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Adriel: Geez it seems like we've been in the same position for like ever!

Sesshomaru: How long must I stay in this position with this human!

Adriel: Well at least we got to know each other better!

Sesshomaru: ……..Hmph

Adriel: WAAAAAAAH! What happened to the good times! WAAAAAH!

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Last Time: Adriel turned away. "Something's wrong with your face," Sesshomaru said. "Uhhhh… No there's not?" Adriel asked trying to get out of this position. Sesshomaru got up and pulled Adriel's face to where he could see it. This only made Adriel blush more. "Why are you blushing so much and how come your heart rate has sped up?" Sesshomaru asked Adriel. "Um.. I..uh," Adriel stuttered looking into his eyes. Sesshomaru found himself lost in Adriel's brown eyes. His eyes traveled to her lips that were bruised from Naraku's harsh kiss. Adriel's heart suddenly began to beat faster and her cheeks were brightly flushed. 'Why do I -,' thought Adriel. She didn't care what or why she thought it she just wanted to. Slowly ever so slowly Adriel moved her head closer to Sesshomaru and for some odd reason he did the same. 'Naraku's sent is on her lips so if I can smell it I can find a way to track him more closely,' thought Sesshomaru. Adriel closed her eyes and continued to get closer and then………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Chapter 5: Fighting For Me?

Their lips touched and everything seemed to be at a stand still. Sesshomaru was lost inside his own mind for about 10 seconds before his eyes shot open. He stared at the blushing girl before him. His demon instincts wanted him to go further than this. His hands wrapped around her shoulders, he closed his eyes, and pulled her closer. However his rational side kicked in suddenly. Sesshomaru's eyes shot open and he shoved Adriel off of him. She landed on the ground with a rather uncomfortable thud. Adriel's mind became clearer and she woke up from her trance like state. She winced in pain but then her face flushed completely red. "What did I just do?" The image of her lips touching against his flashed in her mind and she blushed more and held her head. Adriel heard a metallic sound and looked up. Sesshomaru was pointing his sword at her. Adriel's heart skipped a beat and she looked into his face. For the first time in her life she felt afraid. Sesshomaru's eyes had turned red and they held rage in them. Adriel tried to speak. "Sesshomaru… I." Adriel yelped in fright as he swung the sword at her. She dodged it and rolled away from it. This time she got to her feet and stared at him with sheer terror in her eyes. "Sesshomaru…please" He swung at her again. She dodged it but fell on her side. She tried to scramble up on to her feet again but Sesshomaru grabbed her hair. Adriel squirmed in pain as he pulled her to his face. He stared at her with his red eyes and she stared into them feeling fear grip her heart again. "Sesshomaru please stop this". "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you," he said angrily in a demonic voice. Tears fell freely from her eyes now and she looked away from him. She did not give an answer. "Very well," Sesshomaru said vengefully. He threw her to the ground and she cried out. Sesshomaru raised his sword and charged at her. Adriel weakly got up onto her hands and she saw him running at her. "WAIT!" she yelled. Sesshomaru stopped abruptly. Adriel weakly stood up holding her arm. "I thought…Well I don't know what I thought, really," Adriel said sadly limping over to him. "I guess it was this. When I first met you I thought you were a perverted jerk who just liked bugging me for fun. Even now I can tell that that's just the way you are. But, you showed me kindness, in a weird way, but it was kindness none the less. I wasn't really grateful for your help. You could have just left me there, but instead you chose to help me." Adriel was almost to Sesshomaru and noticing this he raised his sword a little. "What I'm saying is…" Adriel stopped. Tears fell down her face making her bare shoulders wet.. "What I'm saying is…" She lifted her head and ran to Sesshomaru tears flying everywhere. "I think I'm falling in love with you!" Adriel held onto Sesshomaru's clothes crying into them. Sesshomaru's eyes faded back to his normal eye color and he froze. Adriel continued crying pulling herself closer to him.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" a small voice carried through the air. Adriel released herself from Sesshomaru and he relinquished his sword to its sheath. Adriel looked over her shoulder to see Rin running over to them. They stood there not talking as Rin ran up to them. "Sesshomaru-sama, Joken and I have collected berries for Au-un and I wondered if you would- huh?" Rin stopped in mid sentence and stared at Adriel. "Onee-chan are you ok?" Rin asked cutely. Adriel wiped her eyes and put on a smile. "Oh I'm just fine Rin-chan!" "Are you sure?" Rin asked playfully. "Yeah I'm sure," Adriel said smiling.

