What are you doing the Rest of Your Life?

Chapter 1: Six Months in Counting

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"Alex, wake up. We're there," Sam whispered tapping her son gently on the shoulder. He looked so peaceful as he slept soundly there, and she hated to wake him. His skin had a slight red tint to it from the sign that read Sea View Inn. Sam let out a chuckle, and thought out loud, " We're miles from any body of water, yet they call it the Sea View in." Below the Red letters, were the words color television. That's great. At least that will keep Alex occupied until we find a permanent place to stay.

They had been driving all night, and she was exhausted. She shook Alex again, but it was no use. Leaning down, she gathered him up in her arms and carried him over to the lobby of the motel.

" What can I do for you?" The desk clerk questioned looking up from his newspaper.

" Can I get a room?"

" For how many nights?"

Sam sighed, " I don't know."

Six months later…

The ER bustled with people trying to get checked out by a doctor. Susan sat at the counter looking intently into the computer screen, but looked up when she saw Luka enter through the ambulance bay doors. He shook the snow out of his hair and looked at Susan, " What?" He questioned with his deep Croatian accent.

" Nothing I was just thinking. Have you heard from Sam?"

Luka shook his head, and Susan gave him a sympathetic smile, " If she doesn't come back soon we'll need to find a nurse to fill her place."

If she doesn't come back. The words echoed over and over through Luka's head like a broken record. For the first time in his life, he was finally happy. But then Sam just got up and left, and he hadn't heard from her since. He nodded to Susan before making his way into the lounge.

"You wanna get anything else?" Alex questioned with a giggle as he and Sam mad their way to check out. He grabbed a box of cookies as they went down the aisle, and gave Sam a pleading smile.

She took the box from him, " You know, you're the reason I have to get all this food. Your stomach's like a black hole."

" No kiddin'."

Sam sighed and shook her head, " Come on. We have to get going. My shift starts in a half an hour."

They rounded the corner, and Alex looked into her eyes, " You miss him don't you?" He took his mom's hand.

" Miss who?" The truth was thought that she knew whom he was talking about. She wanted to answer him, but decided not to. That would only lead to more problems. A grin spread across her face as she ignored the question and walked over to the check out line. Sam placed all her groceries on the black belt, and then pushed the cart to where all the bags were.

" Miss whom." Alex said with a laugh after a few moments of silence and then stated the obvious, " Luka."

" When did you get to be so smart?" She placed the gallons of milk in a brown bag and then put them in the cart. After paying for everything, she took Alex's hand and led him out of the store. The trunk shut with a thud as Sam shut it, and walked over to the driver's side of the car.

" You still didn't answer my question," Alex said as Sam turned on the car.

Sam smiled and nodded, " Yeah, I miss him."

" Then why did you leave?"

Sam was silent for a moment trying to think of a valid reason, but it was hopeless, " I don't know."

Laying in the huge king size bed he and Sam had purchased, what seemed like years ago, Luka tried to fall asleep, but sleep never came. Come on Luka. You have a shift early tomorrow morning. He sighed. For the past few days the only thing that was on his mind was Sam and Alex. He imagined she was fast asleep next to him with her golden locks spread around her head like a hallo. Maybe she never left. Maybe it walls all a dream, and Alex was still asleep in the other room. He shook his head because the truth was…she left.

Luka could feel his eyelids getting heavy, and finally he fell asleep. It wasn't for very long though. Beep! Beep! Beep! He reached over and turned on the light on the bedside table and picked up his beeper, " I'm not on for another two hours." He mumbled under his breath. Throwing his hands up, he sighed, defeated.

The emergency room was in an obvious low-staffed situation, and Luka sighed at the sight of it. This is going to be a long day.

" What have we got?" Luka questioned Weaver as he came up to admit. He looked at the boards and then back at Weaver.

" Two trauma's coming in."

" ETA?"

" Four minutes."

" Who else is on?"

" Abby and Neela, but other than that we're the only ones."

" Where are Ray and Carter?"

Weaver sighed, " They both called in sick."

" And Susan?"

" I can't get a hold of her."

" This is great!" Luka said turning to leave, " Are all the nurses here?"

" Most of them."

Luka nodded, and turned to examine the person in exam one.

Sam sat in the lounge at the hospital she was now employed at. Alex came up to her and handed her her cell phone, " Dad's on the phone. Says he wants to talk to you."

Sam sighed and took the phone from her son, " Steve, what do you want?"

" I was just calling to see how the two of you are. I knew you would never last there. You never last anywhere." Sam looked at her son and handed him back the phone, " Say bye and then come on. It's time to go home."

Sam wrapped herself in her coat as they walked down the busy streets of New York City. They had been there about Five months, and she had finally found an apartment for them to stay in. It wasn't too grand, but it was perfect for how little time they spent there. She took Alex's hand as the crossed the street, and then Alex looked at her, " You didn't tell dad that Luka proposed did you?" He questioned with a sigh.

" It's none of his business. Alex you didn't tell your father where we are did you?"

Alex shook his head, " I just told him that we moved."

" So he doesn't know where we are?"

Alex nodded, " Nope. He doesn't know."

" Good."

Sam stopped in front of the door to her apartment building and looked around for her keys. Once she succeeded she opened the door, and led Alex inside. After setting down her jacket on the chair she opened the refrigerator and turned to Alex, " What do you want for dinner?"

" Are you making dinner?" He questioned a disgusted look crossing his face.

Sam smiled, " I'm not that bad of a cook am I?"

