A/N: This is a continuation of "Squashing the Evil Mushroom". The story tells how Hermione put her plan into action.

Please read "Squashing the Evil Mushroom" before this one. It's only 15 lines or so. It'll make you understand this much better.

Amanita phalloides

"It's time to die, for you!" Voldemort exclaimed, raising his wand.

"No, wait!" Hermione begged; her heart was pounding in her chest.

"What do you want, mudblood?" Voldemort snarled, "give your last wish?" He laughed cruelly.

"No," she stood. "I just wanted to say that… Um…" she took a deep breath and slowly slipped her hand into her pocket, where a potion lay. "Um… I hope you taste good," she had uncorked the vial in her pocket and then she took it out of her pocket and threw the potion at Voldemort.

"GAARH!" He yelled, as the liquid hit him. There wasn't much, but he knew it had to be dangerous. "Wha-" He gasped and dropped his wand.

"Well, THAT was certainly unexpected," Hermione mused and looked at Voldemort. She sighed and contemplated her new problem for a few hours. A few hours later Hermione was still contemplating how she was going to tell everyone about this. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the door to the room burst open and in came the Order with Harry in the lead, ready to fight and fulfil the prophecy.

"Hermione!" He called and hurried over to her. "Are you alright?" He asked worriedly.

"Yes, I'm quite fine, though a bit annoyed" Hermione replied.

"Where is Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked and looked around.

"Um…" She laughed in a silly way. "Professor Snape is standing on him," all heads turned towards Snape.

"What?" He moved away and looked down and saw a squashed fungus.

"That's impossible!" Dumbledore said, surprised and shocked.

"Yeah, I thought so too. I even took precautions. He should've turned into something edible, not an Amanita phalloides…" She trailed off with a sad shake of her head and a few tears falling from her eyes and she felt the urge to bury herself in Snape's robes and cry her heart out. Why did nothing ever follow her intentions? She wanted him to be edible, NOT a Amanita phalloides! She had such big plans with him! Dammit! "Maybe his personality that altered the potion," she wondered, trying to hide a low, sobbing noise.

"There there, Miss Granger," Snape padded her awkwardly on the back. "You did well," he informed and she looked up into his eyes. "Next time you turn someone into a fungus you'll make sure that it is the one intended and not a poisonous one," he comforted and Hermione nodded in agreement.

Boohoo! It wasn't an edible fungus! Boohoo! Why don't you all cry! I know I am! WAAAARRRRH! Meow... meow... mooo!