Ok. I know I put this thing on hiatus, but I was looking through my old files and discovered this. Since I don't plan on having much time to work on this fic currently, I thought I'd post this as a kind of teaser thing.

If I get enough reviews or see that there's actually some people interested in it, I'll try to update it soon and take it off my hiatus list.

So enjoy.

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Duo woke up when he heard someone scream. He hurried across the hall and quietly peered into Hilde's room. Not her. She was sleeping peacefully.

He wondered if maybe he had just been hearing things. The only other person in the apartment was Heero, and he didn't ever scream. Besides it seemed that Hilde hadn't heard anything either. Of course, she had also slept through the biggest battle the gundams had fought and never heard a thing.

Duo lay back down and listened to see if he would hear the scream again. After a few minutes of silence he tried to fall back asleep when another scream came from down the hall.

This time he knew he wasn't hearing things. He got up and walked through the apartment searching for the source of the sound. He stopped at the doorway to Heero's room debating whether to wake him up or not. Finally he decided just to see if maybe Heero had heard the scream and woken up as well. When he opened the door he was surprised to see that Heero was still sleeping and seemed to be having a nightmare.

Rushing to Heero's side, he began gently shaking the younger boy and calling his name to try to wake him. At the same time he wondered what could be scaring the perfect soldier that much.