Resident Evil Outbreak: Daylight

1. Prelude to Darkness

The rat lay on its side in a puddle of sewer water, blood seeping from it's gaping wound. Despite its attempts to lick the wound of disease and it's bleeding the rat succumbed to the effects of a sickness that grew steadily over the past few hours. It began to feel life seeping from its body faster than the blood from the bite, a bite it had received from what it thought were its most noble companions.

Hours earlier the rat went hunting with its pack for food. There were eight of them in all. Most of them hadn't eaten in awhile and they were becoming more desperate every day, scrounging through bits of trash for something that would sustain their hunger. After a short time with little result, the pack happened upon a promising specimen. A tube with a strange liquid inside lay at the bottom of the sewer, it's liquid pouring it contents out of the glass tube. The rats, seeing something that could possibly be edible, licked and drank the strange liquid eagerly, looking for some sense of nourishment. They quickly lost interest, however, when one of the rats happened upon an old maggoty hunk of hamburger meat thrown out of the bar above the sewer.

The rat in question, however, began to notice strange changes in his companions. They grew increasingly sick and squealed in pain a few hours after their feast, and several of them grew weaker and weaker, until many of them stopped moving altogether. The rat smelled their bodies and determined them to be dead. The rat lamented the loss of his pack for a short time, until one of the lifeless creature's body began to move again. Over zealous of his companion's apparent resurrection, the rat quickly scampered forth to embrace his companion's awakening, for the two had developed a bond with each other closer than their bonds between the rest of the pack, and smelled his companion eagerly. An emptiness filled its companion's eyes, an emptiness the rat had not seen there before, and quickly and suddenly it snapped at the rat with its strong, fierce teeth.

Frightened and surprised, the rat took flight, confusion towards its companion's sudden betrayal. The rat was fast, but its companion displayed an incredible speed it did not once possess, and soon its companion was upon the rat, and quickly sunk its teeth into the rat's hind leg. The rat let out a shriek as its former companion ripped and tore at the rat's leg with a ferocity the rat had never before experienced, and was somehow able to squeeze itself into a pipe away from his newfound enemy. Its companion had also, seemingly, grown a bit in size, and was now too big to give chase through the pipe, much to the rat's relief.

For hours the rat traversed the darkness of the sewers, now noticing that what was once his former pack of companions had been reanimated, much like its attacker, and began a hunt through the sewer for anything that lived and breathed. Some even momentarily turned on each other, their violence wild and unyielding. The rat finally found a safe place to lick its wounds, only to find its efforts futile and eventually lose all energy in its small body. Its hunger grew, stronger and fiercer than it had ever felt, even when forced to starve for months, and the sight of its own blood made it excited. It did not understand these feelings, but it did understand the fear, and its inability to take action. Slowly and painfully life seeped from its body as it closed its eyelids and died.

Within moments the eyelids opened again, but the ebony black that once permeated its eye was replaced by a different kind of darkness, an empty, cold, death like gaze. It's teeth grew and it's size increased, and it stood up from its cold grave and walked down the sewer to search again for its companions, and something to eat.

What it found was loud explosions of fire. A giant creature was roaming the sewers, much larger than the rat, and with it were the screams of human beings. The rat searched and followed the sounds, and saw the source of those screams, a man dressed in a UBCS uniform being bludgeoned to death by an immense hunk of organic flesh, an immense, ever staring eye protruding its shoulder. The rat scouted around for awhile longer, passing by and over various corpses of other uniformed humans who had been slaughtered. They reminded the rat of its companions, but they did not interest him. No, because they were already dead.

The rat searched until it found one left, one that was still breathing. The rat climbed his body and stood atop his chest, watching the human's chest rise and drop with his breath, and screeched out a triumphant cry. Within moments its companions emerged from the darkness of the sewer and surrounded the human, and each one, including the rat, began to rip and tear into his flesh hungrily, despite the fact satisfying their thirst for blood only grew stronger and deeper with every ounce of blood that passed down their throats and into their dead stomachs. Some of them chewed on his fingertips, for those produced a good deal of blood, others cut through the black mask that covered his eyes and feasted on his immense, wide and frightful eyes, the UBCS soldier unable to retaliate due to the severity of his injuries, much like Gulliver's Travels. They ate the human for what seemed like hours until his face was hardly recognizable, and the rats found that their hunger had intensified in the same way a drug addict builds a tolerance to their favorite drug and requires twice the intake to satisfy their urges. Now dead, they left what remained of the human in the filth of the sewer and decided the best place to quench this thirst was above the sewers, where many more fleshy humans resided, and together they all climbed through the plumbing pipes and made their way towards the surface and streets of Raccoon City.