"Master Sesshomaru!" Joken's loud voice rang out. Everyone turned to see Joken pulling on Ah-un's reigns. Joken reached them and began panting. "Master Joken you shouldn't run like that since you have such short legs," Rin said matter-o-factly. "Quiet child!" Joken yelled. "Master Sesshomaru, I saw Naraku's demons flying just north of here and there were a lot of them too." "Naraku's Demons?" Sesshomaru said. "Joken I want you to come with me and Rin you stay here." "Yes Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin replied happily. "Adriel." Adriel made a surprised noise and stared at Sesshomaru. He looked at her with cold eyes. "You are to watch Rin and if anything should happen to her." He blinked. "I'll have to kill you." Adriel's eyes opened wide and she put her hand on her heart. He turned away, his hair floating in the wind as he did. "Sesshomaru!" Adriel called out running after him a little bit. He stopped and turned around. He stared at her for a moment and then turned back and began walking again. Adriel looked on sadly and she put her face down trying hard not to let tears fall. "Why did I go and tell him a thing like that? Did I say I loved him? Why did I do such a thing?" Adriel thought sadly.

"Onee-chan?" Rin said questionably titling her head. Adriel snapped out of her daze and smiled at Rin. "So where are those berries that you picked?" Adriel said happily.

With Sesshomaru

"I think I'm falling in love with you!" The words just wouldn't leave his head. They echoed in his mind and bounced off everything inside of it. He wasn't really sure what had happened and he really didn't care. He had chosen to forget everything that had just happened except no matter how hard he tried he couldn't forget those words. Out of all the questions that circled in his head the one that bugged him the most consisted of only a single word; Why? He heard the words again and he blinked calmly trying to get the words from his head. That girl had done something to him that no one ever could do. Not even he could accomplish it himself. For a split second, he had thought about love.

With Adriel and Rin

Adriel's face was solemn as she walked along through the forest holding Rin's hand. Rin smiled happily and began humming. Rin let go of Adriel's hand and ran a little bit ahead. Adriel smiled for a second as she watched the little girl dance around and drop daisies on Au-un's head. Adriel's mind wouldn't stop replaying the scene with Sesshomaru. There lips touched, she blushed, he pulled her closer, he attacked her. Adriel stopped. He HAD pulled her closer to him and he HAD kissed her back. Adriel's face flushed once again. This made her even more confused. "What's going on?" Adriel asked herself. If he kissed her back and held her close then why did he push her away and almost try to kill her. Adriel's eyes opened wide. "Could it be that he doesn't want anyone to see that he has a soft side?" Adriel thought. "Why that insensitive jerk!" Adriel yelled. "Huh?" Adriel looked around and Rin was no where to be found.

"Rin?" Adriel called. "Rin!" "Where are you? Please answer me!" Adriel's stomach tightened with the thought of Sesshomaru finding out. "Oh man! He's gonna kill me! I mean not only is Rin gone but Ah-un's missing as well! AWWW MAN! Rin!"

Adriel continued calling and didn't notice Rin sleeping under a tree with Au-un acting as her pillow. Adriel wondered away into the forest.

She had been walking for what seemed like hours when she finally came back to the place she began. "Rin," Adriel said in a crazy voice filled with tiredness. "If you're not there a demon got you." "Not where, Onee-chan?" Rin answered sweetly. Adriel turned to see Rin and Ah-un. "RIN!" Adriel cried running up and hugging her. "I thought I lost you!" "I was only sleeping Onee-chan," Rin replied back, laughing.

