I was the only person there for the funeral of Anakin Skywalker. I kept a lonely vigil as I laid his body on a bed of wood, and set it alight. I stepped back as the material of the suit that had kept him alive for so long caught fire. Smoke slowly lifted up to the heavens, and I felt the gentlest breeze stir my hair. And I knew that all was well. I could almost here 'Luke' being softly whispered through the trees.

I looked up. Star fighters were shooting fireworks in the night sky, and I looked to where the Death Star was still burning out. I looked back to my fathers' body, and I whispered, "Thank you."

Sounds of the Ewoks celebration reached my ears. When the fire finally died, and the last remnants of the Empire was gone, I left to find my sister.

Leia enveloped me in an enormous hug when I found her. Brother and sister were reunited again, as they should be. Then I saw Han. Words failed me as we embraced, just thankful to be able to see each other.

Chewbacca gave a mighty Wookie roar and embraced me so tightly I almost choked. I smiled, and then found that I couldn't stop.

I looked across the fire, and I thought I saw three figures. Yoda…Ben…and yes, there was Anakin, my father. I smiled still even wider, until Leia came to see what I was doing. I turned away from the three ghosts watching protectively over us.

I knew they always would.