" What you don't know can't hurt you." Alex mumbled under his breath.

" What was that?"

" Oh nothing," Alex paused for a moment and then turned to his mother, " Why did we leave?"

She looked at her son, " Something was bound to go wrong Alex. I just didn't want to put you through it."

" You're a liar," he said standing up.

" Why's that."

" You left because you couldn't take the pressure. I know that, and you know that," He told her slamming his bedroom door behind him.

" Luka!" Susan called running after Luka.

He turned around and let out a sigh, " What is it?" He questioned looking into the eyes of a beautiful woman who couldn't be any older than twenty-eight. She had wavy auburn hair and blue eyes, and Luka just stood there staring at her, awe stuck.

" This is Natalie," Susan said breaking their silence, " She's the new nurse. I was wondering if you could show her around."

Luka shook his head, " No, I'm busy." But the truth was that he didn't want to come to terms with himself that Sam had left and she was never coming back.

" Please Luka," Susan pleaded him.

Luka sighed, "Fine."

Natalie smiled as Susan left, " So your Luka."

Luka nodded, and motioned for her to follow him, "I've got to go check on a patient."

Luka was cold to Natalie the rest of the day. It bugged him. Natalie's being there was proof that his Sam was never coming back. Susan was aware that he felt this way, and that's why she had asked him to show Natalie around. Possibly in hopes that there would be a spark because the truth was Natalie reminded Susan of Sam.

" I don't understand," Natalie told Chuny at the nurse's station, " He's been cold to me the whole day. I don't know what I did to bug him so much."

Chuny smiled, " It's not you hun. It's just he's upset because you took his fiancé's job."

" What happed," she questioned.

" She just up and left, and he hasn't heard from her or her son since."

" Is it his son?" Natalie asked.

Chuny shook her head, " Nope. She had Alex when she was 15. He's a great kid though. I have to give her credit. She did a good job."

" She had Luka. He must have been of some help."

" She just came here last year, so really she only had him for a year."

" Yeah. I guess."

Sam sat outside the hospital thinking. She didn't know what to do. What Alex had asked her earlier puzzled her. "Why did we leave?" And all she could think of as an answer was, " I don't know." Was that a good reason to run away? Maybe she didn't do the right thing. Maybe she still loved Luka. There was no question though that she loved Luka. The really question was was she ready to commit. Bring! Bring! Her phone rang she sighed and answered it.

" Sam?"

" Luka?" Great! She thought. I never changed my cell phone number.

" Sam, are you okay? And Alex?"

Sam sighed, " Yeah we're both fine. Look Luka, I don't want this anymore." And with that she hung up her phone leaving Luka hanging mouth wide. There he had it. She didn't love him anymore.

" Luka?" Natalie questioned coming up behind him and putting a hand on his shoulder, " I was wondering if you wanted to got get some coffee, and maybe…just… talk."

Luka sighed, " I don't know."

" Oh come on. It can't hurt."

" Fine." He said grabbing his coat and taking her hand.

" Who were you talking to on the phone?" Natalie questioned as she looked over the menu. She looked over to him, but he didn't say a word he just kept his eyes fixed on the menu, " It was Sam wasn't it?"

Luka looked at her, " How do you know about Sam?"

" I've only been here for a short time, but I've learned… nurses gossip."

Luka laughed for the first time in a while, " You've got that right."

" So what did she have to say?" She took her coffee from the counter and took a seat at a nearby table.

" She told me to let go of her. She told me she didn't love me anymore." He shrugged, " You know, you would think that she knew I already understood that. It's hard. I still love her." Tears began to well up in his eyes, and he wiped them with the back of his sleeve, " I still love her. I will always love her."

" Did you tell her that?"

Luka shrugged, " It wouldn't make a difference."

Natalie gave him a smile, " You don't know that."

Alex pushed open the doors to the outside world and took a seat next to Sam who had tears running down her cheeks. He leaned in and hugged her, " Who was is mom?" He questioned motioning towards the cell phone in her hands. She didn't reply, so Alex rubbed her back gently in an effort to comfort her, " It's okay. You can tell me later, but anyway some nurse in there is calling for you." Sam nodded and stood up making her way inside.

It was funny to think that everyday Sam and Luka were doing the same thing. Saving people lives, but the main thing that was amazing was they spent the days thinking about each other, and how the other was doing.

Sam sighed and fiddled with the lock on her locker. She turned to Alex, " I'm never gonna be able to open this."

Alex laughed and walked over and tried to open the locker himself when he succeeded his mother looked at him and laughed, " So you've gotten smarter and practiced opening up lockers. Is there anything else you've been doing that I should know about?"

Alex laughed and Sam took his hand, " Come on Bud. Let's go. I'll get you McDonald's before we go home."

As they rounded the corner to the apartment Alex looked at Sam and then back down at the ground. Who was that who called and got her so upset? The thought puzzled him. I wish I could help her somehow. All I want is for her to be happy.

" Call it!" Luka said slapping off his gloves and sighing. He turned to Natalie and she had a look of defeat on her face. He took her hand, " Don't worry. You'll get use to the tragedy."

" Oh thanks. Look, I was wondering if you wanted to go and get something to eat."

Luka shook his head, " Can't. I'm really tired, and well. You know."

Natalie nodded, " Maybe some other time."

" Maybe."

" Who was on the phone?" Alex questioned as his mother tucked him into bed for the night.

" What are you talking about?"

" When you were outside you were talking to someone on the phone. Who was it?"

Sam sighed, " Oh that. That was Luka."

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