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Ben shook the chains a little to make sure they were secure. Didn't want a pissed off slayer being able to attack when she woke up. He stood back and smiled at her crumbled form on the ground. Meanwhile Mali was in the back sharpening his knife, he planned on having a load of fun with this one.

"Mali!" Ben called and he quickly got up from his seat. He entered to find Ben sitting on a chair tapping his fingers.

"Are you ready yet! I do have other places to be!" He yelled and Mali nodded.

"Yes, I'm almost done. Almost ready to start the fun." He smirked at the last part. Ben nodded and waved his hand as Mali retreated back into the room.


Faith paced back and forth on the deck. Then stopped and punched her fist through the wall.

"Dammit!" she yelled as the others sat on the deck thinking.

"How are we going to get her back." Xander asked sadly and Faith turned to him.

"I'll tell you how. We go in fighting, get Buffy, then kill the bastards." Giles sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"If only it was that simple."

"It is!" Faith yelled and went to the lower deck. She came back up with an axe and swung it once for testing.

"You guys can come or not. Either way I'm getting her back." She said and Giles frowned.

"Your not the only one who wants her safe you know!" He yelled and Faith glared at him.

"Then get off your ass and come on." She said then stomped away.

"Wait!" Willow yelled and Faith reluctantly turned around.

"Get some of the gas from the lower deck." she said.


Buffy opened her weary eyes as she laid on the hard floor. She saw Ben sitting impatiently in his chair, the sound of sharpening could be heard. She sat up and Ben turned his head to her.

"She's up!" he yelled to Mali, who emerged with a large knife. A woman came out beside him with a syringe and she cringed. God only knows what they had planned for her.

"Let's hurry this up." Ben said as he got up.

"Hold on!" Mali snapped and Ben looked at him surprised.

"Don't you dare yell at me." He warned as his eyes glowed. Buffy took this opportunity to test her chains, she was unable to break them. The three turned to her at the noise and Mali smiled.

"Don't bother." He said and walked towards her with the woman. He kneeled down but far away enough so she couldn't kick him.

"Tired?" He said but she didn't answer. Mali moved towards her and punched her hard.

"That's for my brother you bitch!" He screamed at her. Buffy turned her head to him and glared.

"He deserved it." She said lowly and he motioned the woman towards him. She felt a sharp prick as the needle entered her. Her vision went blurry and she became light headed.

"What the hell did you do..." she said wearily.

"Wouldn't want you to have all your strength when I torture you, now would we?" He said sickingly sweet.

"No...because then I could kill you like I did your brother." He frowned and punched her again.

"Shut up!" Buffy bowed her head as blood trickled down from her nose. He roughly grabbed her jaw and made her look at him.

"That's right bleed bitch." He spat and licked his lips. The wolves growled from outside and they all turned.

"You fuckers think you can take me?" Buffy heard Faith yell, then she heard a loud howl of pain and smiled. Mali turned to look at her.

"Wouldn't be smiling if I were you." He warned.

"She'll just be dinner soon." He grinned and turned to Ben.

"Finish her and I'll take care of this one?" He asked and Ben growled as he got up.

"Fine." He morphed and went outside. Mali sniffed the air as he smelt gasoline. His eyes widened.

"Shit." He mumbled as he ran out but some of the huts were already on fire. Along with some of the werewolves. He looked over to see the weaker ones being fought by Willow, Xander, and Giles. Faith was taking on Ben, plus some of his companions. He retreated back into the hut and saw Buffy frantically pulling at her chains. He twirled the knife in his hand as he walked towards her.

"Don't worry...I'll take care of your problem."

"Don't think so..." Faith said as she threw a werewolves head onto the ground, Buffy cringed. Mali stopped as he recognized who it was...Ben.

"He was right, pay back is a bitch." She smirked and Mali ran towards her she quickly kneeled onto her knee and flipped him over her head. She ran towards Buffy and pulled at the chains.

"It won't work I tried, find the key!" Buffy yelled as Mali walked back in. Faith turned around and began searching.

"Looking for this?" Mali said as he held up the key. Faith gritted her teeth and got into a fighting stance.

"Come on wolfy, let's go." She replied and he threw the knife at her. She ducked as it cascaded past her head and through the grassy hut. He ran towards her while she was off guard and kicked her stomach. Faith groaned and stumbled.

"Faith!" Buffy yelled and tried to move forward but the chains held her back. Mali morphed as she got up. He snarled and jumped her, the key lying on the ground now.

"Hey Buffy...oh crud!" Xander said as he ran in.

"The key!" she yelled to him as Faith struggled to keep the wolf off. Xander ran to the key and picked it up. He undid the chains just as three wolves entered, they saw Bens head lying on the ground. They all turned to Mali struggling with Faith and seemed to be planning something. Mali had no one to protect him now.

"Your one heavy son of a bitch." Faith muttered as she pushed him back. Mali was jumped by another wolf and pushed through the grassy hut as the other wolves followed. Buffy ran to help Faith up.

"Hey B." She said and the blonde hugged her.

"Missed you too." she whispered. Willow and Giles ran in with confused faces.

"What's wrong?" Xander asked.

"They're, um, killing the leader." Willow said. They all peered out the hut and saw as the wolves shredded Mali. One of them saw the five staring at them and transformed back. They all got ready to battle as he moved towards them.

"Wait!" He yelled but no one let down their guard.

"I don't want to hurt you...I wanted to say, uh, thanks." He replied and wiped Mali's blood of his face.

"Huh?" They said.

"We're free now." He replied with a smile. The remaining werewolves morphed back as well and came beside him.

"Yeah, with Mali and them gone we can live again." Another said.

"So your not mad we killed some of your friends?" Xander asked and Buffy elbowed him in the ribs. The wolves looked at the ground.

"It is a loss...but you were protecting yourself."

"Ben would have killed us anyway!" Someone said from the back.

"Yeah!" The one beside him replied.

"Wait, so we can you know, go?" Willow asked and he nodded.

"If you promise to one thing." He said and they all waited.

"Don't...don't tell anyone where we are alright? We don't want the scientist coming to do experiments on us." He said fearful.

"Fine." Giles said and began edging back into the jungle with the others beside him.

"Just so you come to Sunnydale and we kick your asses." Xander said and Willow pulled his arm.

"Come on Mr. Muscle, let's go." She said. They walked back to the boat, looking behind them the whole way. None of them followed them though, they seemed to be safe. They got on the boat as Giles quickly started the engine. They began to move out and Faith watched as the island got smaller in the distance. Buffy came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Think they'll come?" Faith asked and Buffy shook her head.

"I don't think so. If they do though, I know we can take them together." Faith smiled and laced her fingers with Buffy's.

"I love you." She whispered and turned her head to kiss her lips softly.

"I love you too." Buffy replied.