"Well aren't you cute!" a voice said mischievously.

Adriel turned around to see a woman with purple-blue hair standing in a tree. Her red lips were smiling and her green eyes seemed to be laughing at Adriel. A purple shirt with a red rose in the right corner dressed her top while purple shorts with a half skirt draping down passed her ankles covered the rest of her. Her ears were pointy and claws tipped the end of each finger. Her shoes were tied on by fabric that wound up her leg in a criss-cross fashion and were tied at her knees. "Who are you?" Adriel said holding Rin close. There was a silence then a laugh escaped from the purple-ish girl's mouth. It was a weird, crazy laugh that made Adriel look like this: O.O

"My name is Yokozuki!" she said still laughing slightly. Her voice was high and slightly annoying. "Well that name fits just perfectly now doesn't it." Adriel said still disturbed. "Oh is that so?" Yokozuki said her eyes narrowing and her pitch dropping about 5 octaves. "Eh?" Adriel said still freaked out. Yokozuki jumped down from the tree and walked up to Adriel. Adriel took a step back in fright. "Oh don't be afraid," Yokozuki said in a low pitch. "I just want to play with you!" "EHHHHHH?" Adriel cried backing up about 5 spaces. Yokozuki walked up slowly and then without warning pushed Rin away from Adriel. "Rin!" Adriel cried trying to reach her. Yokozuki grabbed Adriel's wrists and pinned her to the tree behind them. Adriel looked up at the girl angrily. "Let me go! Geez everyone just loves doing this to me don't they!" Adriel yelled. Yokozuki brought her hand up to Adriel's face and stroked her cheek. Adriel's eyes opened wide. "You have such soft skin!" Yokozuki said still stroking Adriel's cheek. Adriel began shaking and her eyes were side open now. She couldn't say anything. Her mouth wasn't working right. "I wonder what the rest feels like..." Yokozuki said trailing her fingers down Adriel's neck. Adriel closed her eyes and turned her head away still unable to say anything. "Please…Someone…Save me…!" Adriel thought desperately in her mind. Yokozuki's claws began cutting a line down Adriel's shirt. She was just about to reach Adriel's chest when a slashing sound came through the trees. Yokozuki let go of Adriel's wrists just in time before she was cut to pieces by a long wipe like thing. Adriel crashed to the ground with her eyes closed and with the rims of her eye lids holding a few tears.

"Who dares to attack me?" Yokozuki yelled angrily. A black boot stepped out of the forest. "Hmph" Yokozuki said. "A man thinks he can challenge me?" She smiled slightly before jumping into the air for her attack. "Onee-chan! Onee-chan!" Rin said shaking Adriel. Adriel's eyes opened and she looked into Rin's face. "Rin! Your ok!" Adriel said relieved. "Look Onee-chan! Sesshomaru-sama is fighting for you!" Adriel looked up. "Fighting for," Adriel said out loud. "Me?" Adriel watched Sesshomaru fight Yokozuki. Adriel blushed. "He's so….. cool" Adriel said out loud softly. Finally Yokozuki was struck by Sesshomaru and wounded. She clutched her side in pain. "You win this time! Oh little girl..." She called over to Adriel. Adriel flinched. "I'll be back to finish what I started!" With that she laughed and disappeared. Adriel shivered and looked down. Sesshomaru came over to Adriel. "Rin are you hurt?" "Nope, Nope Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin said happily. "Hu….Adriel?" Adriel's eyes went wide with surprise. She looked up to see him staring at her with cold eyes. "I'm... I'm fine..." Adriel stuttered. Sesshomaru looked at her a little longer and then began walking away with Rin running in front of him. "Sesshomaru?" Adriel asked quietly. He stopped but didn't turn around. "Thanks for um….fighting for me…" Adriel said slightly blushing and looking at the ground. He said nothing and continued walking. "He didn't deny it!" Adriel exclaimed in her mind. "Maybe its ok….that I told him that I may love him."

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