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Dreaming of a Rainy Day

Chapter 1: A Rainy Day

Riza sighs defeatedly, continuing her peaceful walk home. She had a long and tiring day and she knew it was about to get worse by the looks of thing, she looks up at the cloudy sky, as if it would give her the answers to her questions that were currently in her mind, but right now it seemed to only tell her one thing and one thing only it's going to rain and its going to rain soon!

It was one of the rare evenings she ever got off work early, it was mainly Full Metals fault; not that she was complaining or anything, but it was kind of getting old, Roy was in one of his moods and having a shouting competition with Edward Elric 'The Full Metal Alchemist' who had a violent temper that matched him equally in wit and volume. It's as if Mustang's mood would always improve after his little spats, but she doubted anyone could get him out of his mood today, he would always send for him to release stress and quite frankly Full Metal hated when he did that.

The weather hadn't improved for the last week, and right now she was just plain tired. Tired of her job, tired of stormy weather, tired of not being able to hear about Hughes' 'adorable' daughter, tired of a smirking bastard who didn't know a good thing if it hit him in the face, and a month ago it had. Even if his best friend had died in the past month, he had plenty of chances to ask her out, to get close to her, but he wouldn't! He wouldn't allow himself to get close to any one, not even her! He also refused to show his emotions, let them filter out of two transparent windows in his head to anyone either, he always closed the shades. She who stuck by him through thick and thin; who backed him up even if it meant her death or serious injury and he still wouldn't get close to her.

Oh how she'd given up on him more then a month ago and quite frankly, she was over him pretty fast. She even started to wonder if she even loved him at all.

She thinks for a moment as she walks down the main road but shakes her head continuing her conversation in her head 'No, she didn't think she did no matter how hansom, smart, loyal, courageous, and just a plain bastard he was. Who cares anymore she has had it with him and and-and….. She stops suddenly and blinks a few times to get out of reverie "I think I've gotten myself lost," she groans out loud to herself.

She looks around, at the very unfamiliar surroundings trying to find anything that looked remotely familiar, anything at all, but no luck. She was so into her ramblings that she didn't even know it had started raining, let alone that she had stumbled into the park, and a part of the park where she wasn't familiar with; she didn't get out of the office often, let alone to the park.

She sighs as she hangs her head sadly, starting to wander off, pulling her jacket closer to her to retain her body heat, this is one of the times she really did miss Hayate, he was one of her closest companions and that was really sad now that she thought about it. She was upset, alone, and lost; he would always comfort her when she felt down, always was there when she needed a friend, and if she had gotten lost he sure as hell would of gotten her out of this mess. She had sort of grown attached to the little fur ball, and she wouldn't trade him for anything in the world

"I didn't think this spot was particularly popular with people." a voice from behind her spoke, startling her out of her ramblings.

She turns around sharply going to her guns, but just as quickly is set at ease when she sees its none other then Edward Elric himself, under a large heavily brushed tree. He moved over slightly as he motioned for her to sit down out of the rain. She smiled at him great fully, as she walks over to him and sits down next to him. She smiles slightly to herself, glad to have found company, and it surprised her at how much he cheered her up just at the sight of him.

"Full Metal? What are you doing here? And in the rain non the less." she asks her tone calm and loud considering the silent rain pouring down before them.

He smirks at her in amusement before turning a real genuine smile up to the crying sky startling her immensely "I just got all 'funned' out when Colonel and I got into a yelling match." He chuckles dryly to himself.

She lifts an eyebrow at him the corners of her mouth turning slightly forward "Why would you say a thing like that?" she asks innocently.

He chuckles lightly at her "Oh, don't give me that I know he calls me into his office to relieve stress," she blinks twice at him when he smirks slightly "I should start charging him therapy lessons I'm starting to think I'm a Psychiatrist."

She chuckles lightly but stops suddenly as she looks over to him in confusion as she stares at him uncertainly "That still doesn't explain why your out here."

He turns his eyes to her, but not looking at her fully in the face. "How could I not?" He says motioning to their surroundings "It's beautiful out here when it rains, you don't get much of this when your surrounded by buildings, so I go out here, it reminds me a little of home I suppose." he says softly, smiling slightly to himself.

She tilted her head in surprise, it was very rare to see him smile genuinely, let alone say anything about what he thinks, for a genius he was always so closed mouth when it came to himself and his brother, Alphonse. "You like rainy days?" she asked completely and utterly puzzled. She had never truly figured him out and he confused her even more now and that was saying a lot.

She sighed and looks up, smiling slightly of the memory she recalled, it was when she was a little girl, and how she would always stand outside in the rain for hours until her mother would get fed up with her and yell at her to come inside before she caught a cold.

He nods absent mindedly, as he closes his eyes in pure bliss and contentment, she turns to him and then back up to the sky and smiles too "I like it too."

They stare up at the cloudy sky for a few minutes more in a comfortable silence, until Edward notices her shiver a bit, he takes off his crimson coat, that he never leaves home with out and offers it to her with a slight smile "Here."

She shivers again, for a military uniform it was pretty flimsy in the rain, she smiles great fully at him and flushes a nice light pink as she accepts it and puts it on hurriedly "Thanks." she whispers almost inaudible.

He dismisses the subject with a wave of his left hand "Don't worry about it."

She stops him short as she grabs his wrist, he looks at her surprised and confused all in his golden orbs, realizing just how close they had gotten with out thinking, he turns a nice shade of pink looking back down at the ground, finding it suddenly really fascinating at the moment " No really, thank you Edward." she says not meeting his eyes either, blushing crimson.

He blushes even more as he hides his eyes behind his golden blonde bangs "Your welcome." he mumbles slightly.

She smiles warmly as she notices him still blushing, she inches in closer to him as she makes sure he doesn't notice. His body generated a lot of heat, and well they were both cold why not share the warmth.

She giggles lightly to her self as she lays her head on to his inviting shoulder; he stiffens on the contact, but doesn't move away. Not many people touched him and that was if he allowed them to, but he just shook his head in exaggeration and continued to watch as the rain fell on to the canopy, unconsciously slipping an arm around her waist, in case she fell mind you.

She sighs in contentment and watches as Edward slowly relaxes as he looks on at the falling rain, 'I guess I wasn't in love with Roy after all; especially if I can't imagine myself anywhere else, but here right now, in his arms.' she thinks to herself subconsciously as she feels herself drift off to awaiting darkness.

-To Be Continued-

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