her lap.

"I was a young woman myself you know, and pregnant to boot. I know." she winked merrily.

Pansy couldn't help but smile slightly back.

"Does your young man know?" Mrs. Samson asked.

Pansy did smile then. "Yes." she nodded.

"Your parents?" it was voiced cautiously.


"Ah." Mrs. Samson said, but did not pry. "How far along are you now?"

Pansy was suddenly glad. She hadn't told anyone at school about being pregnant, for fear of word getting back to her family and Draco's. Only Draco knew, and he could only understand so much of what she was going through.. "Six months, if you'll believe that."

Mrs. Samson looked at her. "You don't show terribly much."

Pansy smiled. "No, not yet. I've seen pictures of my mother pregnant with me, she didn't show properly until the last few months, then she kind of ballooned apparently." she laughed. "I'll probably be the same."

"Or your just very good as hiding it." Mrs. Samson smiled knowingly. Pansy had the grace to blush, and the older woman laughed kindly. "Don't worry, I know well the secrets a good jumper or strategically placed piece of clothing can hide. When I was pregnant with my son I was young, and I didn't want anyone to know, especially my parents." she smiled again at the memory.

"It's not like I mean to hide it." Pansy said finally. "I don't really think about it."

Mrs. Samson waved her off. "It's about time you started to dear. Very soon your going to have a baby you know."

Pansy almost snorted, a sort of huff of air, and smiled. "I know. That's why Draco's been working so much. He won't admit it, but he's saving up for the baby." she said fondly.

Mrs. Samson smiled back at her. "If you'd like I could have a look in the attic for some of my son's old baby things. I'm sure we managed to keep his 'Moses basket', and a few other pieces of furniture."

Pansy immediately shook her head. "Oh, no, we couldn't possibly take anything like that from you. It's a family tradition to hand things like that down." she reached for her tea again, marvelling at this woman across from her.

"Oh nonsense child!" Mrs. Samson said sternly. "If I waited for my son to give me any grandchildren I'll be dead." she stated simply, before smiling. "Young folks nowadays are just too obsessed with their careers. Children aren't as important as they once were, family is fast becoming a forgotten concept I'm afraid. No dear, I must insist that you take the few things I still have from that time. I know you'll appreciate them."

Pansy didn't quite know how to decline the rather generous offer. It did not disgust her, as she would have expected, to accept something from a muggle. And if she thought about it, not having to buy a crib or a pram would really help their finances, which were practically a pittance to what they used to have at their disposal. "Thank you." she said finally, after a long moment of silence.

"Excellent!" Mrs. Samson clapped, looking years younger in an instant as excitement took hold. "Oh this will be fun. The last time I had a reason to go up to the attic was so long ago I've practically forgotten all the little treasure's I have up there."

Pansy couldn't help but get excited as well.


Draco entered their little flat, humming under his breath, something he had never done previous to arriving in the muggle world. But really, muggles should never had been allowed to make such catchy tunes. So he was humming when he greeted Pansy in the kitchen, eliciting a puzzled laugh from her.

"Draco?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to the side.

"Hmm?" he hummed distractedly at her, opening the fridge door and peering at the contents, though Pansy already had dinner cooking.

"You're humming." she told him.

He looked at her and frowned. "I know."

"Any reason why?" she persisted, smiling.

Draco shut the fridge door, he had spent three days when he had discovered the machine trying to work out how the light inside worked, after which he had taken it apart just to prove he could put it back together. He turned to Pansy, finally realising she was dressed in one of her more revealing tops, showing off the small bump her stomach had become.

"Just a song that was playing constantly on the radio." he said, moving across the small room to her, sweeping some of her hair back to tuck it behind her ear. "Not that I'm complaining, but why…" he trailed off, moving his other hand down to rest on the bump.

Pansy smiled at him. "Well… It was brought to my attention that I didn't need to hide it anymore."

"Hmm." was his response. He kissed her lightly on the lips before pulling back and looking in the pot. He eyed it critically. He had long since given up trying to work out what exactly it was she cooked. To be fair, it was probably a lot more edible than what it had been a month ago. In any case, Pansy was determined to learn to cook, and cook well, and Draco had learned the hard way to keep his comments to himself in regards to it.

"Draco," Pansy said quietly, turning back to the pot, and the shapeless, lumpy stew inside it. "It was also brought to my attention that we've never actually sat down and talked about the baby."

Draco's eyes narrowed sharply at her, was this one of those mood things he'd read about women getting, which thankfully he had managed to avoid thus far. "What do you mean?" he hedged carefully, knowing this conversation could easily go either way.

"Well, we were only going out for under a year when I got pregnant." she stopped, unsure of whether to go on, and even if she did, what to say. She had been thinking about it all afternoon since her talk with Mrs. Samson. Her thoughts meandering over the what ifs, that up until now had been pushed to the back of her mind to be dealt with some other time.

"Pansy." Draco said slowly, stepping up behind her, wrapping one arm around her middle, gently brushing her hair with the other. "If I didn't want to be here, with you, I wouldn't be here. If I didn't want you to have a baby I would have taken a lot more care than I did. I want you, and I want our baby. What else do we need to talk about?" he asked.

Making sure to turn the cooker off, Pansy turned to Draco, wrapping her arms around him and burying her head in his shoulder. Her silence was answer enough to his question and he smiled slightly. Secretly very impressed with himself, he had not only managed to alleviate her fears, but he had avoided making her cry.

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