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--Last Chapter--

"I'll kill every single one of your companions." Envy says sliding his sword across her neck.

"I'd like to see l you try." Riza spits out venomously holding her should from the scratch form Dante's dagger.

Envy smirks at her "Then how about this instead?" lifts his blade up and gets ready to strike down Ed where he lay unconscious before anyone can stop him as she watches on in horror.

Chapter 19: The Final Battle

"FullMetal Shortie you die today!" Envy says smirking widely transforming his hand to a blade ready to strike Ed down where he lay unconscious.

"No!" Sloth cries out in horror as she shields Ed with her body.

"Sloth?" Envy asks surprised.

"Ed!" Riza cries as Dante grabs him and Rose taking them him off somewhere to make the Philosopher stone for herself and for immortality would be hers.

Riza runs over to the dieing Sloth she knew she wouldn't be able to catch her but it didn't stop Envy and Wrath from trying to get Ed away from Dante "Why did you do that?" Riza asks kneeling down.

Sloth gives her a sad smile of hopelessness "Because I can't let anything happen to my little man or my youngest."

Riza gasps in surprise "Your his mother."

Sloth nods "Take care of him for me?" Sloth says look up at Riza with pleading eyes as she bleeds to death "And get my boys back." Sloth says with a gleam of hatred and disgust in her eyes for Dante.

"Havoc." Riza yells to him as he comes over to take care of her as she nods and takes off with Hayate to go get Ed as Havoc comes to take care of Al and the rest of Sloth 'please be ok Ed, Al Ed will definitely kill me if your not ok.' she thinks to herself as she continues to follow Hayate through Dante's mansion as the others join her.


--The middle of Dante's mansion--

"Wake up Ed, it's time to make the Philosopher stone." Dante says in a singsong voice as she nudges him awake.

Ed blinks and groans out in frustration "And what makes you think I'll help you?" Ed asks glaring at her intently as much as he can with his hands tied apart from him.

Dante smirks widely as she leans close to his ear "Because if you don't you'll never see your little brother again or her." she whispers in his ear as she points to the corner where Alphonse lay tied up along with an unconscious Rose.

"Nii-san!" He exclaims trying to hide his terror of the homunculus.

Ed blinks back tears as he nods she releases him and he claps his hands and plants an array on the floor with the red water that was in there as Envy bursts through the door "I thought we were partners!" Envy yells at her making her smirk widely.

"Well you thought wrong I'm not like you I'm not a homunculus I just know how to make me live forever." Dante says in a snooty attitude.

"You son of a bitch." Envy seethes.

Dante smirks shaking her head in a motherly manner "Watch your language or have you forgotten who your mother is? Hmm?"

"I don't really care I'm going to kill you both." Envy spits out venomously as they go on a full assault battle.

Al breaks the chains as they exchange blows from one another as Al inches over to his bleeding brother, Ed looks up as he approaches "Al are you and Rose all right?"

Al nods looking around for something to tie around Ed's injuries "Yeah Nii-san I'm fine Rose is too."

Ed nods and watches on as they exchange blows and now insults to each other "The Philosopher stones light should blind them." he says underneath his breath so no one could hear but someone did.

"What! Nii-san don't!" Al exclaims as he activates the array combining the Red water ingredients to make a single philosopher stone blinding Dante and Envy but that wasn't going to stop him.

"I told you." Envy says running a sword right through her as he chuckles menacingly as Dante seems to tell him something with her eyes.

Ed's eyes widen considerably going down to a watch he had received from someone that was his fathers "Dad's watch." Al watches on curiously as Ed pulls out a bone finger and throws it to Dante.

"What?" Envy exclaims to late as Dante plunges her own Dagger in his heart with the bone.

They both collapse to the floor she looks over to Ed once more "I hope my present to you was satisfying FullMetal." she says before her last breath escapes her.

"Damn you." Envy spits at her as he covers his injuries.

"Nii-san are you all right?" Al asks worriedly as Ed looks down at the watch Rose begins to become conscious but not making herself known.

"Get in the middle of it Al." Al looks at him surprised but nods, reluctantly stepping into the middle of the array "It's going to be all right Al." Ed says as Al nods believing in his brother's strength Ed looks at him one last time before clapping his hands together and activating the array making it become a blinding baby blue color as Al glows the same color he closes his eyes to concentrate and it dies down to reveal a little boy about ten years old the same way he disappeared in the middle.

"It worked Nii-san!" the sandy haired boy said excitedly as tears made it's way to Al's eyes as he embraces his older brother tightly then realizes he still has Auto-Mail "You didn't get your arm or leg back."

Ed smiles with tears in his eyes as well as he embraces his younger once more putting his jacket around him he had cloths on but they were flimsy and stuff they could only wear in Rizenbool "It doesn't matter."

Envy struggles to get to his feet blood dripping every where as he looks at the appearing gate and smirks "At last I'm going to be able to get my revenge on that bastard of a father." Envy laughs as the Gate opens and attaches itself to Ed and Envy dragging them forcefully inside it.

"Nii-san!" Al screams out as his brother is forcefully ripped from his brother's grasp he reaches for his older brother but is to late.

"Al!" Ed yells out once more as the Gate closes on him taking him with him making Rose gasp.


--Cavalry arrive--

"What happened here?" Roy asks looking around at a couple dead homunculi strewn across the floor, a young woman with brown hair with lavender bangs and eyes the same color staring strait ahead at nothing, and a little boy with sandy brown hair and large scared brown eyes sitting in the middle of an array with a familiar red coat cloaking his body from the harsh winds.

Fuery walks over to the young woman as the others walk over to the little boy, Riza leans down "Are you all right little boy?" she asks putting a hand on his shoulder making him flinch away from her.

Roy looks at him confusedly he looked strangely familiar to him "What's your name?"

The sandy haired little boy looks up at him scared and confused "Alphonse, Alphonse Elric Who are you?" he asks confused as the other gasps they later found the remains of Scar along with Lust but not Gluttony they figured he had just disapeared after Lust had gone he had nothing more to do.


--The Other side of the Gate--

'What happened?' Ed blinks as he realizes he was laying on his side on a cement floor as blood pooled around his body as his head begins to pound 'Am I dead?' he thinks to himself as his head drops back to the floor.

"Edward?" a shocked voice asks him making Ed look up as the blurry figure moves closer to him making his world spin as darkness claims him once more "Your safe now Ed." was the only thing he hears before he slips into total darkness he had no idea who the man was or where he was but he had a feeling he was going to and he wasn't going to like it.

--The End--

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Something's are always repeated as Al quests all over the country to find his memories and find his brother who is so dear to him even though he doesn't remember half of the things they did together. While Ed tries to find his way back home he meets familiar faces along the way along with his mysterious father who Dante and his mother loved so much, how will he find his way back home and Al his memories and what will happen when they do? Why does everyone want Ed and his chemistry abilities? And who will stand in his way?


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