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Adriel Interrupted

Chapter one: A New Beginning

Lafiel smiled at the small bundle that she held in her arms. "Isn't she beautiful Jinto?" asked Lafiel turning to look at her husband. "Indeed she is. She looks just like you Lafiel", Jinto replied putting a hand on his wife's shoulder. "Blue hair and everything."

"She has your eyes though and her ears aren't as pointed as mine", Lafiel stated tucking a strand of long blue hair behind the small silver crown that the baby wore.

"As for picking a name I'm all out of Ideas", said Jinto putting his hands behind his head.

"Adriel sounds good. What do you think?" Lafiel asked looking to Jinto. "I think it's a wonderful name", Jinto whispered as he sat on the bed next to his wife.

Fourteen Years later

"Wait up Adriel!" exclaimed Darrin his short brown hair blowing behind him as he chased after the sprinting Adriel that sped farther and farther ahead of him. Finally Adriel stopped running to wait for Darrin. Darrin caught up to her and put a hand on the wall to steady himself in fear that he might fall over. "Why…do…you always…" asked Darrin panting. "I can't help it if you're slow. Aren't boys supposed to be faster runners than girls?" said Adriel without a hint of tiredness looking out the window of the space port docking bay. Darin looked up at Adriel. "As the body guard for the imperial princess I strongly advise you not to run off. You could get hurt", Darrin said seriously. "Is that just a normal body guard command, or is there a hidden much deeper meaning that has been just expressed that could lead to the inside of your heart?" Adriel asked Darrin still looking out the window. Darrin grew silent and a faint blush tinged his checks. It was true he did have a crush on the princess, but to better fit his honor he said flatly: "What?" "Never mind. We should head back. My mother will be worried" Adriel concluded turning on her heal to run back the way she had come from. "Wait!' yelled Darrin calling to Adriel just in time to stop her from sprinting off. "We just got here. What was the point in coming here?". "A good work out dear friend, that is the point. Last one to the imperial palace has to clean it", Adriel yelled back as she began running ahead. Darrin sighed and trotted after her.

Later that night Adriel couldn't sleep. Tossing and turning came easier than sleep and so helplessness plagued her sleep causing frustration and aggravation. Suddenly Darrin burst through the door carrying a sword tainted with blood. "Your majesty, we are under attack. Please hurry to the safe spot before they come this way!" yelled Darrin pain and fear crossing his face. "But my parents", Adriel started to say but a large chunk of the roof caved in. Adriel screamed as the floor beneath her began cracking open and nearby objects disappeared into the black abyss below. Darrin called out for her in a desperate attempt to locate where she was under the fallen rubble. Adriel cried out to him from underneath a gigantic roof shingle. "Come on. Let's get out of here before more of the roof caves in", commanded Darrin grabbing Adriel's hand and kicking the roof shingle off. Adriel closed her hand on Darrin's and began running. Suddenly another piece of the roof caved in separating Adriel and Darrin from each other. Getting back up, Adriel tried to locate Darrin over the wreckage. With no luck Adriel stood on her tip toes in an attempt to get a better view. Another violent shake took hold of what was once Adriel's room. From lack of balance, Adriel fell backwards plummeting into the darkness of a giant hole. Screaming, Adriel fell farther down into the darkness. Darrin's calls for her grew fainter and fainter until darkness consumed her and she blacked out.

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