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I Just Called…

Grissom felt the stone that had been resting on his heart roll away as he heard her soft, 'Hi'. His mind had locked up. There was so much he needed, wanted to say, it had caused gridlock in his neural pathways.

"Griss? You still there?"

Managing only a stammered, "Yeah, I'm here."

Sara wanted to scream and yell at him for being too late, too callous, too stubborn, but instead her voice still low she asked, "Why'd you call?"

The roadblock finally dissipating, Grissom was finally able to make a coherent sentence, asked his own question. "Why'd you leave?"

He heard her sigh, "Damn Grissom haven't you paid ANY attention the last few years? Other than when I told you about my childhood, and when I checked in with you as required by the PEAP counselor and demanded by Ecklie, how many times have we talked?"

His silence was all she needed for her answer. "Right. Never. You KNOW how I feel, I've told you more than once, AND I know how you feel. When you interviewed Dr Lurie, I was behind the mirror. I heard everything."

Despair crashed down on him again he muttered, "I guess I should just hang up now then."

"NO. No, please don't. You still haven't told me why you called."

An uncharacteristic not of defeat sounded in his voice, "Everyone here misses you."

"Grissom I don't CARE about everyone else. Why did you call?"

Knowing it was now or never, that this was his last chance he said, "I called…I called because…I – I…because I love you."

Once he'd said it he felt the shadow that had passed over his life move away. He was still grinning like a fool when he realized that Sara had yet to say anything. "Sara, you still there?"

"Uh,…yeah Griss. Still here, just processing what I THINK it was that you just said."

His voice softened, "You heard right. I said I love you."

"Whoa…you're not just saying it out of desperation are you"

"No, I'm saying it because not that I've admitted it to myself, I had to say it. It sounds right, because it is right."

"Wow, I'm happy you've finally figured it out. It's six weeks too late, but I'm glad."

Grissom's heart which had been flying suddenly dropped like a rock. "Why is it too late?"

"Because I'm here now. And I'm happy."

He wasn't sure what he'd expected her reaction to be, but he felt let down. "Oh…well, Sheriff Atwater has given you your job back, just in case you were interested."

"Really? Ecklie's gotta be pissed about that. I thought he was gonna throw a party when I told him I was leaving."

Grissom smiled a little. "Yeah, don't know how or what happened, but Sofia went to see him then Atwater, and next thing I know I'm getting a text message from her with your Minneapolis work number."

Surprised, that Sofia would go that far for her Sara said, "Sofia demanded that I be reinstated?"

Grissom sighed, "Well I only know the little that I already told you. So I guess her talk with Atwater resulted in the reinstatement."

Sara was dumbfounded. She'd known about his dinner invitation to Sofia, and it had been one of the catalysts to her resignation, though she'd never admit it to Grissom. She'd barely spent more than half a shift with Sofia in the months she'd worked the nightshift, and quite frankly she didn't think much of her one way or the other.

"Huh. Still doesn't change anything Griss. I'm not moving back to Las Vegas. I'm actually happy here. Really happy for the first time in years."

"Does it have anything to do with the guy who answered the phone?"

Bright red crossed Sara's field of vision and she almost slammed the phone down. Instead she counted to ten, then calmly answered, "No Grissom, it has NOTHING to do with the guy who answered the phone. Not that you have any right to even ask given the last few years. Cade is a GREAT friend who's been at my place for the last week making sure I'm okay."

Panicked Grissom asked, "Why? What's happened?"

"Nothing Grissom, I've had a bad case of the flu, besides I'm missing one very important thing to be of any interest in 'that way' to Cade. I don't have the Y chromosome."

There was silence on the line. "He's gay Grissom. Other than being a great friend, and teaching me to abseil, relax and be human again, he's not interested in me."


"Hey Griss, I really should go. Still not quite over this flu, and I'm really starting to get a little tired and woozy."

He was disappointed. "Oh okay. I'll call you back later."

"That would be great. Oh, and Grissom, I love you too."

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