Summery: Draco, to everyone's surprise, has joined the side of The Light. But when he loses his sight in a battle, Hermione is the only one who still believes in him. Can she help him believe in himself? DM/HG, pre DH.

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Chapter 1
Dreaded News

"Might not live…"

"Narcissa will be heartbroken…"

Hermione listened fearfully to what she could catch of the conversation a few beds away.

"How'd it happen?"

"No one seems to know…"

"Poor boy…"

The fearful conversations ended abruptly, and Hermione strained her ears to listen, her own heartbeat the only other sound she could hear.

A crisp, emotionless voice addressed the professors, and she knew it was the specialist from St. Mungo's talking.

"He'll live," there were several sighs of relief, "but I'm afraid he'll never see again."

Hermione felt as if her heart, which had been pounding so loudly only moments ago, seemed to stop for a moment as she absorbed this shocking news. A murmur of conversation broke out amongst the teachers, but Dumbledore's voice could be heard above the rest, "Is there nothing that can be done?"

The babble died down as everyone listened intently for the answer.

The specialist sighed wearily before answering, "No, I'm afraid not. He didn't lose his eyes, thankfully, but I'm afraid the eternal damage irreversible."

There was silence for a moment as the weight of this hit everyone.

Hermione scrunched her eyes shut tight, burying herself deeper into the crisp sheets of the bed in the hospital wing, fighting the wave of guilt that was threatening to consume her.

It's all my fault, she thought, it's all my fault…

A/N: I realize that this chapter is unusually short, not even a page long, and I apologize, but I felt that it was a decent cliffhanger to leave you with, get you thinking exactly how it's Hermione's fault and all. As always, reviews are most appreciated. Cheers.